Dom Review: Addictive Series on the Perils of Drug Use

Dom is a crime drama series directed by Breno Silveira and starring Gabriel Leone, Flávio Tolezani, Filipe Bragança and Raquel Villar, alongside other cast members.

Dom is an addictive series. It follows the footsteps of two people and several different timelines to give us cause and effect perspectives. When Pedro, or Dom, becomes a wanted criminal in Brazil, his police officer father Victor must do whatever he can to save him, all the while dealing with his own demons.

So, what do you do when you realise that the thing that you have been fighting against your entire life is what is going to take your son down? Victor, from an early age, has been helping the police take down the narcotics trade that has ravaged Brazil. He didn’t have the best relationship with his father, who was very pushy, to say the least. Wanting to be a diver, his life didn’t, obviously, turn out how he wanted.

Victor wanted to give his son Pedro a better life. However, that doesn’t go down too well. Getting mixed up with the wrong crowd and also due to his personal issues, Pedro goes down the rabbit hole that is drugs. When we first see him in Dom, he is snorting cocaine and having sex with random women in dingy alleys. His father has to force him to come home and he later cries to him, asking for help. However, in spite of his father doing all he can, Pedro is undeterred and soon enough starts doing all the wrong things.

However, what no one was probably ready for was to see Pedro go so far off the deep end. Does he get to come out though?

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Pedro and Victor’s lives are almost similar. What Victor did in the past directly affects his son’s life in the future. Thus, when we go back and forth between these two timelines, the past and the present, we get a background on why everything is happening and where everyone lies in the equation. No one is really innocent in this mess of a situation and Dom does a good job at giving context where necessary. Additionally, going back to Pedro’s childhood, too, contextualises a lot of things.

However, trigger warning here if drug use and overdose are things that are something that might affect you because there’s a lot of that. The details are horrific and very difficult to see, so be aware of what you’re getting into. Dom showcases these problems really well though and you get a progression of how everything started and why and how it became what it did.

Performance-wise, Gabriel Leone and Flávio Tolezani are absolutely marvellous as the father-son duo. They bring the warmth and love of their relationship forward, although it’s very strained and almost destroyed. Every time you think you have understood something about their relationship, something else comes up to counter that. Additionally, the two showcase the grim realities of drug use and addiction marvellously in their own ways, as well as how they can affect people.

Summing up: Dom


Dom is a really good series that goes beyond your regular crime thriller – there’s a deep human factor to it that touches your core and makes you feel vulnerable. Certain episodes hit you hard and leave you reeling, all the while sucking you deep into the favelas of Brazil. Watch this one if you’re in need of a crime fix, you won’t regret it.

Dom is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Amazon Prime Video's Dom is visceral and raw - it's an addictive series that keeps you on the edge throughout.
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