Netflix’s Cinema Bandi Review: Everyone is a Filmmaker

Cinema Bandi was released on 14th May 2021 on Netflix. This Telugu movie stars Vikas Vasistha, Sandeep Varanasi, Rag Mayur in pivotal roles along with Ram Charan, Trishara, Davani, Sirivennela Yanamandhala, and Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy in the roles of the supporting actor. The concept of the movie is adapted from the documentary Supermen of Malegaon as admitted by the director of the movie Praveen Kandregula itself.

The story of Cinema Bandi

The story of the movie starts when the lead character Veera, portrayed by magnanimously talented Vikas Vasistha, who plays the role of an auto-rickshaw driver, finds an advanced high-tech camera in his rickshaw. The story further describes the problems of the village and villagers in Gollapally where Veera lives. Some of them, like water scarcity, electricity shortage, and transport problems which are commonly the problems in most of the villages in India, are portrayed and highlighted throughout the movie. This approach made the movie quite grounded and relatable, particularly to the rural people.

The journey then moves ahead and Veera and Gana (Sandeep Varanasi), who is a small-level wedding photographer, decide to make a movie to earn money and live in a better way which then turns into them trying to solve the water scarcity issue. The film is supposed to be written by a not-so-known old man, a so-called writer of the village, and the leads are a barber who owned a small shop on the roadside and a vegetable-selling feisty girl as the heroine. But the twist is that the owner of the camera is in a desperate search for it as she bought it with her hard-earned money.

The portion of Cinema Bandi which portrays the ways and techniques they use while filming the entire film is commendable and also can inspire many beginners in this field to not lose hope because if these people can do it, then even they can. The simple techniques used while filming the scenes put up a mirror to all the nonsensical commercial films as something filmed so simply can beat big-budget commercial movies any day.

Performances and the Characters of the movie Cinema Bandi

Cinema Bandi
Netflix's Cinema Bandi Review: Everyone is a Filmmaker 4

The character of Veera shows us a lot of varied emotions and imparts lessons to the audience almost every time in the most subtle way. He is a father and a husband who has dreamt of a better life for his family for which he tries to make the film along with the motive to raise his voice and solve the problems of his village. The Veera’s character has been brilliantly written by Vasanth Maringanti as it shows us all the mixed emotions in today’s world as well as the inspiring journey of a small hard-working village man to realise his dreams.

The character of Ganapathi or Gana, portrayed by Sandeep Varanasi, brings true humour to the entire story which makes the story emotional, sympathetic yet interesting and funny. The makers have not let either the seriousness of the plot or the dark humour and the funny essence of the plot overshadow the entire story and has successfully maintained the balance between the two.

The characters of funny-yet-interestingly-feisty couple Maridesh Babu and his outspoken love interest definitely has the capacity of captivating the attention of its viewers to have a smile on their faces throughout by their funnily sizzling chemistry.

Other characters like Sindhu, Basha, Gangotri, Divya, and Munivenkatappa are light-hearted and adds to the purity of the lead actors which sums up to the conclusion that none of the performances disappoints us on any parameter and it has beautiful teamwork here in making the film worth watching.


Cinema Bandi
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In the era where Telugu cinema is mostly about action-packed Gunda movies where people fly in the air with just a punch by the lead, Cinema Bandi movie brings the rural and urban audience to the ground by narrating its hardships and the motivation to learn anything with just will power and tutor beginners that it is not going to be an easy comfortable ride.

It has not only filled the void between the commercial and the non-commercial movies but also left us in awe with the simplicity and purity of the storyline and the cast. Apart from this scenes like the description of the mic on the camera are surely going bring tears to your eyes. It also talks about the fact that everyone has the right to dream and dream big irrespective of what background they belong to, but should also have the patience to turn their dreams into reality.

Skip It or Stream It

Cinema Bandi
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STREAM IT! Cinema Bandi is a perfect blend of beautifully written, directed, and portrayed story which is going to be happy and sad and have impacts on you with ease. Watch this and fall in love with the movie made by the village of Gollapally which screams the pure ideology that “Everyone is a filmmaker at heart”.

Cinema Bandi is now streaming on Netflix.

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Cinema Bandi is a perfect blend of beautifully written, directed, and portrayed story which is going to be happy and sad and have impacts on you with ease.

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