Doctor Lawyer Episode 6 Recap: Did Yi-han Just Get Stabbed?

Doctor Lawyer (닥터 로이어) is a Korean law-drama TV series directed by Lee Yong-seok and stars So Ji-sub, Lim Soo-hyang and Shin Sung-rok, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and takes over MBC’s Friday-Saturday 10 PM KST timeslot previously occupied by TomorrowDoctor Lawyer episode 6 has a runtime of 60 minutes.

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– Doctor Lawyer Episode 6 recap contains major spoilers –

Doctor Lawyer episode 6 starts with So-yeon’s consultation with Yi-han where he confidently tells her that since Banseok did not hear what she had to say about her surgery, she can easily win – but she has to forget that someone else did her surgery till the day of her trial.

doctor lawyer episode 6
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 6

In the present, Yi-han presents Yo-sub to testify for them, much to everyone else’s chagrin. In a flashback, Yi-han talks to his junior right before the trial and takes him to his office where apparently Yi-han has a cardiothoracic surgery unit that no one knows about and wants to get Yo-sub on the team.

Yi-han tells him that So-yeon remembers everything from that night and that since the others won’t testify for her, he needs him. He asks him what happens if he gets kicked out or his license gets suspended and Yi-han consoles him since he knows exactly how he feels. But he asks him to consider their patients and how they must feel.

And Yo-sub doesn’t hold out on his testimony – he points out those who threatened him including Do-hyun who looks mad out of his mind. Anyway, he mentions that he was forced while in the OR and that his name wasn’t included in the official paperwork either.

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doctor lawyer episode 6
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 6

As it becomes a case of he-said-she-said, the atmosphere in the courtroom seems extremely tense as well. Yi-han tells So-yeon that it’s a 50-50 chance of winning for them. Yo-sub tearfully apologises to the victim as well, although So-yeon tells him that at least he’s being truthful about everything.

As Do-hyeon wonders whether he’d go to jail for awareness during anaesthesia, the judge gives her ruling – she acknowledges that So-yeon was aware during the surgery but states that there isn’t enough evidence to prove the ghost doctor claim. So-yeon, thus, gets 100 million won as compensation.

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doctor lawyer episode 6
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 6

Outside the courtroom, Eun-sil goads Yi-han for getting Yo-sub into the courtroom for no reason but Seok-yeong gets there just then to tell her that it was not for nothing. That she will be indicting this case for attempted murder. Eun-sil reminds her to not be cheeky since she barged in to arrest an innocent man based on a false report but she seems unfazed and tells her to get ready for the impending trial.

Afterwards, as Yi-han and Seok-yeong leave together, Michael informs Jayden how the trial went and the latter is pleased to have chosen someone who works just like them. Later on, Yu-na gets felicitated as the Director of the Banseok R&D Center. That night, Jin-gi is left fuming when he hears the attempted murder shtick from Eun-sil.

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Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 6
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 6

Meanwhile, Yi-han takes Seok-yeong to the New Hope Law Office for a much-needed conversation where she is stunned to see the murder wall. She, however, is left absolutely flabbergasted when he tells her that her boos, Kang-ho, is also working with Jin-gi.

Obviously, in true Seok-yeong fashion, she refuses to believe that Kang-ho might be corrupt but sure, her fiancé murdered her brother. Sure, that makes sense. She asks him why Jin-gi would go to such lengths to take her brother’s heart and frame him and he comes clean to him about him being a ghost doctor.

Anyway, the truth breaks Seok-yeong down and she keeps asking him how a human being could’ve done such a thing. Yi-han apologises to her and says that if he had known, he would’ve stopped the surgery and then both his mother and Seok-ju would’ve been alive today.

Meanwhile, Hyun-seong tries to challenge Yu-na but falls into his own trap and gets totally embarrassed. It’s great to watch, considering Yu-na and Jayden are definitely toying with him with the earrings.  She goes to meet Jayden and is left shocked that he knew exactly how it’d play out. Plus, she is totally swooned over when he shows her the present he got her.

doctor lawyer episode 6
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 6

Later, Jayden makes a striking offer to Jin-gi in order for him to pay the price of his son’s stupidity – renew Yi-han’s license. Jin-gi isn’t bothered by the demand but asks him why he would want such a thing and Jayden simply asks him to use his imagination. Although Hyun-seong is furious, Jin-gi promises him that Yi-han would never be a doctor and that it’s a small price to pay.

An absent-minded Seok-yeong, meanwhile, gets ready to talk to Nam Hyuk-chul, who wants to talk to Yi-han in order to win his case. However, she refuses to bring him in since Yi-han was also a doctor at Banseok and if he kills him then it will be a mess for her. Her refusal pushes him to assault Seok-yeong which, I am sure, isn’t very beneficial for him.

doctor lawyer episode 6
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 6

Anyway, as Yi-han gets insight into Jayden and Yu-na, he gets called to Seok-yeong’s place to discuss Hyuk-chul. It’s a tense and awkward moment where everyone is thinking about their pasts together. However, Seok-yeong immediately changes the topic before it gets too deep.

Later, Yi-han goes to meet Jung-hyun and tells her that she will have to face the consequences of killing Seok-ju. He asks her to persuade her ex to tell the truth and only then will he save her son who is also deathly sick.

As Yi-han meets Hyuk-chul, he forces Yi-han into a private meeting and then tries to stab him in the throat. In order to save himself, Yi-han mentions that if he dies, his son will die too. However, that doesn’t work and he forces the blade into Yi-han’s throat as Seok-yeong threatens him with a taser gun.

Doctor Lawyer Episode 6 Review

doctor lawyer episode 6
Still From Doctor Lawyer Episode 6

Lots of things happening in today’s episode! I am relieved that Yi-han has finally told Seok-yeong the truth about her brother because I think it’s extremely disrespectful and rude to let the victim of a horrendous crime to not know the truth about what happened.

On the other hand, is it weird that I am rooting for the murder couple who are definitely up to no good? Jayden is such an enigmatic character that I understand why Yu-na is smitten with him. Although cheating is bad (don’t do it, kids), it’s interesting watching how Jayden and Yu-na act around each other. And Hyun-seong is just too annoying to root for.

 I am further interested to see where that murder charge that Seok-yeong threatened Eun-pil with goes. If she was not fibbing, it’s going to be interesting to watch that go down. Plus, I am waiting for the Hyuk-chul case to gain a bit of momentum since I have high hopes of learning more corrupt new things that Banseok has done for its own gain.

The most interesting, however, is going to be Jayden and Yi-han going against each other. I hope the latter has wised up after the devastation that he faced 5 years ago and isn’t just getting played by the suave lobbyist. Because, let’s be real, Jayden is cunning as heck.

Regardless, this has been an interesting episode to watch. Lots of new things to consider and lots more promises made that will make future episodes gripping.

Doctor Lawyer is streaming on Disney+.

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Doctor Lawyer episode 6 has a lot going to keep us invested. However... it's not us shipping the murder couple.

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