Disney+ Hotstar’s Bhuj The Pride Of India (2021) Review: Don’t Waste Your Time

Bhuj The Pride Of India is a one-hour 53-minute long movie set in the 1970s. It takes place right in the middle of the Indo-Pak War that took place in the early 1970s. East Pakistan was in the middle of its demand for independence from West Pakistan, and as tensions escalated, and so did the human rights violations. India intervened to support present-day Bangladesh in its quest for freedom.

Pakistan quickly diverted its offence towards India, hoping this would dissuade it from further intervention. One of its first plans of attack was the bombing of several air force bases in the west of India. Bhuj, located in Gujarat was one of those air force bases. At the same time, they launched a military offense to capture the Kutchch Gulf, which was to become a pawn for negotiations.

The Border Forces were low on men and provisions, with Bhuj, their nearest airbase, completely destroyed. By the time additional troops and provisions reached them by either road or the sea, it would be too late.

The story of Bhuj is miraculous, and the film does well to remind us of it, but how good is it, when judged objectively?

Trailer for Bhuj The Pride Of India

Disney+ Hotstar describes it as:

Running against the clock, IAF Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik created history with determination and his love for the country. A daredevil story of guts and glory.

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– Bhuj The Pride of India review does not contain spoilers –

Starring Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt, and Nora Fatehi among other cast members, Bhuj The Pride of India was released on Disney+ Hotstar right in time for the Independence Day weekend.

There’s a lot that’s wrong with this movie.

The story in and of itself is inspiring and invokes that pseudo-patriotism you expect from movies like these. But, when cross-referenced with facts, a majority of the movie seems fictionalized and much too idealistic. And then there’s that fact that there are unnecessary songs and dance tracks involved. We get pointless songs being added to Bollywood dramas and rom-coms, but in the middle of a war film, right after a scene full of (literal) conflict is unjustifiable.

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CGI from Bhuj the pride of India

Apart from just the historical inaccuracies, there’s the fact that the CGI, in all honesty, was terrible. The picture here isn’t even the worst of them all. Let’s talk about dialogues now. Films like these appeal to an emotional sentiment via strong dialogues, sure. But there’s a certain nuance to it that Bhuj The Pride of India certainly lacks.

The dialogues are drawn out, over the top, and underbaked. There’s inspirational poetry added in just for the sake of it and dialogues that stigmatize communities for no rhyme or reason.

Bhuj is a classic example of good intentions, with a sad outcome. Even with names like Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt, the acting seemed strained and bland. Judging by their previous work, this may be a directorial fault rather than that of a cast. And then there are more technical issues with Sinha unable to nail that Rajwadi accent.

So, what was that one thing I liked? Seeing Nora Fatehi in a role that didn’t involve her in a dance number, no matter how small.

A still from Bhuj The Pride Of India, featuring Ajay Devgan as Sqadrant Leader Vijay Karnik
A still from Bhuj The Pride Of India, featuring Ajay Devgan as Sqadrant Leader Vijay Karnik

Final Verdict: Bhuj The Pride of India

Bhuj The Pride of India tries to employ Nolan-esque techniques of camerawork and CGI, but it lacks the skills to pull it off. With way too many of “the hero combats 15 men without so much as flinching” tropes and over-the-top dialogues, this movie is a large disappointment.

The story of Bhuj may have been the pride of India, but this film surely isn’t. Our best bet: Stick to Shershaah for your Independence Day weekend watch.

Bhuj The Pride of India is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Bhuj The Pride of India tries to employ Nolan-esque techniques of camerawork and CGI, but it lacks the skills to pull it off.

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