Devdas Brothers (2021) Review: Dangerous Messaging

Devdas Brothers is a Tamil-language movie directed by Janakiraman and starring Mayilsami, Robo Shankar, and Dhruvva, along with other cast members. The movie is 97 minutes long.

Netflix describes the movie as:

After their first heartbreaks, four jilted young men plan drastic ways to get back at the women who left them — and are in for a sobering lesson.

– Devdas Brothers review does not contain spoilers –

Ah, another movie on -drumroll- toxic love! We start Devdas Brothers off with four men lying on a train track, with the train fast approaching. We then straight-up jump to introductions of these men. The whole thing takes place within a few minutes and feels very rushed.

However, more than rushed though, Devdas Brothers is just so awkward. The narration feels absolutely all over the place. Add to that the confusing and, frankly, difficult to digest dialogues it’s a movie that makes you feel things… bad things. And that’s just the first half.

Why do the women in this movie fall all over the four guys for some reason? For example, Nandhini just runs after an uninterested Ram, confesses her feelings and then just kisses him. This isn’t the only instance of these weird interactions. Thus, it’s no wonder that these interactions feel very forced. Their “I love you”s feel rushed and come out of nowhere. The female characters seem to be written in a way that makes them out to be devoid of any personality and for the sole purpose of directing the men’s hatred towards them.

Now, what is common in stupid romance movies? A breakup. Devdas Brothers has four, so you can imagine how bad this is going to be. However, it’s not something that any of us could ever have imagined, considering after the women break up, the four fixate on taking revenge.

Listen, this revenge-taking ideology after a breakup, regardless of which gender tries to exact it, is disgusting. The men take it upon themselves to go the nuclear route and harass and stalk these women and engage in very criminal activities because these women dared to go after their male egos (they didn’t) and turn them down. How dare they!

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The female characters might be unbelievable and unreal but that doesn’t mean watching this unfold in front of your eyes in 2021 is, in any way, acceptable. There’s a scene in Devdas Brothers where Jegathesh saves his later-girlfriend from a bunch of a-holes who threaten to pour acid on her if she doesn’t accept their advances. In a tone-deaf manner, he does similar things but this time it’s somehow ok because he’s the star of the show.

I would’ve accepted this had the movie tried to make a message out of its portrayal of harassment – a way to make the audience realise that women do not, in fact, owe anyone a relationship, yes, even when they initiate a relationship (just like men don’t). However, Devdas Brothers glorifies this harassment, tells that audience that the men are justified to put cameras in the women’s homes and broadcast it to an audience.

Unfortunately, Devdas Brothers’s acting is just as lacking as its story. There’s nothing to look forward to here – the story is as bad as the acting and will stay with you like sand in your pant pockets after a trip to the beach.

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Summing up: Devdas Brothers

Devdas Brothers is a difficult movie to sit through. There is no message here, just four men thinking that the world owes them something. Wreaking havoc on people’s lives because they don’t want a relationship with you is a disgusting message that should never be given, especially in today’s time.

Sure, the movie addresses how messed up all of this is, but is it enough? That’s for you to decide. At least you get to see a sweet dog.

Devdas Brothers is streaming on Netflix.

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Devdas Brothers is the worst kind of movie to watch. Except for the sweet dog, that's the only good thing here.

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Devdas Brothers is the worst kind of movie to watch. Except for the sweet dog, that's the only good thing here.Devdas Brothers (2021) Review: Dangerous Messaging