Candy Episode 5 Review: Jessica Biel Takes the Stand for a Bloody Finale

Candy Episode 5 is out now. Created by Nick Antosca and Robin Veith, the miniseries features Jessica Biel in the titular role along with Melanie Lynskey as Betty Gore, Pablo Schreiber as Allan Gore,  Justin Timberlake as Sheriff Steve Deffibaugh and Timothy Simons as Pat Montgomery. The series recounts the murder of Betty Gore and, the subsequent trial where the titular character was seen as the killer.

The series consists of 5 episodes which will make up for a 5-night event on Hulu, with one episode released every day. Today’s episode marks the finale of this miniseries. The runtime for the episode is 50 minutes.

– Hulu’s Candy Episode 5 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Candy Episode 5: The Fight

Candy Episode 5 is the finale for the miniseries and everything unravels but, from Candy’s point of view, of course. The episode starts with Justin Timberlake’s Sheriff Steve Deffibaugh reenacting the events of the day of the crime, trying to figure out what went down between Betty Gore and Candy Montogmery. But that is not all as the audiences are soon witness to the bloody massacre of June 13, 1980.

In the fifth episode, Candy takes the stand to tell her story of self-defence. She necessarily does not frame Betty but, her story indicates that all her actions were only in defence and she lost control of herself when it came to surviving the scenario. Moreover, the episode also takes us through our titular’s character’s other extra material rendezvous and, it is sure hard to see Pat sit there are still supporting his wife.

From hypnosis to the world only getting to hear Candy’s side of the story, the finale is complicated and quick. It leaves so many questions unanswered and the perpetual question of was it actually self-defence or a willing homicide is left hanging in the air, which is very faithful to how the case was conducted.

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This episode, in particular, is a hard pill to swallow, especially because it leaves you with your own inhibitions. A segment is dedicated to the morning of June 13 and, what actually happened that day in the Gore household, it is difficult to watch with all the bloodshed and the intensity of the scene. Jessica Biel is a spitting image of Candy and, her defence comes out strong. But, is it strong enough for the audience to finally settle down with the court’s verdict?

Candy Finale: Final Thoughts

Overall, the finale of Hulu’s latest true crime miniseries did wrap up things perfect. The series has a quick ride to be on, much like the actual case. But, it was instrumental in showing certain aspects of human nature starting from unconditional love to the passion and lust to break free from the mundane life to infidelity in a relationship and in emotions. The fifth episode ends with an after text for where our real-life characters are at this point, which further gives rise to more doubts (such as Candy’s future profession).

Jessica Biel was the star of the show and Melanie Lynskey comes close, especially, in the last episode when we see her sitting opposite Candy in the courtroom calling her story one-sided and screaming at the judge’s final verdict. All of these happened in essence, in Candy’s head more likely but, Lynskey made her presence felt. Justin Timberlake’s sweet but important cameo in the last episode was a good motive for the fans to get to the finale.

You can watch the fifth and final episode of Candy now on Hulu. To read our review for the rest of the episodes, click here.

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Candy Episode 5 takes on one final journey of what happened on June 13, 1980.


  1. ”All of these happened in essence, in Candy’s head more” -uhmmm, no, it was a metaphor representing how often victims are unheard, not vindicated, forgotten and brushed aside. It’s the comment on how even now we are more focused on the murderer than the victim.

    • I understand your point of view and, it very well fits an extent only. However, Betty’s character calling Candy a liar does not reflect anything but the fact that Candy’s side of the story might not be true or it might never be considered the ultimate truth- something that Candy is imagining. Victims are never forgotten or brushed aside, this story is as much a reminder of Candy’s life as it is of Betty’s.

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Candy Episode 5 takes on one final journey of what happened on June 13, 1980.Candy Episode 5 Review: Jessica Biel Takes the Stand for a Bloody Finale