Disney+ Hotstar’s MGR Magan Review: The Unstoppable Duo

Directed and written by Ponram (Ponraman Perumal) MGR Magan is the 2021 Tamil comedy-drama film. The film features a stellar cast that includes Sasikumar, Mirnalini Ravi, Sathyaraj, Samuthrakani, Saranya Ponvannan, Nandhitha Swetha, Singampuli, Pazha Karupiah, Mottai Rajendran and Ramachandran. From the production house of Screen Scene Media Entertainment, the film has a total runtime of 2 hours 21 minutes with English subtitles available.

– MGR Magan review does not contain spoilers –

MGR Magan: Coming Together For A Cause

Set in the hillock town of Theni, Tamil Nadu the opening credits show sepia-toned flashback images of India before independence was taken down by slavery. Soon enough as we continue watching the film, we realize how even though we are no longer slaves to the British Empire, we still are ruled by the greed of capitalists. Adding a tone of humour to today’s relevant topic MGR Magan takes us on a joy ride.

The film begins with an injured 65-year-old MGR being rushed to the hospital on a rainy night, what events led to this fate is what keeps us hooked to the screen wanting to know more. We are introduced to Ravi, a helpful, good man filling his days with shenanigans and fooling around. Meanwhile, MGR, Ravi’s estranged father is a physician- dutiful and a man of honour. What makes the crux of the story is the journey of these two characters who don’t see eye to eye join hands to fight the businessman who is bent on destroying the town’s life-giving, medicinal mountain.

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The motif of this film is set straight from both the protagonist and the antagonist’s perspectives. One looks at the world as a place to thrive and lead a helping hand to anyone in need, even though both Ravi and MGR have starkly different ways of doing so due to the difference in their personality. The antagonist, owner of K.R.T Bus Service is a wily businessman who believes in the power of money and making money to thrive and preaches on cutting off the ‘good people.’

A dialogue in the film catches the essence of our antagonist’s personality when he explains to his son the philosophy of how kind-hearted, good humans are dangerous to the world with the analogy that dengue mosquitoes are birthed in clean water. Considering a broader picture, this is reminiscent of how capitalist mentality and projects suck the goodness and righteousness out of the world.

MGR Magan: Final Verdict

MGR Magan is a quality family entertainer with equal amounts of laugh, action, thrill and emotions. It tries to put across a message if one tries to delve beneath the layer of comedy and even though the delivery is sore by the actors at times, the theme catches up with you eventually. The film also generates an essence of family value and conflicting emotions for the father and son to come to terms with each others’ presence.

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This is truly a ‘masala’ film for Indian standards with a mix of genres, that is all the more enhanced by the presence of the music composed by Anthony Daasan and dance numbers popping up on screen every now and then (which is both good and bad from the storytelling perspective).

You can watch the Tamil film, MGR Magan, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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MGR Magan is a thrilling family entertainer with a valuable message engraved in between its lines.

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MGR Magan is a thrilling family entertainer with a valuable message engraved in between its lines. Disney+ Hotstar's MGR Magan Review: The Unstoppable Duo