Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 Review: The Killer’s Trap

Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 ‘Unfair Game’ is now out. Directed by Sanford Bookstaver, Tony Saltzman and David McMillan wrote the 40 minutes episode. The series stars Michael C Hall, Jack Alcott, Clancy Brown, Julia Jones and Alano Miller. The latest episode is of 40 minutes approx.

The synopsis reads, “As Dexter fights for his life in the woods, he further makes a confrontation in an abandoned summer camp. Harrison finds himself ripped between two father figures that can lead him down two very different paths.”

Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 Review/Recap Contains Spoilers

In Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 ‘Unfair Game,’ Dexter is found unconscious in the backseat of a car driven by Kurt’s man.  When Dexter regains consciousness, he overhears the man on the phone with Kurt discussing harming Harrison. With a lot of struggle, Dexter attacks the man and gets out in the wood covered with thick snow. The trouble has just begun for him as the man starts firing him with a gun. To save himself and save Harrison, Dexter starts running in the woods.

On the other hand, Kurt succeeds in luring Harrison into his trap. He first takes him to the school and later to his cabin to enjoy some Venison. Angela is researching about Dexter Morgan at the police station. Suddenly, Logan informs her of how Jim/Dexter had attacked Miles, the drug dealer. Her suspicions grow more, and she decides to talk to Miles, who’s out on bail.

Dexter is shot in the leg by a bullet, yet he continues to run because he wants to save his son. He comes across a summer camp house and intends to murder the man. Kurt engages in a father-son emotional talk in the cabin, attempting to portray Dexter as a horrible father to Harrison. Miles tells Angela that Jim first attacked him with a needle before punching him badly.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 8

Everyone is out there to get Dexter, but he’s already wounded. Will he succeed in saving himself and his son Harrison? What truth will Angela find out about Dexter? You’ll get the answers in today’s episode.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 ‘Unfair Game’ is the shortest episode of the series so far. Yet, it had the most intriguing premise that keeps you hooked till the end. There is the right amount of action, bloodshed, mystery, curiosity and lots of emotions. Without giving away much, I’ll say that this episode will change the entire game in the series. The entire sequence of Dexter running in the snow to save his life gave me good Fargo feels.

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Michael C Hall as Dexter is remarkable as expected. His dialogues can make you chuckle even in the intense sequences. Jack Alcott’s Harrison has opened up well in today’s episode. When you watch Harrison, you realise he just needs his father to accept the real him. His anger is justified considering how they never had that connection, to be honest with each other. Jack is quite good in the emotional scenes.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 Review: The Killer's Trap

Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the latest episode might be the shortest but proves to be the best one so far. Yes, I say this after every episode since episode 5 because the writing is truly brilliant. It leaves you anxious till the end. The ending is emotional and thrilling at the same time. I’ll say it again; it just sucks that we have to wait another week to know what’s next. It’s also unfortunate that we only have 2 more episodes of a series that has made a fantastic comeback so far.

The episode is now streaming on Voot.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 Review: Titled 'Unfair Game', Dexter runs to save his life. Kurt traps Harrison in his emotional talk in an attempt to kill him.


  1. I was very tense and enjoyed this episode of cat and mouse .I can’t wait for the next episode .now have a different way I think it will go then I originally thought

    • I would like to know your theories πŸ˜€ you’re right. The show has surprised us with twists. I hope the last 2 episodes are equally good. 🀞🏽

    • Yes, we watched the same episode πŸ˜€ It’s sad to know you didn’t like it. It wasn’t perfect but was quite intriguing. I hope you enjoy the next one. πŸ™‚

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 8 Review: The Killer's TrapDexter: New Blood Episode 8 Review: Titled 'Unfair Game', Dexter runs to save his life. Kurt traps Harrison in his emotional talk in an attempt to kill him.