Dear Mother (2020) Review: Laurent Lafitte’s Absurdist Comedy Will Remedy Your Heart

Netflix’s new French comedy Dear Mother aka L’Origine du monde is absurd, silly and hilarious in its essence. The film was honoured at The Cannes film festival 2020 and is directed Laurent Lafitte, who also stars as the protagonist. An adaptation of Sebastien Thierry’s play of the same name, the film’s cast also includes Vincent Macaigne, Helene Vincent, Karin Viard, Pauline Clement, Nicole Garcia, Judith El Zein, Luca Malinowski, Juliette Bettencourt, Claudette Walker, Benoit Dupac, Gregory Gaule, Jean Claude and Pascal Lischutz. The runtime for the film is about 1 hour 40 minutes.

– Dear Mother review does not contain spoilers –

Dear Mother: An Absurdist Comedy With Elements Of Philosophy & Religious Cosmology

Dear Mother revolves around the life of Jean Louis Bordier (played by Lafitte) who is seemingly unhappy with his mundane life, be it his marriage, sex or work. Jean Louis seeks out conversations and ways to find meaning in his life that he thinks is a farce that he is living. However, things take a hilariously strange turn when he realizes his heart is no longer beating. Even though Jean Louis feels very much alive physically, it turns out his heart has stopped contracting- something that is possible if you are dead.

Debating on science and spirituality, Jean Louis picks up the latter on the insistence of his wife, Valerie (played by Karin Viard) and meets his wife’s holistic life coach. After a brief lesson in religious cosmology, which does not suit Jean Louis’ way of thinking, he still persists on the road to get his heart back beating. He is asked to seek for his mother to bring back a photograph of an item that not only sounds unbelievable stupid but, also embarrassing.

However, his zeal to start his heart and lead a normal life makes him go to the extremes to seek what is required. Enlisting the help of his wife and, childhood friend Michel (played by Vincent Macaigne), the trio find themselves propagating plans and executing rather hysterical events to get that one photograph. What is that photograph? And, will they ever get to it? Well, it is for the audience to tune in and, enjoy this uproarious comedy.

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The cinematography is a very beautiful aspect that helps in fine storytelling. Especially, the imagery that gives out a sharp Freudian message when we see what Jean Louis has been dreaming about. And, being a French film, they never miss out on the elaborate erotic display that is more funny than sensual in any manner.

Laurent Lafitte is successfully tuning in with his character but, it is Karin Viard and Vincent Macaigne’s manic delivery that give us the laugh we need. However, the final ball is definitely shot by actress Helene Vincent, who leaves us confused and in hysteria.

Dear Mother: Final Verdict

Dear Mother is quick in its storytelling, it does not stall the audience with boring dilemmas but, put the philosophy and action side by side for a wholesome consumption. There are moments that might seem so wrong out of context and, one of the biggest is the sense of harassment we feel Jean Louis’ mother faces. But, being an absurdist comedy, the ends are met with some scene that will make you go completely bonkers or a revelation that you never expected in the first place.

Overall, the film is a laughter ride and will resonate with the audience who are looking for a fun watch that does not drain you and keeps you engaged until the end credits roll out. So, if you fall on that list, go ahead and stream the French comedy Dear Mother aka L’Origine du monde now on Netflix.

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Dear Mother captures you in its absurd elements and gives you a laughing riot.

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Dear Mother (2020) Review: Laurent Lafitte's Absurdist Comedy Will Remedy Your HeartDear Mother captures you in its absurd elements and gives you a laughing riot.