Dhindora Review: Bhuvan Bam Packs Entertainment and Laughter

Dhindora, a web series starring Bhuvan Bam in the leading role, is creating a lot of buzz. Directed by Himank Gaur, Bhuvan is the series creator with screenplay contributions by Abbas Dalal and Hussain Dalal. The series also stars Gayatri Bhardwaj, Anup Soni, Ishtiyak Khan, Jeeveshi Ahluwalia and Rajesh Tailang.

The IMDb synopsis reads, “It revolves around Bhuvan and his family’s everyday lives, when an unexpected purchase leads to a series of events and depicts every common man’s larger than life dreams.”

Dhindora Review Contains Mild Spoilers

Dhindora in English means ‘drummer’, and it can also mean announcing something to the entire world. So far, two episodes are out for the audience. Leisurebyte watched 4 episodes and my review is based on the same. The duration of the episodes is 15-22 minutes.

The story revolves around a middle-class family in Delhi, focusing on a guy named Bhuvan, an aspiring singer. His parents are disappointed by him for the way he dresses, sets his hair, his college life… basically everything. Bhuvan also feels the same way about his parents due to their constant taunts. But don’t worry, none of this has a dark tone. The writers have presented it in a humorous manner, and many Indian teenagers will relate to Bhuvan’s plight.

One day, Bhuvan’s life changes when his father gets his hand on a lottery ticket. The happiness hardly lasts as something tragic happens. Yet again, do not worry as the tragedy adds more funny drama to his life. As a viewer, you want to know how Bhuvan and his mother will get what they won.

If I have to describe Dhindora in one line, I’d call it a mad and fun, entertaining series. YouTuber-actor-singer Bhuvan Bam is here to have fun, and he wants the same for his viewers. He plays multiple roles in the series that are completely different from each other.

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One doesn’t have to think a lot or stress themselves to what’s happening to the characters. Everything is unexpected and amusing. The dialogues in the series are not at all heavy. It’s the Hindi language we speak in our day-to-day life. Hence, the web show succeeds in striking an instant connection with you. Among all the good things, my most favourite part is Anup Soni’s appearance as the host of a crime show. With a straight face, he makes witty commentary and warns us about bad people.

Dhindora Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, amid the intense content that has been released for the past year, Dhindora on YouTube comes as a breather. There’s drama, crazy characters, unhappy college boy, desi, dramatic parents, some slapstick comedy and a hint of romance. It’s a treat for Bhuvan’s fans.

The series is now streaming on YouTube (BB Ki Vines). Every new episode drops on Thursday.

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Dhindora Review: Bhuvan Bam's YouTube series is crazy and hilarious. The actor plays multiple roles in it.

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