Deaimon Episode 12 Review: A Recipe For Happiness

With the identity of Itsuka’s father known to us, the audience, we can understand how relations around Nagomu continue to be interconnected. Will the characters find it out as well? Let’s find more about this in the review of Deaimon Episode 12.

Deaimon Episode 12 Overview

deaimon episode 12- nagomu and itsuka

Deaimon is a slice of life, gourmet, and drama anime focusing on a Japanese sweets shop. A guy returns home after 10 years to take care of the shop, and his father’s proclaimed declining health. He is surprised to find a young girl working there, who is claimed by everyone to be the heir to the shop. The anime shows their daily life interactions and various journeys they have taken to end up here at the traditional sweets store in Kyoto. Deaimon is based on a manga written by Rin Asano. 

The anime adaptation is developed by Studio Encourage Films, an outfit that has produced many other anime such as Etotama, Hitorijime My Hero, and Isekai Cheat Magician. The show is being produced with Fumitoshi Oizaki (A Centaur’s Life, Etotama) serving as director, Reiko Yoshida (Blue Period, A Silent Voice) supervising the scripts, and Sakae Shibuya (Girl Friend Note, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) designing the characters and overseeing the animation.

– Deaimon Episode 12 Review does not contain any spoilers –

Deaimon Episode 12 Review- The Spring Is Back

deaimon episode 12- gloomy nagomu

We had a pretty big reveal in the last week’s episode. Itsuka’s father and Nagomu’s senpai are the same people! Although, this reveal is just for the audience, and none of the cast members seem to be aware of it. With the previous few episodes centring mainly around our main two characters of the show- Itsuka and Nagomu- will the identity of the missing father be revealed to them?

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Winter has passed, and it is the season of spring once again in Deaimon Episode 12. It has been two years since Itsuka had arrived at Ryokushou and a year in Nagomu’s case. And though their relationship started with a one-sided effort from Nagomu, Itsuka had continued to warm up to him over the past year. With Itsuka’s birthday arriving, Nagomu is excited as she has finally agreed to go out on a trip with him.

Deaimon Episode 12 was majorly an amusement park episode. Together, Nagomu and Itsuka visit the Hirakata Park. This park has been animated beautifully, with the rides being represented in a soft-coloured palette, symbolizing the Spring season. With smooth background music, we see Itsuka and Nagomu enjoy their time on various rides and attractions of the park. These scenes are extremely detailed, accurate, and based on the actual Hirataka Park.

This episode also included some rare moments of Itsuka being honest about her true feelings, and it can be majorly attributed to the calming, trusting, and supportive environment Nagomu brings around with him. His genuine happiness and having a day out with Itsuka, or being mistaken as her father, makes him be viewed as an entrusted and loving adult. This birthday episode did not bring in any big guns of reveals but instead focused on showcasing the bonds various characters have developed. Even their gifts for Itsuka are very personalized, showing their endearing love for her.

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Considering that many episodes in the series so far have been centred around music, and Nagomu also has music as a big part of his personality, I was hoping for him to write a song as well for Itsuka’s birthday. Sadly, this did not happen. Nonetheless, we got some amazing background sounds in Deaimon Episode 12. With many matters remaining unresolved, this episode highlights the matters that are not anymore, ending on a high note!

deaimon episode 12- exicited nagomu


Deaimon Episode 12 is a good end to this slice-of-life anime, encapsulating all the growth the characters have had throughout the series.

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Deaimon Episode 12 is a good end to this slice-of-life anime, encapsulating all the growth the characters have had throughout the series.

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Deaimon Episode 12 Review: A Recipe For HappinessDeaimon Episode 12 is a good end to this slice-of-life anime, encapsulating all the growth the characters have had throughout the series.