Disney-Pixar’s Dug Days Review: Pawket Full of Happiness

Pixar’s Dug Days, a short stories sequel to the 2009 film Up, is now out on Disney Plus. The shorts have five episodes which are directed by Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner Bob Peterson. Late actor Ed Asner has voiced Carl again, and Bob Peterson has lent his voice for Dug.

The synopsis for Dug Days reads – Pixar Animation Studios’ “Dug Days” is a new collection of shorts that follows the humorous misadventures of Dug, the lovable dog from Disney and Pixar’s “Up.” Each short features everyday events that occur in and around Dug’s backyard, all through the exciting (and delightfully distorted) eyes of our favourite talking dog.

Dug Days Review Contains No Spoilers

Dug Days, the new Disney-Pixar shorts, will steal your heart right from the start. After their journey in Up, Carl and Dug hunt for a new home among the various options in the opening credits, which are delightful. In the first episode, ‘Squirrel’ Dug is tasked with defending his Poppa’s (Carl) birds feeding house. However, the squirrels arrive and grab the food, which Dug dislikes. As a result, they become his “sworn enemy.”

The cuteness factor multiplies a thousand times thanks to Dug and pups in the second episode, which will make your heart melt. Dug has a wonderful day with the pups in the ‘Puppies’ episode, and you just want to cry with joy. ‘Smell’ is the third episode, in which Dug protects the neighbourhood and receives the ‘Hero Dog’ medal. In the fourth episode, Carl and Dug enjoy the fireworks and have some lovely moments together.

The fifth episode of Disney+’ Dug Days will make you emotional. It’s the final episode, and the writers couldn’t have come up with a nicer way to conclude it. Seeing our favourite duo with Dug in focus has to be one of the nicest Disney-Pixar presents for their fans. It’s a fun, stress-relieving short series that will make you laugh and happy.  Everything about the shorts is adorable, and you wish there were more.

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Dug Days Review Still 1
Dug Days Shorts Still

Disney-Pixar’s Dug Days Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Pixar has given us a short series that is a ‘pawket full of happiness,’ in my opinion. The shorts will lift your mood, put a bright smile on your face, and make you want to watch Up again. It’s also heartbreaking to learn that Ed Asner will no longer be able to play Carl. So do not miss it at all!

About Ed Asner, Disney Plus recently shared, “Ed was our real life Carl Fredricksen: a veneer of grouch over an incredibly loving and kind human being. Russell, Dug, and all of us at Pixar will miss him terribly. Ed loved voicing Carl, and our time working with him will remain some our most beloved memories. His adventure was ours for a moment in time.”

Dug Days is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Dug Days Review: Pixar has releases some shorts focusing on Dug's misadventures with Carl after their journey in Up movie.

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Disney-Pixar's Dug Days Review: Pawket Full of HappinessDug Days Review: Pixar has releases some shorts focusing on Dug's misadventures with Carl after their journey in Up movie.