Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 Review: All’s Well Between Dexter-Harrison

Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 ‘The Family Business’ is out for viewers. Directed by Marcos Siega, Scott Reynolds wrote the 55 minutes episode. The series stars Michael C Hall, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Jennifer Carpenter and Clancy Brown.

The synopsis reads, “Dexter and Harrison find themselves closer than ever over Christmas break. What kind of gifts will this father and son give to one another? But this brings this father and son into the crosshairs of a very violent and scary serial killer. Angela starts to wonder if Iron Lake is not the cozy and safe place she always thought it was.”

Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 Review Contains Spoilers

As anticipated and seen in the promo, Dexter tells Harrison about the Dark Passenger and Harry’s code. He opens up with his son by telling him the story of catching a serial killer clown. Dex tells how he catches the murderer, shows them the pictures of their victims and scares them. He, however, hides the fact that he kills the killer in the end. Harrison believes that his father only scares the criminals, and they stop doing the crime.

At night, Dexter alone goes back to the summer camp and gets rid of Elric’s body. It’s Christmas morning, and the father gives a lot of gifts to his son, including a gun. Together, they wear cool sweaters and head to Angela’s place to celebrate Christmas with her and Audrey. The father-son duo expects that Kurt won’t bother them anymore. But Kurt shocks them when he visits Angela and Audrey in their presence to give Christmas greetings.

Dex and Harrison immediately leave after Kurt leaves the house. Audrey is confused, and Angela gets more suspicious of Dexter. She also finds out who all bought Ketamine recently in Iron Lake and is shocked to find out Jim/Dexter’s name in the list. With the help of a drone, Harrison keeps an eye on the track. Dexter tells Harrison that Kurt is a serial killer and has killed many girls for 2 decades.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 Review: All's Well Between Dexter-Harrison

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Dexter believes that Kurt keeps his victim’s like a trophy behind the large space of his cabin. The father-son duo decides to find out the truth at night. On the other hand, Kurt has come up with a plan to burn down Dexter and Harrison. Angela is unstoppable with her investigation on the Bay Harbour Butcher and Dexter. The last 30 minutes are quite chilling. It’s something one must watch.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 is 55 mins approx. It takes its sweet time to let the events happen. The episode keeps us at the edge of our seats until we witness the thrilling twists. Michael C Hall breaks the fourth wall in the latest episode. He just keeps getting better as Dexter as the episode of season 9 keeps getting better.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 9: Final Thoughts

The second last episode has some adorable Dexter-Harrison moments. But it looks like the happiness won’t last forever. You know something terrible is going to happen. But the writing is so good that it intrigues you with what’s shown without ever revealing what’s going to happen next. Episode 9 ends with multiple possibilities of how the series will end. But it’s hard to figure out one.

What do you think of the latest episode? What do you think will happen to Dexter, Harrison and Angela? Will there be another season? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 is now streaming on Voot.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 Review: Dexter and Harrison have now sorted differences but the threat isn't over yet.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 Review: All's Well Between Dexter-HarrisonDexter: New Blood Episode 9 Review: Dexter and Harrison have now sorted differences but the threat isn't over yet.