Zee5’s Comedy Couple Review: New Title, Same Story

A new rom-com movie made in a different setup but with almost the same cliché scenes. We are talking about the new release of this week, Comedy Couple. It was released on Zee5 on 21 October.

The movie starts with a couple worried about their standup as they aspire to be India’s first comedy couple. In the beginning, they portray the few realities of standups which include using sexist jokes and cuss words to entertain the larger part of the audience. As predictable as it is, their first performance goes really well and they are overjoyed. However, their happiness comes to an end when they forget the time and place and are caught kissing in the elevator which results in them getting thrown out of their apartment.

Standup Comedy by Deep and Zoya (Comedy Couple)

From here the real story of Zoya and Deep begins. They both have friends who have extreme personalities which make the lead actors look sane and good. Also, the cliché idea that feminist women hate men and behave irrationally is also introduced along with Zoya’s friend.

The story goes on and the couple finally decides to get married to live together but that, too, does not work in their favour. Also, Deep’s parents enter their life and make it more complicated. And, as always, the couple hides their relationship like every other couple in our country.

Breakup of The Comedy Couple, Deep and Zoya.

But the interesting part is when Deep is arrested for making a joke that was not taken well by a religious community. Added to this is the news channels’ need for TRP and their yellow journalism, and you have an interesting plot device. Just because a joke was not taken well by few people, the comedians were soon declared anti-nationals. It was funny to watch the anchor make such huge nonsensical statements. But the sad part was that it is the reality of journalism we have today.

Moving on, the couple again has a huge fight where they break up and start performing individually but if you have seen any rom-com ever you can guess how the movie ends. So, the problem here is the fact that even with a story that talks about a very visceral problem everywhere, Comedy Couple decides to take the tried-and-tested rom-com route instead of being a social commentary on the state of journalism in the country. it’s not something we haven’t seen before, and it’s not going to be something we won’t see after this.

Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu Prasad as Comedy Couple. (Comedy Couple Review)

The story was very banal. It had huge potential to be written with some new twists and turns. The direction of the movie was also average. Although the acting by both the actors, Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu Prasad, was really good and they both did a great job individually, at times it felt like the chemistry was a little off. Still, the movie turned out to be a lot better than what was expected from the trailer. Also, Deep’s friend deserves a special mention for his songs which were perfectly matched with the situation and were really catchy.

Behind the scenes of Comedy Couple

Overall: Comedy Couple

Overall, we can say that Comedy Couple is good for passing your time or if you’re bored with all the Indian series that keeps bringing the same action thrillers again and again. It can be a good watch for a chill night at home when you don’t want to exhaust your brain cells and just want to freeze them with delicious ice cream.

Comedy Couple is streaming on Zee5.




Comedy Couple is the new rom-com release that will bring you the same story in a new setup. Although it had an interesting premise, it fails to impress by sticking to its tried-and-tested formula.

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