Collision Review: A Messy Plot With Terrible Acting

Collision is a South African crime-thriller drama film, released on Netflix on 16 June 2022. The film is directed by award-winning French director Fabien Martorell. The screenplay is co-written by William Gillin, Fabien Martorell and Sean Cameron Michael. It is produced by Citizen Skull Productions along with Connect Channel and Do Productions.

The cast includes Vuyo Dabula in the lead role as Bra Sol, Langley Kirkwood as Johan Greser, Tessa Jubber as Diane Greser, Bonko Khoza as Larry, Mpho Sebeng as Thando, Zoey Sneedon as Nicki Greser, Siphesihle Vazi as Cecil, Samke Makhoba as Palesa, Pheello Kotelo, Thamsanqa Booi and Louis Ngcayiya. The film has a runtime of about 1 hour and 39 minutes.

Netflix’s synopsis of the film reads:

Over the course of one fateful day, a corrupt businessman and his socialite wife race to save their daughter from a notorious crime lord.

-Collision Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-

Plot: It’s All About The Money

The film is set in Johannesburg, in a post-apartheid world, an army veteran’s daughter is trapped in the car boot of a notorious crime lord. This is the first scene of the film and then we are taken 2 days back when the country is getting ready to celebrate freedom day, but the question is asked if they are truly free. We are introduced to Bra Sol (Vayu Dabula) who is a local gangster but initially, we get to see a sincere side of him as he is encouraging a young boy to go to school instead of holding a gun.

On the other side, we meet the Greser family where the dad – Johan Greser is getting ready for his presentation to become CFO of the company and the daughter Nicki is busy texting her boyfriend Cecil. There’s another father-daughter duo downtown in the city where they run a shop together. In this world, although apartheid had been abolished, internal segregation still remains.

Whites are wary of Blacks and native South African are wary of immigrants from Nigeria, Zimbabwe etc. This is the base of the film. Bra Sol had been doing some under-the-table deals with Johan but had encountered some losses and warned him about it. Nicki is involved with Cecil and his friend Thando, who do petty crimes for Bra Sol to make some money.

Still from Collision on Netflix

However, after one thing leads to another, Bra Sol kidnaps Nicki to sell her overseas as a prostitute. That’s when starts the chase between the Greser family, Cecil and Sol to rescue Nicki from his trap before anything bad happens. Will they be able to catch Sol before the shipment or something insidious is about to happen to the characters?

Race of Survival

All the characters in the film are trying to survive and make money. Be is Johan Greser, who wants to be promoted to the position of CFO by any means, or Bra Sol, whose way of earning money is wrong but he wants to build schools for the kids in his neighbourhood. Cecil wants to be a singer but cannot get a job due to his nationality. The shop owner downtown wants to expand his shops as he doesn’t get enough left after paying tax to Bra Sol.

In some ways, the film tries to show the reality of Johannesburg, an economic powerhouse of Africa which is a magnet for those hoping for a better life. People from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Malawi and others, immigrate to the city in the hopes of a good life but its population of nearly 10 million is not able to provide them with opportunities.

Vayu Dabula as Bra Sol

There is a big class difference existing here, the rich lives in the northern suburbs with big mansions (which are largely populated by the white people) and the poor and mostly Black people are pushed to the south downtown. Not being able to overcome the wealth gap, while the rich remain undisturbed, the poor feel like their limited number of opportunities (land, jobs etc) gets taken away by immigrants.

Now coming back to the film, the story has the above-mentioned elements in it that build the world around them but in terms of storytelling, the plot is very weak. It is not clear what the filmmakers want to show. Is it a film about rivalry or a fight between two powerful individuals? Is it about revenge or a gritty reality of the city and its people? Or about the falsehood of freedom?

Final Thoughts: Stream It or Skip It?

Collision on Netflix is a film which you can definitely skip if you have better things to watch. The irregular pacing of the film with a messy storyline and not to mention – the terrible acting, especially by the character of Nicki, add up to make a bad film. The only attraction factor of the film, actor Vuyo Dabula cannot save it from being a film with no direction. You can watch it if you are a fan of the actor but in the end, you will be disappointed.

Collision is streaming on Netflix.

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Collision is the latest crime thriller film released on Netflix. Read on to know our thoughts on the film.


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Collision Review: A Messy Plot With Terrible ActingCollision is the latest crime thriller film released on Netflix. Read on to know our thoughts on the film.