Collar Bomb Review: A Grappling Tale of Deviousness and Duplicity

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Collar Bomb movie is gripping and engaging, juxtaposing onscreen violence, blackmail and the sensitive subject of child safety. On the one hand, the film goes through all the motions of a typical Bollywood thriller. The plot moves along at a steady pace, there’s a mystery woven into it, and then there are guns, violence and explosions to keep things exciting. On the other hand, the plot moves from the devious elements with a classic trick used in many popular thrillers-duality aspects.

Yes, you read the plot right— a cop on a mission to save the day. Dnyanesh Zoting is a Marathi filmmaker, and Collar Bomb marks his directorial venture into Bollywood. Collar Bomb is a film that takes no prisoners. It’ll leave you wondering whether it was shot with a tranquillizer dart. The movie is not your regular popcorn masala flick; there are no monotonous love tracks, item numbers or comedy tracks in the film.

There is pace – dialogues don’t trail off into dilution, and the characters don’t take random jibes at each other to fill in dead spaces. If only Zoting had taken care of some aspects of his film, such as screenplay, better editing and clearing up the misguided flow of the storyline.

Collar Bomb is a suspense drama with a great cast and is sprinkled with the illusion of an excellent plot! It is an intense, riveting and well-made trailer of a thriller. The film keeps you on the edge of your seat right from the start and certainly not in the way you expect.

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The Collar Bomb Movie’s Greatest Strength-Jimmy Shergill

The film is a cop drama with suspense. It’s kept very simple and does justice to the theme and concept. The movie is built around the lead character, Manoj Hesi played by Jimmy Shergill, who is always natural. The way he plays the role of an almost reluctant hero is what makes his character endearing. He shows those human emotions involved in solving crime more than ability or intelligence, which sets him apart from other Bollywood cops. Jimmy Sheirgill plays his character convincingly.

There are two kinds of people who will watch a movie: those who go in with expectations and those who don’t. For the former, Collar Bomb is an anticlimax. The trailer promised an edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting thriller, which isn’t what we got. Those who do not have big expectations will enjoy it to some extent, but it is not the movie you would watch repeatedly.

Collar Bomb is a shadow of the heart-pounding thriller that grips the audience right from the beginning. The dialogues are crisp, the narrative is engaging, and the direction is taut. The movie doesn’t have any big stars in it. There are good roles here and excellent actors like Asha Negi, Rajshri Deshpande and Sparsh Srivastav, but this one rides on Jimmy Shergill’s performance entirely. It is evident from the moment he walks in as the cop to the time details of his past reveal in an untimely fashion.

The Collar Bomb- A Ballard of Complete Chaos

The film revolves around a contraption called the collar bomb. It’s essentially a portable explosive that is strapped to the neck of a victim. The concept is enticing, and the trailer promises an exciting thriller with many edge-of-the-seat moments. But Collar Bomb disappoints big time. That’s not to say that there are no bones to pick. Not at all. There are significant flaws as the story pans out.

Collar Bomb carries on this tradition of narrative misdirection. The film has only the resources to engage some of its characters, leaving many on the sidelines. This is a familiar problem in small-budget filmmaking, and it makes for more plot holes when a story is forced to juggle so many plotlines. Thankfully, Collar Bomb‘s cast is talented enough to fill these gaps with moments of great potential that are never entirely realized.

Stream it or Skip it?

Collar Bomb Review: A Grappling Tale of Deviousness and Duplicity 2

It isn’t an awe-inspiring movie, but it is smart and quite effective in its storytelling. It’s hard to say just how effective because of the mystery of the film. The movie does a lot to make you feel for Jimmy Shergill as he struggles with his turbulent past. However, it also makes you question if this was all some sick game. Was it all part of a misguided scheme?

The action is brutal, the pacing frantic, and the script runs circles around the other characters offerings with its abundant twists and turns. It works, too, since the film can sometimes play it loose with depictions that could otherwise hit the jackpot. Nevertheless, the supporting cast like Asha Negi is a force to reckon with and a worthwhile watch apart from the protagonist who steals the show.

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Collar Bomb isn't an awe-inspiring movie, but it is smart and quite effective in its storytelling.

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