Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Review: Troubles of Past and the Present

Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 ‘Too Many Tuna Sandwiches’ is now out. Directed by Marcos Siega, Scott Reynolds & Warren Hsu, Leonard wrote the 1-hour episode. It stars Michael C Hall, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Jennifer Carpenter, Clancy Brown and Jamie Chung. The synopsis reads, “Angela finds out about Dexter faking his own death and confronts him. However, Angela learning about Dexter’s past is not his only worry as Molly could prove to be a significant problem too.”

Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Review Contains Spoilers

Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Recap: Plot Summary

In Dexter: New Blood Episode 6, ‘Too Many Tuna Sandwiches’, Dexter/Jim keeps trying to be a good dad to Harrison. However, he’s not pleased with his son’s desire to work for Kurt Caldwell. It upsets Harrison more, causing more dent in their relationship. But that’s not the only trouble for Dexter. Angela finds out about Jim’s past and real identity as Dexter Morgan and confronts him. The confrontation doesn’t go well. Dexter is worried, trying to figure out who’s trying to expose him.

Due to some reasons, Dexter believe it’s podcaster Molly who might’ve told Angela about his past identity. He listens to a few of her podcasts and decides to handle the matter. But he also has to mend his relationship with Harrison. So the father-son duo goes to therapy together. As expected, things don’t go down well even there.

Kurt Caldwell is looking for a new target to kill. He also manages to lure two girls into the trap. Dexter gets suspicious of him, especially because of how he’s lying about Matt. He’s also furious about how Kurt’s trying to get closer to Harrison. There are troubles of past and present for Dexter coming together. To add more to the drama, Angela finds something big that will change everyone’s life. I won’t reveal it as that’s a huge spoiler. One must watch that entire sequence to see how brilliantly it is made.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Review: Discussion

Episode 5 had too many twists and questions, and I wondered how the makers would solve them all. However, in Dexter: New Blood Episode 6, they handled those startling twists quite well. ‘Too Many Tuna Sandwiches’ brings us closer to the real personalities of Harrison and Kurt. So far, we know that Kurt is a serial killer. But Harrison also gives another hint that he’s one too. In a conversation with someone, he says that he wants to hurt people all the time. Harrison also reveals that Ethan isn’t the first person he’s hurt.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Still

Yet again, Dexter has a lot on his platter, and we wonder how things will come together in the end. It’s not at all going to be easy for him. If Harrison is really a serial killer and Kurt ends up being his influence, it’s going to be a double threat on the Iron Lake. I can’t believe how remarkable the writing is! It divides us to say something like a ‘bad’ serial killer and a ‘good’ one. So who’s going to prove fatal to everyone? We have a few more episodes to tell that.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, today’s episode had all the elements that made people fall in love with the show. The gripping and pulsating last 20 minutes are my favourite highlights of the episode. I just hope the remaining few are equally good, and the finale will leave us equally astonished.

The episode is now streaming on Voot.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Review: As Angela learns about Jim's past & real identity, there's more trouble for Dexter to handle at present.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Review: Troubles of Past and the PresentDexter: New Blood Episode 6 Review: As Angela learns about Jim's past & real identity, there's more trouble for Dexter to handle at present.