Business Proposal to Our Beloved Summer: Kdramas With Best OSTs in 2022

Business Proposal is already over and fans can’t get over the happy ending. Other than the charming lead characters and their amusing love stories, if there’s anything that captivated fans’ hearts, it would be the music. Kdramas have long been producing great soundtracks and many of them are as popular as your favourite Kpop song. We are four months into 2022 and have already seen some great Kdramas and their OSTs all along.

All OSTs are great but there are some which take you back to the moment when you listen to them. Such OSTs suit their Kdramas so well that they embody the essence of that Kdrama. Here is the list of the 3 best Kdrama OSTs of 2022.

Business Proposal to Our Beloved Summer- List of 3 Best Kdrama OSTs of 2022

Business Proposal

Business Proposal is a romantic comedy based on a webtoon. It is the story of Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri who get into a fake relationship but later fall in love with each other. The playful vibes of the drama made fans swoon over it. All the songs have fit perfectly into the plot and have been able to capture the feeling in just the right way. This drama OST has songs by a big crew such as BamBam, MeloMance, VICTON, Lee Mujin, MOVNING, SECRET NUMBER, Jihan, Park So-eun, Ha Yea Song, HAN SEUNG YUN, NEW of The BOYZ and Kim Sejeong herself.

Business Proposal
Business Proposal

All of the songs give soothing and mellow vibes. However, Love, Maybe by MeloMance has become the most popular among the fans. You Are Mine by VICTON, Sun Shower by MOVNING, Closer by Song Ha Ye, Fall in Love by Jihan and Park So-eun of Weeekly have also captured fans’ hearts.

Twenty Five Twenty One

One of the saddest endings in the Kdramas, Twenty Five Twenty One gave us a beautiful and painful love story of Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri. Two people who looked like they were made for each other, ended up parting ways tragically. As happy and sad as the love story is, so is the OST of Twenty Five Twenty One. The OST features songs by TAEIL, Baek Ki-sung, BIBI, Wonstein, DK of Seventeen, Jihyo of Twice, XYDO, Seol Ho-seung of SURL and the main actors of the drama.

Twenty Five Twenty One
Twenty Five Twenty One

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With by the main actors is loved by fans the most. Along with that, Very, Slowly by BIBI, Starlight by TAEIL and Your Existence by Wonstein give the nostalgic feels, just like the Kdrama itself.

Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer was Choi Woo-shik’s comeback to Kdrama after an interval and it was his second project with Kim Da-mi. There is no doubt why Woo-shik wanted to work with Kim Da-mi again and grabbed the chance when he got it. Their chemistry in the series is everything you want to root for. It is a story of estranged lovers, Choi Ung, an introverted artist and Kook Yeon-su, a hardworking employee. Despite promising to not see each other again, one summer brings them back together.

our beloved summer episode 2
Our Beloved Summer

This drama boasts a long OST with songs from 10CM, V of BTS, BIBI, Ha Sung-woon, Kim Na-young, Janet Suhh, Sam Kim, Lee Seung-yoon, Yang Yoseop, Jang Beom-jun and Kim Kyung-hee. The songs will give you the vibes of the summer season. While all the songs have been appreciated, fans have been loving Drawer by 10CM the most. Maybe If by BIBI, Christmas Tree by V of BTS and Summer Rain by Sam Kim are also loved by the audience.

With many more dramas to come in 2022, we can’t wait to listen to some more heartwarming tunes. What is your favourite OST so far?

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