Byron Baes (2022) Review: I Felt My Brain Turn to Mush

Byron Baes is a reality TV series that consists of 8 episodes, each with a runtime of about 35 – 45 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Australian influencers flock to Byron Bay for its warm, beachy beauty and cool, creative vibe. Follow these friends as they negotiate life and love.

– Byron Baes review does not contain spoilers –

Feeling bored after Love is Blind season 2? Well, Netflix isn’t going to let that happen and now we have entertainment from hell which is Byron Baes. It’s just so basic and underwhelming but the people are just so vain and full of themselves and full of drama that you just won’t be able to look away. But then again, you’ll be disgusted with yourself for wanting to continue watching.

All of these influencers just feel like their lives are oh-so difficult but to be honest, they all wear designer clothes and stay in big houses on the beach. But, sure, fighting about not being invited to dinner is just so heartbreaking. My broke soul wouldn’t understand.

Byron Baes

Either way, Byron Baes almost melted my brain but I just couldn’t stop watching. For the most part, I was flabbergasted that people can be this surface-level and vain. The conversations that everyone has is just so pretentious, fake and full of venom that you want to go take a bath. Shockingly, the creators have mentioned that this isn’t scripted so I’m scared to even fathom that there are people out there who are actually like this.

The cringe and embarrassment that I felt for some of these people are just off the charts. It’s almost embarrassing to watch these people be openly jealous or envious. It’s absolutely mortifying – I wanted the Earth to swallow me whole, not even kidding. But, through all of these feelings, I laughed out loud at most of their very serious rants and matter-of-fact conversations. It’s wild, stupid but seriously bingeable.

Byron Baes

Every time I watch shows like Byron Baes, I am constantly shocked as to how people can be this way. Every character in this show is just so fake – a word that is constantly thrown around in the show as well, ironically. Friends say the worst things about each other behind each other’s backs. It’s embarrassing to watch it and makes me wonder whether they are fully-formed adults or whether there are actually people who are this shallow in the world. I know I keep repeating this, but Byron Baes can seriously be used as an interesting case study into a subsection of human beings who just have absolutely no loyalty to anyone.

And, yes. Although I am saying all of these things, the drama in this series is just so over-the-top that it made my afternoon. I constantly questioned my motivation to watch the series but never really stopped watching it. The drama is the biggest part of the show and without it, honestly, there wouldn’t be anything here. Take out everyone shitting on each other and you will have an empty, husk of a show that will make you feel bad for these people. Well, to be fair, even with the drama I felt exhausted after a while and felt pity for all of these people whose lives encompass this and only this.

Summing up: Byron Baes

Byron Baes

I think I lost a few brain cells after watching Byron Baes and maybe died a little inside as well. But hey, I am here for it, even if that means losing my sanity a bit in the process.

Byron Baes is streaming on Netflix.

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Byron Baes is a series that will make your head melt but hey, it's bingeable content.


  1. The worst show ever. Making out like moving from the Gold Coast to Byron as being an epic move for a start. I. Can. Not. What a load of crap.

  2. Holy! Watching the show is so toxic. People are so judgmental and toxic. It is very sad. They are all such beautiful people and seeing their personality makes them ugly.

  3. So shallow. Groaningly bad. I used to thiink it would be great to live at Byron. Now that I’ve seen this, I;m glad I didn’t end up there.

  4. Lmao the constant jibes re: the Gold Coast being shallow and tacky made me laugh soooo insecure soooo small town. My God watching two episodes of this I hate to say it but if these people are anything to go by this is definitely the shallow tacky contrived capital of Australia

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Byron Baes is a series that will make your head melt but hey, it's bingeable content.Byron Baes (2022) Review: I Felt My Brain Turn to Mush