Cinderella 2021 Review: Magical Yet Forgettable

Cinderella 2021 is a musical movie directed and written by Kay Cannon and starring Camila Cabello, Nicholas Galitzine, Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, and Billy Porter, alongside other cast members.

– Cinderella 2021 review does not contain spoilers –

How are we back here again? Another Cinderella story (no, not the Selena Gomez one), and this time it’s a musical! Because the one hundred other iterations of the classic fairytale weren’t enough, was it? Any-hoo, there’s not much to discuss the plot here, since we all know what the plot is.

Anyway, Cinderella 2021 has Ella as a fashion designer and everyone around her talking in the modern lingo. Pepper in some age-old sexism and lots of songs and there we have it – the modern twist to the tale. The juxtaposition of the old customs, clothes and traditions with the way the characters talk is sharp and amusing.

Cinderella 2021 is made to be a funnier and more humorous version of its predecessors and thus there is not one moment that is serious. I would argue that musicals aren’t serious, but then I remember Hamilton. Anyway, pretty early on I realized that this is a movie you watch for entertainment and don’t go deep into the movie.

That being said, Cinderella 2021, in spite of all the fanfare, the colours and the music, is so absolutely boring at some points. There are some songs that are fine, but then again Madonna’s Material Girl is awesome in its own right. However, the gender-swapped Godmother is quite amusing and extra. There are some self-aware moments in the movie which, again, were funny. But apart from that, Cinderella 2021 is a little confusing in regards to its tone. At one moment Ella is getting abused and the next there’s loud singing and she’s hopping around.

Cinderella 2021 addresses gender problems and patriarchy quite well though and does so with humour. Instead of jumping at the chance to become the princess, Ella chooses herself. I liked that she didn’t give in – love shouldn’t come at the cost of your independence, so thank god for them showing that. On the other hand, as Vivian talks about her broken dreams, you kind of feel the evil stepmother’s side of the story as well.

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According to me, the best moment of Cinderella 2021 was the dance. Honestly, anything with Ed Sheeran’s Perfect as the background is awesome but Robert acknowledging his sister and Ella at the same time before breaking out in dance is great.

Idina Menzel as Vivian is so great. She’s vulnerable and emotional and deliciously evil (but not cartoonish evil, you know?). Obviously, our stars are Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine who look absolutely wonderful together and have good chemistry. Minnie Driver, however, was my absolute favourite; her character is funny and absolutely entertaining. I felt her disdain and anger, it’s hilarious.

Summing up: Cinderella 2021

Cinderella 2021

The highlight of Cinderella 2021 is the rats-turned-humans clapping their hands wondering what the frick is going on. No, but seriously, Cinderella 2021 puts forth what’s wrong with society and women’s position in the world – how women are silenced for centuries. I like the happy ending, regardless of how rushed it might feel and how easily everything got solved. But hey, it is a fairytale, so, you know. However, the new version doesn’t leave much of an impact on the audience and is mostly forgettable.

Cinderella is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Cinderella 2021 gives a twist to the classic tale but is boring for long stretches and is mostly forgettable.

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Cinderella 2021 Review: Magical Yet ForgettableCinderella 2021 gives a twist to the classic tale but is boring for long stretches and is mostly forgettable.