The Lost Symbol Episode 1 Review: An Average Suspenseful Foundation

Dan Brown’s 2009 bestseller The Lost Symbol has come to life on screen and the start is the perfect amalgamation of knowledge and suspense but a bit of a drag. Unlike, the previous Dan Brown adaptations, this particular series aspires to not be a disappointment.

This action-adventure was initially supposed to be a part of the film franchise following Angels and Demons and Inferno featuring Tom Hanks but later the idea of a series was greenlit. It is developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie.

– The Lost Symbol Review contains spoilers –

The Lost Symbol Episode 1 Review: “As Above, So Below”

The first episode tiptoes into the lap of symbology and the quest of understanding symbols and how they are interlaced with people’s beliefs. Ashley Zukerman as Robert Langdon introduces both his class and the viewers to the core of this thriller- When do convictions and your pursuit of happiness become mutually exclusive?

Soon after Langdon is rushed into the pursuit to extract his mentor and father-like figure Peter Solomon who has been kidnapped and tortured. Like, every other Robert Langdon story, yes, he is on the run again. But what makes it better this time is the attention to detail.

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When Peter’s cut-off hand is discovered on a pedestal in the rotunda within the first 10 minutes of the episode, the viewers are visibly confused by what the torturer wants to get out of the deal. Langdon takes a good part of the time being able to convey to the audience the hidden meanings in the symbols and in layman’s terms understand that the ransom is a “superpower” and “immortality”.

There is also a moment where the creators focus on the only weakness in Robert Langdon’s character- Claustrophobia. They try to humanize the eidetic memory genius and hopefully, create a branch that can be tracked to Langdon’s childhood and the trauma associated with it.

The cinematography is just right in setting the suspenseful mood of the series, even the blood-shed is less gore and more anxious in portrayal.

However, even with its pauses and moments of revelations and a 43-minute run time to set things in motion, the start drops to average due to the protagonist’s trademark characteristic to become the one-man army with a repetitive attitude to save the world and still stand unharmed.

The Lost Symbol Episode 1 Review: The Cast

No matter what, the cast of The Lost Symbol definitely stands out!

Ashley Zukerman is taking over Tom Hanks’ Robert Langdon and, maybe it is for the better. Zukerman slips right into the character’s depth and earnestness. He is solid from the first scene of teaching a Havard class till the ending of episode one when he is being handed over the mysterious letter.

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Eddie Izzard plays Peter Solomon. Even though we do not see a lot of him as he is our person-in-question to be rescued, the flashbacks are enough to know that Izzard is just the right fit. As for the lady to accompany our Professor, we have Valorie Curry as Katherine Solomon joining Professor Langdon in-person by the end of episode one.

The Lost Symbol Episode 1 Review: Final Verdict

The start to one of Dan Brown’s best is probably not the best but, how well the cast and crew have tried to set the series apart is quite visible. It is average but it is also worth arousing that curious pit in your stomach about- What Next?

It is still too early to pass on a solidified judgement on the series. However, time will tell how well it ages.

You can now watch The Lost Symbol on Voot Select.

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Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol on Voot Select has an average but suspenseful start.

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