Business Proposal Episode 9 Recap: Filled With Revelations That’ll Keep You At the Edge of Your Seats

Business Proposal Episode 9 is now out on Netflix. The Korean show stars Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo, Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri, Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon, Seol In-ah as Jin Young-seo, Lee Deok-hwa as President Kang Da-goo, Song Won-seok as Lee Min-woo. The latest episode is of 60 minutes approx. The show’s synopsis reads, “In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO — and makes a proposal.”

Business Proposal Episode 9 Recap Contains Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 9 opens by recapitulating the endearing kiss between Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri and, thereafter moves on to show Sung-hoo revealing that he is not President Kang and, rather his secretary and, that President Kang plans to marry someone else.

The next day arrives with Tae-moo arriving at Ha-ri’s place before work, so they could go on a date before reporting to the office. The couple arrives at Tae-moo’s friend’s restaurant before opening hours and, we see Tae-moo cook Ha-ri a special meal as he blushes away. Both our main characters have a fun time teasing and being romantic with each other before they part ways for the office with a quick kiss as Ha-ri does not want to be seen getting out of Tae-moo’s car because they are trying to keep their relationship private.

When Ha-ri arrives at the office along with Ms. Yeo and Mr. Gye, weirdly enough Ms. Kim notices how they all smell of grapefruit, to which Ha-ri denies that the smell is coming from her and, rather it is Ms. Yeo and Mr. Gye who share the same grapefruit smell. And, we see Mr. Gye and Ms. Yeo overreact at the statement. Meanwhile, Tae-moo subtly reveals to Sung-hoo that he is dating Ha-ri, when he asks Sung-hoo to arrange for some women’s heels (because he noticed how Ha-ri wore mismatched shoes as she was nervous about their morning date). This revelation takes place although Sung-hoo has not revealed the name of his girlfriend to his boss.

Moments later a parcel arrives for Ha-ri at the office which denotes that it is from her boyfriend and, Kim, Gye and Yeo are taken aback by the information. Her co-workers attack her with questions about dating in secret but, Ha-ri gets away by stating that the shoes are probably from Young-seo as she had informed her friend about the shoe ordeal.

We are then taken to a distracted Tae-moo in a business report meeting that deals with Ha-ri’s impact on the sales rate for the company. But, Tae-moo can only constantly think of taking Ha-ri to a date, which is noticed by Sung-hoo. The president-secretary duo arrives at the research lab where Ha-ri and, her co-workers are discussing work. Tae-moo calls out Ha-ri in the lot and praises her when Ha-ri notices her name scribbled over Tae-moo’s tablet which leads her to throw it on the floor. Sung-hoo picks it up immediately and, Ha-ri’s co-workers are confused by her behaviour which leads to a hilarious segment.

After finishing his business meeting in the States, Tae-moo tries calling Ha-ri but, she is unable to pick up as she is overwhelmed by her co-workers’ presence at the dinner. Moments later we see Tae-moo receive a message from his grandfather asking him to go on a blind date given he assumes the relationship between Tae-moo and Guem-hui did not work out. When Tae-moo seeks Sung-hoo’s advice, the latter explains how complicated the matter would get if he has to explain what is the reality.

As for Sung-hoo, a flashback takes us back to the opening scene of Business Proposal Episode 9 which delineates the dinner between Yoo-jung and Sung-hoo, where the former forces to date Sung-hoo irrespective of the fact that he has a girlfriend. In the present time, Yoo-jung and Young-seo cross paths where we see both being happy for the same person but, due to different reasons- Young-seo talks to Sung-hoo over call, who later drops her a cute text, whereas Yoo-jung is taken aback that Sung-hoo has finally replied to her text and, plans to talk to her after his business trip. In the lobby, both the women enviously reveal to each other that they are seeing someone.

The information of Yoo-jung seeing someone lands in a misguided way to Tae-moo’s grandfather, who thinks that both are dating. The next day arrives when Ha-ri is to sit for an interview with Min-woo. Ahead of the interview, Ha-ri reveals to Min-woo about her seeing Tae-moo as Min-woo apologizes for his misbehaviour. Later during the interview, Tae-moo arrives unannounced at the shoot as Ha-ri is being questioned. Interviewer Hwang Bo-ra gobs at Tae-moo with a question for Ha-ri’s raise which he answers gracefully and, then publically asks Ha-ri to have dinner with him as she was chosen as the MVP on the last field day and, has won a chance for dinner with him.

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This dinner news spreads like wildfire and, Ha-ri is followed by her co-workers and, hit with questions and speculations before Tae-moo arrives and takes her away. Meanwhile, Sung-hoo and Young-seo plan to grab dinner but, when Sung-hoo reaches his place he sees Yoo-jung waiting for him by the door. A drunk Yoo-jung confesses her feelings for Sung-hoo before getting sick due to which Sung-hoo takes her in. However, soon after Young-seo arrives at his door to cook and have dinner together. He awkwardly avoids her from getting inside his house to which Young-seo assumes that Tae-moo must be visiting and, she heads to her apartment.

But, Tae-moo is, in fact, out on a dinner date with Ha-ri, who takes him to a local snack bar to check if his rich-person taste can adjust to her ordinary life or not. The two talk about Tae-moo’s bold but, confusing move of asking Ha-ri to dinner publically. Later, when the owner of the snack bar arrives and asks Ha-ri who she is with, she proudly introduces Tae-moo as her boyfriend. The owner offers the couple a free sundae which breaks the chorus for all the students at the eatery demanding one to which Tae-moo announces that he would pay for everyone’s meals as the owner is offering him free sundae. A joyous environment breaks out.

The couple then heads to a park where they talk about their relationship and, how difficult it is hiding it from the public eyes. The pair ends up sharing a romantic kiss in the park under the moonlight. The next day during breakfast, Tae-moo’s grandfather stares at his grandson as thoughts of him and Young-seo dating runs through his mind. On the other hand, Yoo-jung vents out to Young-seo about how things are over with the guy she is seeing. Young-seo, without knowing who the guy is, asks Yoo-jung to not stop pursuing him. We also see Yu-ra asking Min-woo to meet with her parents and talk about marriage, which Min-woo refuses to do.

Later in the office lobby, Yoo-jung appears in front of Tae-moo and Sung-hoo, revealing how Sung-hoo went on the blind date instead of Tae-moo and, now she is in love with Sung-hoo. Before this can proceed, Tae-moo’s grandfather arrives and hears the entire matter and, is initially furious. But later, he coaxes Tae-moo to reveal who is he actually dating if not Yoo-jung.

At the same time, in the food development lab, Ms. Yeo is harsh with Mr. Gye’s proposal for a new product in front of Ms. Kim. However, instead of sending her a personal text about it, Mr. Gye calls Ms. Yeo ‘babe’ in the group chat. A ruckus breaks out with Mr. Gye running away into the men’s washroom as to how he is supposed to show his face in the office now, Ms. Yeo follows him and, to save Ms. Yeo from entering the men’s washroom Ha-ri too follows the duo.

With Ha-ri stuck in the men’s washroom now, Tae-moo, his grandfather and Sung-hoo enters the washroom and, finds a women’s shoe lying outside. Tae-moo’s grandfather forces Ha-ri to reveal herself and, identifies her as the girl who shoved him in the bathroom once. Later Ha-ri types an apology for the incident as, Ms. Yeo reveals the story of how she ended with up Mr. Gye, which tracks back to the field trip day. In the office, Tae-moo’s grandfather deliberates over the apology Ha-ri sent.

While the day ends and the food development team plans to grab dinner together, Tae-moo joins them. Awkward and taken aback, the team tries to enjoy dinner in the presence of their president as Ha-ri constantly feels uncomfortable. They all have bomb shots prepared much stylishly by Mr. Gye to break the awkward ice. Meanwhile, Sung-hoo waits with his mother Young-seo to arrive, however, she arrives with Yoo-jung in tow, as they both met and the latter revealed the incident at the office. All the curtains drop when Young-seo realizes that Sung-hoo is the man Yoo-jung is made for putting their relationship in hot water.

At the restaurant, the team along is treated to another round of drinks y Tae-moo, when Ms Kim blurts out that she can see Tae-moo and Ha-ri holding hands, which is followed by Ms. Kim revealing Ms. Gye and Ms. Yeo’s relationship to Tae-moo. After they are part ways, Business Proposal Episode 9 ends with Tae-moo offering to take Ha-ri for a walk to sober up but, just as the duo is about to hold hands Tae-moo’s grandfather appears out of nowhere.

Business Proposal Episode 9 Recap: Final Thoughts

Business Proposal is constantly keeping us on our toes. Business Proposal Episode 9 was filled with moments when we were at the edge of our seats as things were so close to getting revealed. With the end, now the anticipation for the next episode now more than ever.

Business Proposal Episode 9 is now streaming on Netflix

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