Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Review: The End is Nigh!

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 titled ‘Sins of the Father’ is now out. The season finale or just the finale is directed by Marcos Siega and written by Clyde Phillips, Alexandra Franklin and Marc Muszynski. The series stars Michael C Hall, Julia Jones, Jack Alcott, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, David Zayas, and David Magidoff. The last episode is 55 minutes long. If you are yet to watch the episode, it is best to avoid reading the review as it has big spoilers.

The synopsis for Dexter: New Blood finale reads, “Angela arrests Dexter for killing Matthew Caldwell, but he claims innocence. After talking to Angel Batista, Angela realises that Dexter is the Bay Harbour Butcher. Have Dexter’s sins finally caught up to him? Is this the end of Dexter Morgan?”

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Review Contains Major Spoilers

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Recap

Angela tells Dexter that his burnt house has become a crime scene as there’s proof that someone poured kerosene and set it ablaze. When she asks if he crossed with anyone recently, Dexter denies it. Harrison interrupts that earlier; a few boys tried to attack him. So it’s possible that they burnt down their house. Dexter and Harrison head to Angela’s place while Logan, the cops and her search the burnt scene for clues. Angela finds Matt’s platinum hook that Kurt had sent for Jim/Dexter.

After reaching home, Angela sends Harrison and Audrey away to get some stuff. Along with Logan, Angela immediately arrests Dexter for killing Matt Caldwell. At the police station, Angela shows Dexter the letter she received in Episode 9 and the platinum hooks. But Dexter leaves her confused by blaming it all on Kurt. Angela starts doubting her theory on Dexter as she doesn’t have enough proof.

Angela calls Angel Batista and asks him about the Bay Harbour Butcher and Dexter Morgan. Batista tells Angela that his ex-wife and cop LaGuerta had doubts that Dexter’s real BHB. Angela immediately informs Batista that she has arrested Dexter at Iron Lake for similar murders. Batista decides to head to Iron Lake from Miami.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Review: The End is Nigh!

Angela again questions Dexter and tells him that she’s aware that he is BHB. Dexter realises that there is no escape for him. So he tells Angela about Kurt’s cabin and the bodies of girls he killed for the last 25 years. When Angela leaves to find the truth about the cabin, Dexter kills Logan and escapes from the prison. He tells Harrison to get the truck and meet before the sun rises to flee Iron Lake.

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Harrison is not happy to hear that Dexter killed Logan. Harrison reminds that the code was to kill bad people, and Logan was a good person. Dexter pleads that he had no choice. An angry Harrison shoots his father. Angela immediately arrives at the spot and sees Dexter lying in a pool of blood. She tells Harrison to leave Iron Lake and calls for backup. As Harrison drives away from the town, he reads Dexter’s letter to Hannah.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 dismissed all the theories that Harrison is an imposter or killed Hannah. It also squashes the theory that he will kill Angela to save his father. It turns out that he really wants to change and control his dark urges. The ending of the episode is quite intense and emotional. Like Dexter, even we realise that he has been a reason for innocent deaths. Whether in Miami or Iron Lake, Dexter broke Harry’s code.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Still

I agree that Dexter broke the code, and Harrison is angry at his father. We knew from the beginning that Dexter wasn’t a hero. But, the events happening in the episode are quite rushed. Except for the last 10 minutes, everything else in the episode was underwhelming.

The episode would’ve been fine even if Batista’s scene was excluded. Angela’s Google search already helped her draw a connection between BHB and Dexter. So her phone call didn’t have any impact on the finale. In fact, we are left wondering that Batista is travelling all the way from Miami to Iron Lake for nothing! The finale could’ve brought everything together with solid writing.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Review: The End is Nigh!

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, despite the great performance by Michael C Hall and brilliant writing till episode 9, the finale fails to impress. Dexter’s death has nothing to do with it. It’s how he died in haste and many loose ends that are bothersome. How did M99 become Ketamine? How, why and when was Molly killed? What about the missing case of Kurt Caldwell? So many questions are unanswered.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 is now streaming on Voot.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Review: The finale is underwhelming and flawed, except for the last intense 10 minutes.


    • No that doesn’t make sense. Batista didn’t have shit against him for the bay harbor case otherwise he would’ve continued what laguerta started. Angela didn’t have shit either because dexter never used ketamine back in miami, he used M99 ( etorphine ). He could’ve just waited to be released. Him killing logan doesn’t make any sense

  1. We’ve all grown to love and root for Dexter – but we all know the “bad guys” are usually caught or killed.
    To bring Dexter back for 10 shows, just to have him die by his sons hand was disappointing, and unnecessary for his fans. What’s the point? Harrison is alone, as Angela. A young love between Harrison and Audrey ends before truly starting, and future criminals will again escape “justice”.
    Had he gotten away with it, Kurt dead, the foursome could have lived a happy and long life in their Idealic tiny town. Had it ended that way, Dexter would finally have felt love and left his dark passenger behind him —- for good.

  2. F*** them for bringing Dexter back just to kill him off this was the greatest series of all times and the Hollywood just to make money throws this piss in our face. If they try to have come back with a second season and have Harrison take over will be an ever bigger insult. Waste of time and Dexter would not have done half of what is in this show

  3. I agree with Casie…Dexter was finally where he wanted to “be”.
    So much was built up on setting the story elements up to carry over to the next season.
    I feel like at the point when Dexter decided he needed to get out of jail the story went sideways.
    He has always been tempered by the “code”…so as soon as he took the water bottle from Logan
    and grabbed him around the neck I thought this was one of Dexter’s mind moments where he was
    fantasizing…but when the scene didn’t pop back to what really should be happening…I reeled and
    said “Noooooooo…DEXTER!!!” to my tv screen.
    After that I felt the horrible knot in my gut that this episode was sadly going to end in a bad way.
    The rest of the episode was good..but not what I wanted to see or expected. I kept hoping that there would be an obscure twist of some kind like Batista arriving to save the day instead of ruining it or something…
    but no…there was no way back…and then the cloud of extreme disappointment began to form…I was so sad.
    It’s kind of like there were two sets of writers for this episode…the ones at the beginning..and the ones after the jail break.
    Somehow I still like Dexter and will always remember him in a positive way as a “dark hero”.

    • I was hoping for any resolution with Batista… him showing up to let help Dexter escape would’ve been amazing. Something like “even when Maria thought it was you, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but after all these years and seeing what has happened since you died… I think maybe we need you in this world.” Or something to that effect. Then they both die later.

      The last episode was rushed there should be 3 more episodes

  4. I agree with Bill once he grabbed Logan around the neck I was also screaming Noooo at the TV. I was not very happy with the way this ended. It was very disappointing to know there will not be a season 2. Dexter is my hero he should have lived forever!!!!
    I hope they start a new show with Harrison as the new Dexter.

  5. it was horrible the Indian all nine episodes of this as good as the first 9 years I’m so mad and disappointed I would never watched it from day one if I known it was going to end this way.
    they should have left it open so I can come back another season now he’s dead and he’ll never come back.

  6. WTF r u doing ppl???
    1) Why he should have to deal with death penalty instead of life imprisonment
    2) Why u brought Batista in the screen again for this poor role?
    3) Why a cop who is on the alert gives hand to hand a bottle of water? It was poor set up
    4) Why u don t give some characters thoughts about Dexter (especially his girlfriend) after his death and his real identity?
    5) Why the duck always is the good that beats bad even if it was for good.
    We have a real virtuous dillemma in whole Dexter series. Is it good to kill bad ppl in name of general good?

    You creators, you didn t kill Dexter u destroyed the whole thing. He should have explained himself to Harisson but no. You made Harisson humilate him because of the death of some innocent ppl and his need for killing. Is it make any sence after Harisson saw a body gets cut in parts?

    Even if he was in jail he would have give a lot of things to the next series but as isaid u messed up with the ending and in my opinion the whole point of view was stupid.
    I mean u didn t let him die in the previous series which it was a match a more sensible touch and u killed him after his comeback, seriusly?

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Review: The End is Nigh!Dexter: New Blood Episode 10 Review: The finale is underwhelming and flawed, except for the last intense 10 minutes.