Cat Burglar Review: A Fun Animated Interactive By Black Mirror Creators!

Cat Burglar, an interactive Netflix animation special is now out. The special is Tex Avery inspired toon, made by Charlie Brooker, one of the creators of Black Mirror. In the interactive quiz special, James Adomian voiced the Rowdy cat. Alan Lee has lent his voice for the security dog Peanut and Trevor Devall is the Museum Director.

The synopsis reads, “In this edgy, over-the-top, interactive trivia toon, answer correctly to help Rowdy the Cat evade Peanut the Security Pup to steal some prized paintings.”

Cat Burglar Review Does Not Contain Spoilers on Questions or Solutions

Over the last few years, Netflix has given us some amazing interactive specials. Among many releases, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is the one to thrill me till the end. It’s a long interactive with so many twists and tough decisions to make. This time, the digital platform gave us a fun and entertaining interactive quiz. It’s an animated special where we have to select options to help a cat steal an expensive artefact from a museum.

In Netflix’s Cat Burglar animated interactive special, a Cat named Rowdy overhears a conversation between the security dog Peanut and the Museum Director. The Museum Director is an angry man who yells at Peanut to take care of the very expensive museum painting. Peanut promises that he will do anything to keep it secure. Well, Rowdy, in his wicked mind, starts thinking of plans that will help him get inside.

As viewers, we have to choose the options that will help Rowdy get inside. Rowdy Cat has 3 lives, and he dies every time we fail to help him. When I played the game, poor Rowdy died in a span of 5-6 minutes. In the end, we get an option to start over again. So one can keep choosing new options repeatedly until they help Rowdy succeed.

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Cat Burglar Review: A Fun Animated Interactive By Black Mirror Creators!

Netflix’s Cat Burglar is an ode to the classic cartoons that 90s kids have grown up watching. There’s a callback to the MGM Roaring Lion Logo with Rowdy inside. The interactive has a hilarious tonality.

Cat Burglar Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Cat Burglar is an interactive quiz show that’s well-made and will make cartoon lovers happy. The questions have a general knowledge twist. So keep playing until you get it right and make Rowdy happy.

Take a part in the interactive quiz here.

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Netflix's Cat Burglar is fun and will remind you of classic cartoons you've grown up watching.

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Netflix's Cat Burglar is fun and will remind you of classic cartoons you've grown up watching.Cat Burglar Review: A Fun Animated Interactive By Black Mirror Creators!