Dark Desire Season 2 (2022) Review: Maite Perroni, Alejandro Speitzer Series Has So Much Sex and So Little Substance

Dark Desire (Oscuro Deseo) is drama/mystery series on Netflix created by Leticia López Margalli, and starring Maite Perroni, Alejandro Speitzer, Catherine Siachoque and Erik Hayser, alongside other cast members. Dark Desire season 2 has 15 episodes, each around 35-40 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Married Alma spends a fateful weekend away from home that ignites passion, ends in tragedy and leads her to question the truth about those close to her.

– Dark Desire season 2 review does not contain spoilers –

And we’re back. Back with another season of the hit erotic thriller Dark Desire that features so much sex and so much yet so little plot that it almost drove me to madness last time. With 18 (yes, 18!) 35-40-minute episodes last time, I was almost dreading going down this rabbit hole since the release was announced. It’s difficult to watch two very attractive people having sex at every place imaginable and then one of them going around and sleeping with the next female that they can find. I found my brain cells melting after a while and wondered whether this was it for me.

Well, apparently not.

Here we are again, wondering who killed whom and whom Dario sleep with next since both of those things happen A LOT. For anyone who loved 365 Days, Dark Desire came as a guilty pleasure from the heavens. This time, we don’t just get 90 minutes, we get almost 8 hours of boinking and goofing around. You know this isn’t for the plot, what little there is in it. It’s for the allure of watching forbidden passion on-screen. A middle-aged woman having a whirlwind and passionate tryst with a man almost her son’s age? Oooh, racy! (Insert giggles here)

Dark Desire season 2

That being said, what does Dark Desire season 2 bring to the table? Is it different? Do we get content other than naked bodies smooshing each other? Well…

The first episode starts with where everyone is in life after the first season. Alma is pretty much obsessed with Dario, or his D. Apparently, he has a fiancée now but the first few episodes make it seem like Alma might just fly off the handle at any point and lose her marbles. On the other hand, the series flies from past to present. Showcasing what went down and why everyone is on edge now, especially Dario. He has some bad blood on his hands but really, with 15 episodes, don’t make up your mind just yet.

For some reason, Dark Desire season 2 has Alma and another female character bounce off each other’s crazy and convince each other that no woman who has ever loved Dario has come out with all of her marbles. They make it sound like Dario is this magical love god who whips his stuff around and women just bow to his feet. It’s so odd but the series, too, makes it a point to let us know that Dario “eats” women like how I eat my Cheetos. It’s so bizarre.

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Dark Desire season 2

People who were tired of watching the endless intimate scenes in the last season will be happy to learn that they did dial it down a notch this time around. There’s more mystery than sex – very complicated and stupid mystery, but hey, something is better than nothing. I don’t, however, mean that there are none. No no, not at all that. Maybe in place of the usual three, there is one in every episode. One extended and very detailed soft porn scene. Oh and colourful flashbacks every 5 minutes. Oh god, what have I gotten myself into again?!

The twists keep on coming – someone’s death triggers another investigation and of course, it’s the usual suspects. The question is, is Dario a total psychopath or is there an imposter out there? It goes round and round constantly and is hella entertaining in a pathetic and annoying way. Either way, Alma will really get on your nerves this time around. The woman just does not think of herself for even a minute before jumping into Dario’s sex pool. It’s so bizarre. I think it showcases toxic relationships very well if nothing else.

Now, let’s talk about preying on underage kids. Of course, I am not giving away the parties involved, but no one really hones in on the fact that an underage child was taken advantage of by their much older acquaintance. No one really mentions that it is wrong in any way, just that it happened and there’s a sex tape about it. I hate it, thanks. I need someone to put predators like this in prison for the horrible people they are, or at least admit that it’s a horrible thing to do instead of just keeping this topic as a side-piece. The depravity is too much, unfortunately. It doesn’t end there and where it ends is just more horrifying.

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Dark Desire season 2

Dark Desire season 2 delivers some good twists that somewhat make up for the depravity that takes place on-screen. Man, people can be bad. But what the hell. Honestly, as weird as that may sound, I was mostly hooked throughout the insane almost 8 hours runtime. It does get a bit much sometimes, but the second season does somewhat keep you hooked with its insane and improbable storyline.

I say improbable because the route Dark Desire season 2 takes is just the silliest and the easiest one that people go after. It was a contest between two of the most clichéd options and I am glad to note that it went with the stupider option of the two. Either way, although it’s all stupid, you probably feel thankful that it doesn’t get worse. I say this as I enjoyed every bit of the supreme drama that the series keeps increasing with every passing minute.

Also, can I just ask why the police are so incompetent in this series? Like, an 18-year-old figured out something that the police couldn’t. I can’t imagine what that would feel like. Esteban, Alma and literally every other person figure out everything before the police. Montano goes right up to her prime suspect and gets shot in the process. It’s just asinine.

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Dark Desire season 2

Now, let’s talk about the ending, without spoilers, of course. The series keeps the actual secret under wraps till the last moment of the runtime. So, you keep on wondering what the actual F is going on and question everyone’s every move throughout the show. At first, you wonder if it’s Alma, then you question whether Esteban really is reformed, or, it can’t be anyone other than the elusive Dario. The questions are many since the plots are many as well and some new information comes up to haunt us at every moment.

Is the ending any amount satisfying? Well, not really. When you get to know the truth of the situation, it’s just so underwhelming. I almost wished they went with one of the stupid options so that the improbability of the entire series keeps up. But hey, you don’t get everything that you want, do you? I wish they had focused on some of Dario’s very weird behaviours and whether that had something to do with his past. But they don’t, which is a shame.

Summing up: Dark Desire Season 2

dark desire season 2

Dark Desire 2 is every bit as stupid and twisty as the first part. This one’s slightly better than the last, but mostly doesn’t make much sense. For everyone who watched (and liked) this one for the excessive sex scenes, then you’re going to enjoy this as well – they have flashbacks. As I had mentioned in my season 1 review, no one quite has a moral compass. I still stand by what I said – not one person has a moral compass and no one is worth investing your emotions over. It’s an average thriller that feels quite meh at the end of 15 episodes.

Dark Desire season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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Dark Desire season 2 is extremely entertaining but its basic storyline is just the worst and the excessive sex scenes don't help at all.

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Dark Desire season 2 is extremely entertaining but its basic storyline is just the worst and the excessive sex scenes don't help at all.Dark Desire Season 2 (2022) Review: Maite Perroni, Alejandro Speitzer Series Has So Much Sex and So Little Substance