Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel Review: Bittersweet Ending

Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel, starring Ester Expósito and Itzan Escamilla, releases on Netflix today. Directed by Jorge Torregrossa, it is the last short story from the Elite universe before the fourth season releases tomorrow. The series has three short episodes telling us what happens with Carla and Samuel.

At the end of Elite Season 3, Carla (Ester Expósito) decides to go to London for her future studies. In Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel, Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) tries to stop Carla from boarding the flight. He goes to the airport and convinces the love of his life not to leave him. Carla doesn’t want to change her decision and tells Samuel to leave. However, the flight to London gets cancelled, and Samuel tells her that they’re destined to be together. She is irked and says that flights get cancelled all the time, and it means nothing. But deep down, even she’s happy that her flight got cancelled.

In the second episode of Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel, the couple goes to Samuel’s apartment. They have eight hours until Carla’s next flight, so they decide to spend it romantically. After spending a steamy night together, Samuel requests Carla not to board the flight. Samuel tells Carla that he will spend his entire life asking her not to board the flight. Carla gets emotional and agrees to stay. One morning, Samuel has to go to work at a bar as a waiter and cover 8 hours shift. Carla is shocked to learn this and tells him to take her parents’ money instead of working. Samuel dismisses her suggestion.

Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel: Trailer Still
Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel Review: Trailer Still

Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel’s third episode is quite emotional. Carla visits the bar where Samuel works and is not happy to see one customer being rude to him. She asks her boyfriend why can’t he take the money instead of working like this. He gets mad at her and says, “You can’t buy me”. His words upset Carla, who walks out of the bar. When Samuel goes back to his apartment, no one’s there. He believes that Carla has left, so he sends her three voice notes. In the voice notes, he gets angry and says how their relationship won’t work out. Samuel tells Carla that he always feels inferior in front of her.

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Suddenly, Carla opens the door and informs that she had gone to meet her parents and bring dinner home. Samuel deletes the voice notes and is happy to see that Carla is still here. At night, when Samuel is sleeping, Carla wakes up and sends a voice note to him. Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel ends with Samuel listening to her message. The messages will leave the fans teary-eyed.

Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel Review: Trailer Still
Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel Review: Still from the trailer

The ending couldn’t have been better. We already know that Carla won’t be appearing in Elite Season 4. So it’s apt to let them spend some romantic time together, which their fans will cherish forever.

Elite Short Stories Carla Samuel: Is it worth watching?

Today’s short stories may or may not make Carla-Samuel fans happy. But this bittersweet ending was essential before we see what happens to Samuel in Elite Season 4.

Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel is currently streaming on Netflix.

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As Carla leaves for London, Samuel does his best to stop her from not leaving. But how does that work out?

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