Disney + Hotstar’s November Story Review: Indulging Yet Predictable

November Story, released on 20th May 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar, is a Telugu-language crime thriller web series and comprises seven episodes each of 34-50 mins. November Story stars Tamannaah Bhatia, G.M. Kumar and Pasupathy in pivotal roles and is written and directed by Indhra Subramaniam. It is a pure crime story with mainly three sub-stories going on, and all are related to each other. While it’s intriguing, it lacks logic. Read the November Story review to know more.

Story of The November Story

The story starts with a devastating accident scene which is horrifying. Among the dead bodies, only one child is seen surviving the fatal accident. Then, from here, all the introductions to the three substories or, let’s say, turn of events related to each other is shown.

The main story is about a middle-class girl Anusha who is a professional in coding. She is seen taking care of her father, Ganesan, a famous crime novelist battling the 2nd stage of Alzheimer’s disease. She is also seen struggling to sell her old house to collect money for her father’s treatment. Then one day, she finds her father near the dead body of a woman in her old house and vows to save her father from the murder allegation as she feels he had nothing to do with the murder.

The second story is about a child, Kulandhai Yeshu, raised in a hospital by a Nun after his mother died during giving birth to him. He is then separated from the Nun and is very depressed about the same. Then finally, the death of the Nun gives his life the most significant setback, and he vows to become a surgeon like the Nun. But despite being a perfect student, he could not become a general surgeon because of the defect in his hands, so he becomes a surgeon who postmortems bodies.

The third story is a bit scattered in all places. It is about three boys studying medicine, and one girl said to have been raped and murdered by these boys. Among them, one is seen hacking the FIR records from the office in which Anusha works. These boys are also in constant contact with a woman who is with a mentally disabled girl.

All the three stories are interrelated to each other and have one similarity in between them, which is 16th November. These trails and sub-stories lead to the climax of November Story before it goes through a series of twists and revelations. 

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Characters of The November Story

November Story

The first lead character of Anusha is written somewhat, and Tamannaah has indeed performed brilliantly in her emotional sequences. But she was seen struggling in dialogue delivery and looked confused in most parts which won’t leave a strong impression in the viewers’ hearts. However, her performance can be counted as her personal best performances, keeping in mind that it is just her second series after all.

The second lead character of Ganesan was good but was not given justice at all. With ridiculously less screen time and tiny parts here and there, the character deserved much more attention. Nevertheless, GK Kumar impresses us immensely and keeps us hooked up till the end.

The character of Kulandi Yeshu, played by Pasupathy, is the best part of the entire series. The character and the portrayal by Pashupathy are mind-blowing. The character will make you empathize with him and fume with anger at the same time. Pasupathy was perfect with everything, even though he played such a difficult character. Particularly in the last episode, we saw his natural acting. We wish director Indhra Subramaniam had given him a lot more time to be at his best during the climax of the series.

The side characters, mainly Sudlai, the cop and others, did a pretty good performance. As the casting in all was satisfying in all spheres.

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November Story

In the age of ridiculous and illogical commercial Telugu web series, movies and tv shows, November Story is a fresh breeze. It can undoubtedly be called one of the best crime series in Telugu. But it fails to compete with other thrillers on the OTT platforms. The writing feels very forced and illogical in some places. The story has been excessively dragged and is predictable at many places, which is just not acceptable in a crime thriller story which takes a bit away from the intrigue factor. Further, the brilliant performances by the actors have made the series watchable. Atleast, you won’t be bored for sure.

The climax sure could have been much better, and only Pashupathy has made it worth watching. Though, unlike the writing, the direction by Indhra Subramanian is commendable. Not to forget about the brilliant cinematography by Vidhu Ayyanna and the spine chilling background scores. So, what disappointed us the most is the writing. So, overall the series is intriguing and not that bad but fails to send chills down your spine.

Stream It or Skip It

Stream It! If you love Telugu movies/series, Tamannaah’s web series won’t disappoint you at all as it has some great performances by the actors and probably the best crime series in Telugu. But if you’re a regular crime series binger, you will surely be a bit disappointed because of its predictability.

November Story is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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November Story, released on 20th May 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar, is a Telugu-language crime thriller web series and comprises seven episodes each of 34-50 mins. November Story stars Tamannaah Bhatia, G.M. Kumar and Pasupathy in pivotal roles and is written and directed by Indhra Subramaniam....Disney + Hotstar's November Story Review: Indulging Yet Predictable