Mulan Review: This Epic Live-Action Film Needs to be Seen More

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Mulan, Disney’s live-action drama film, premiered on 4th September 2020. Directed by Niki Caro, the film is credited to be the most expensive film ever made by a female director, with a budget of $200 Million. Mulan is inspired by the Chinese Folklore – The Ballad of Mulan.

Apart from the original folklore, the filmmakers also drew inspiration from different Chinese adaptations of the ballad while writing the film, saying that “the traditional Disney audience and the diaspora Asian audience viewed the movie in one way, and the traditional Chinese in China audience viewed a slightly different way.” The filmmaker attempted to cater to both the audiences in a thoughtful manner.

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Starring  Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Tzi Ma, Jason Scott Lee, Yoson An, Ron Yuan, Gong Li, and Jet Li, the film is currently streaming on Disney+, skipping theatrical release due to the pandemic.

They Said Stay Like A Girl, She Heard Be Fierce

Yifei Liu as Mulan

Mulan revolves around the life of a young Chinese girl named Hua Mulan who is skilled with par-excellence fighting skills and disguises as a man to join the Imperial Warrior Army and fight for her country. Throughout her journey, Mulan harnesses her inner strength and potential while being constantly supported by her ancestors (symbolized as a phoenix).

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The 115 minutes of the film are blissful, I enjoyed every moment of it. Yifei Liu as Mulan plays a wonderful role and not even once did I feel disconnected from her character. The film is not studded with soundtracks like other Disney flicks but you won’t feel like you’re missing something. As she is a warrior and her story is mostly about that, fight scenes are an essential part of it and each and every fight scene in the film is an act of brilliance and is brought on screen with perfection. As the story progresses, you’ll grow proud of her for the willpower and skills she posses.

Gong Li as Xian Lang, The Witch

Xian Lang (Gong Li), a powerful sorceress who can shapeshift and is an ally to Bori Khan, is the secondary antagonist of the film. Even the machiavellian character of the film has a message to send. Xian Lang or the Witch or the Sorceress spent her entire life in exile until she finally stood up for herself and attained dark powers.

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The society, time and again, suppressed her not only because she was stronger but because they were scared of her. When she saw Mulan in the disguise of something she isn’t, she led her to a path where she would accept her true self and fight proudly with all her power and as who she is i.e., Hua Mulan. Her character is one of those antagonists who turned to the dark side just because of the ordeals society brought upon her but still never accepted her!


The film is as empowering and beautiful as it gets. With two decades worth hard work and resources, Mulan is an amazing movie that I wish I got to see on the big screen. In my opinion, Mulan didn’t do anything wrong by leaving her home secretly for joining the Imperial Army, It was not a childish wish. She had the loyalty, courage, and dedication to serve the Army better than the men on the battlefield and there is no denying that.

Stream It or Skip It


STREAM IT! Mulan is a movie I would suggest everyone watch as everything about the film is finely balanced and perfect. You might feel that there isn’t enough backstory but the storyline initially captures everything that is important for buildup up to the final and important events. The way Mulan gloriously fights as a female warrior will leave you mesmerized and proud.

Mulan is now streaming on Disney+ but according to the streaming service, the movie will stream for free to all the subscribers. Currently, viewers will have to pay the “premiere-access fee.”

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Mulan is Disney's latest live-action film which took almost two decades to finally come on screen! Stream it or Skip It? Read here

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