Deadly Misconduct (2021) Review: So Bad It’s Bad

Deadly Misconduct, or Impropriety, is a 2021 TV movie directed by Nadeem Soumah and starring Anna Marie Dobbins, Louis Mandylor, and Colt Prattes, alongside other cast members.

Lifetime describes it as:

A rising prosecutor has a lapse in judgment when she spends the night at a rival defense attorney’s home. Awakened next to his murdered body, things go from bad to worse when she’s asked to prosecute his murder.

– Deadly Misconduct review does not contain spoilers –

Deadly Misconduct starts off in the middle of the court in between a questioning round. It just starts from nowhere but gives us a rundown that Annie is a lawyer. Within the next five minutes, we get to know about her daughter, her BFF and witness a breakup. We also get to know that Annie is “old fashioned” because she doesn’t know acronyms like TTYL and doesn’t want her very young daughter to get deep into YouTube.

Anyway, a fated work function turns her life upside down.

As is the story with most of these movies are – it’s super cliché. Super, super cliché. All of the characters are super awkward in their roles and feel like a caricature of what these people are supposed to be instead of what they should be. These characters are unbelievable and weirdly evil. Ok, so, I know there are tons of horrible people around us. However, this is just laughably evil. On the other hand, the main character is either stupid or naïve, although she is taken to be this hotshot lawyer. She makes decisions that are laughable and not worthy of a lawyer.

deadly misconduct
Deadly Misconduct (2021) Review: So Bad It's Bad 3

Listen, I know Lifetime movies aren’t supposed to be big-budget, glitzy stuff that’s going to leave everyone awed. If anything, they’re meant to kill some time. However, Deadly Misconduct, like its laughable title, is absolutely stupid. The story has no thrill and absolutely nothing will keep you hooked to it. The sets and costumes look cheap at best and you never really immerse yourself in the experience because of how absolutely shitty it looks and feels.

Now, the biggest flaw of Deadly Misconduct is its actors. The actors, if we’re being generous, are horrible. For being the leading lady, Anna Marie Dobbins adds nothing to the character that is, in itself, absolutely bland and soulless. You know, sometimes some characters are just dumb; it is what it is. However, the actors add something meaningful to the character to make you sympathise or relate to them. However, that’s not the case here. From the first moment, Annie is unbearable. As the story progresses and more characters are introduced, these actors, too, do such a horrendous job that it’s difficult to sit through.

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Summing up: Deadly Misconduct

deadly misconduct
Deadly Misconduct (2021) Review: So Bad It's Bad 4

Deadly Misconduct is a sad excuse for a movie and is mind-numbingly boring and horribly acted. There’s not one thing about this that will make you think or thrill you. It’s just one shit thing after another and leaves a sour taste in your mind… that is, if you’re able to sit through its 1 and a half-hour long runtime!

Deadly Misconduct is streaming on Lifetime and Amazon Prime.

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Deadly Misconduct quickly turns into a deadly mistake with a storyline, acting and characters that all fail to impress.

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