Dil Bekaraar Season 1 (2021) Review: Funny and Fierce

Directed by Habib Faisal (who is known for his projects like Ishaqzaade) and Tarun Mansukhani Dil Bekaraar is Disney+ Hotstar’s new romance drama riddled with comedy and gives you certain moments to be wrapped in a feel-good blanket. The show is the adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s 2013 best selling novel Those Pricey Thakur Girls.

It stars Sahher Bambba as Debjani aka Dabbu, Sukhmani Sadana as Anjini, Anjali Anand as Binodini, Medha Shankar as Eshwari- who make up the core four Thakur girls alongside Raj Babbar as Justice L N Thakur and his wife, Poonam Dhillon’s Mamta who play the parents and Akshay Oberoi as Dylan Singh, a confusing love interest. Dil Bekaraar consists of ten episodes with a sitcom fashioned runtime of over 30 minutes.

– Disney+ Hotstar’s Dil Bekaraar review contains mild spoilers –

Dil Bekaraar: Straight Out of The 80s

Dil Bekaraar is a series is set in 80s New Delhi, where Justice Laxmi Narayan Thakur and his wife, Mamta live with their beautiful daughters who are as beautiful as they are trouble seeking. Over the first few episodes, the show is gentle but paced rightly to introduce us to the girls and the other important characters.

We meet Sukhmani Sadana’s Anjini who married but, incorrigibly digs up ways to be the centre of everyone’s attention, meanwhile, Anjali Anand’s Binodini is concerned about the property division and how much she is entitled to. The third in the lot is Debjani, who we also call Dabbu and makes the essential protagonist of our show, who is fierce, opinionated and reads news on DD.

The youngest one is Medha Shankar’s Eshwari, still in school just coming out of her bubble of high school life to step into the real one. For the audience, the characters’ names are kept alphabetically by the parents and the thought would be that they missed the letter “C” but, it is assigned to Chandu, who is the family’s estranged daughter that eloped her wedding eve with a foreigner.

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As the girls get on with their life and daily shenanigans, Dabbu comes across Akshay Oberoi’s Dylan Singh, a journalist on the hunt for his byline and, even though the relationship starts off on the wrong foot, it is over two episodes that we finally get to ship Dabbu and Dylan.

But the domestic and romantic chaos of the story does not stop because, Dabbu’s reputation as a news anchor is soon tarnished and it turns out to be our loving character Dylan, who did not do it knowing the present scenario that would develop with Dabbu (here, a proposal of marriage to hitch the birds). However, this is not the only complication in Dabbu and Dylan’s lives as one sinks with broken trust and another’s big expose news lands him into trouble.

But, what eventually happens to Dylan and Dabbu is something for the audience to stream and enjoy. The first half is fast-paced but, the show inevitably drags and slows down in the second half. However, it does not disappoint with its comical elements and giving us a nostalgic 80s vibe, even though it doesn’t quite exactly fit. Dil Bekaraar also seems to latently focus on the Bhopal Gas tragedy, giving it the edge of a probable thriller. Meanwhile, performances by all the actors are superb, especially, Akshay Oberoi who charms us all with his skills.

Dil Bekaraar Season 1: Final Verdict

Dil Bekaraar is a quality binge-worthy show that gives you its moments. A very beautiful concept adapted by this show is naming every episode after an old song as a tribute and hidden metaphor about what is to come (similar to the episodes named after films in Special Ops). If you are someone who likes a good rom-com, this is your pick!

You can watch all episodes of Dil Bekaraar now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Dil Bekaraar gives you all the vibes from the 80s as it engages you in a chaotic romance.

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Dil Bekaraar gives you all the vibes from the 80s as it engages you in a chaotic romance.Dil Bekaraar Season 1 (2021) Review: Funny and Fierce