Business Proposal Episode 8 Recap: Denial, Confession and Another Kiss

Business Proposal Episode 8 is now out on Netflix. The Korean show stars Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo, Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri, Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon, Seol In-ah as Jin Young-seo, Lee Deok-hwa as President Kang Da-goo, Song Won-seok as Lee Min-woo. The latest episode is of 60 minutes approx. The show’s synopsis reads, “In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO — and makes a proposal.”

Business Proposal Episode 8 Recap Contains Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 8 begins with Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri’s kiss. Tae-moo asks if it’s a yes, but Ha-ri freaks out and says ‘no’, which was a mistake. She tells Tae-moo to pretend that it never happened. Before Tae-moo could say anything more, Min-woo calls Ha-ri to complete the shoot. Tae-moo can’t stop why she kissed him first and called it a mistake. At night, both can’t stop thinking about what happened.

The next day at work, Ha-ri’s co-workers tell her how the bloopers from her shoot with Min-woo have gone viral and people are enjoying it. Ha-ri gets a call from Tae-moo but she ignores it. Tae-moo makes a big donation for the treatment of rare cancers patient via his company. Director Jin also tries to flirt a bit with him and mentions Young-seo in the conversation.

Tae-moo meets Ha-ri in the car, and she again says they should pretend as if nothing happened. Tae-moo asks Ha-ri if yesterday was a mistake then does she only have lust feelings for him. Ha-ri tries to give reasons and denies everything. She decides to pay him back, and Tae-moo says she can do that by buying him dinner.

Tae-moo takes Ha-ri to an expensive restaurant as a payback for kissing him. She’s shocked to see how expensive everything is. Ha-ri says that even he kissed her back. Tae-moo says that it’s not her fault alone and proposes to her that he would like to take care of her forever. Ha-ri again rejects his proposal. Tae-moo tells her that usually he prefers people pay him back with exactly what he received from them – a kiss for a kiss. Ha-ri says she would rather pay for his food and skip the meal herself.

Business Proposal Episode 8 Still 1

Min-woo is clicking pics with his food dishes for the ad campaign for Tae-moo’s company. When Yoo-ra tries to set his hair, he gets mad at her. When the photographer mentions Min-woo’s food video with Ha-ri, his mood becomes cheerful. Min-woo talks about Ha-ri fondly which upsets Yoo-ra.

At dinner, Ha-ri is sad that she can’t eat the delicious food for which she will pay the money. When Tae-moo tries a particular dish, Ha-ri can’t stop staring at his lips. She imagines kissing him. Ha-ri runs to the washroom and tells herself to stop thinking about all this. When she returns, Tae-moo is playing a sweet melody on the piano. She compliments him for his piano skills. To Ha-ri’s surprise, Tae-moo pays the food bill.

Ha-ri asks him why he didn’t let her pay the food bill. Tae-moo says that he doesn’t want her to pay him back for the kiss with food. He wants something bigger. They decide the next place where they can buy him a more expensive meal. In Business Proposal Episode 8, Young-seo surprises Sung-hoon with delicious food for their dinner date. Sadly, the food she makes isn’t that good. Young-seo tells Sung-hoon to give honest feedback, but his feedback upsets her.

Later in Business Proposal Episode 8, Young-seo tells Ha-ri that she’s dating Sung-hoon. Ha-ri can’t contain her excitement on hearing this news. Young-seo tells her that she cooked food for the first time in her life and her boyfriend called it salty. She also tells how Tae-moo had disturbed their movie night by calling Sung-hoon on call and talking for 30 minutes. She asks Ha-ri if she’s dating Tae-moo. Ha-ri says that’s not the case. They had dinner together last night.

Business Proposal Episode 8 Still 2

Young-seo asks if it was a date, but Ha-ri denies it. Young-seo says that if they ate together, it was a date. Ha-ri says that she ate with him as she wanted to apologise. Young-seo thinks the apology was related to work and calls Tae-moo means. She says that if he likes her, he should be nice to her. Young-seo calls Tae-moo ‘pervert’.

The next morning, Sung-hoon takes Young-seo to walk with him on the mountain. She isn’t a fan of walking and exercising at all. Ha-ri and Tae-moo spend the day together at an amusement park. Young-seo is tired of climbing the mountain. They sit for a while. Young-seo tells Sung-hoon how Tae-moo has asked Ha-ri to pay him back for something. Sung-hoon says that Tae-moo isn’t someone who would ask someone to do this.

Sung-hoon then blames Young-seo that none of this would’ve happened if she hadn’t sent Shin Ha-ri on the blind date as fake Young-seo. Young-seo loses her cool and says he should be thankful that she didn’t go on a date; otherwise, he wouldn’t be her boyfriend today. Sung-hoon tells her to calm down, but she takes out her frustration with the food and Tae-moo. He tells her they should continue climbing the mountain. But Young-seo walks away.

At the fair, Ha-ri and Tae-moo eat corn dogs together. Ha-ri wonders why Tae-moo is eating such a regular corn dog. Tae-moo tells her that he would eat the dish with his parents when he was 7 years old. He often comes to eat it by himself. Ha-ri says how food and memories connected and mention her hamburger with Tae-moo during their business trip. When Tae-moo talks about his parents, Ha-ri gets a call from someone.

At the mountain, an angry Young-seo says to herself that if Sung-hoon likes Tae-moo so much, why isn’t he dating him instead. Young-seo twists her ankle, and Sung-hoon decides to carry her down on his back. The two sort out their issues, and Young-seo says they should head home and spend a steamy night together. Sung-hoon says they should go to the hospital first.

Business Proposal Episode 8 Still 3

Ha-ri is also at the hospital where her dad is admitted for acute appendicitis. Tae-moo follows her and shifts her father to the VIP room. Ha-ri introduces him as her team supervisor. Ha-ri’s father tells her to rest as she has a busy working day. Her mother says mean things about the company’s new President (Kang Tae-moo) because of whom Ha-ri’s workload has increased.

Min-woo visits Ha-ri’s house as he injures himself in Business Proposal Episode 8. He heads to Ha-ri’s room to find a bandaid. He finds Tae-moo’s Business Proposal papers in her room’s drawer. Later, Tae-moo asks Ha-ri to pay him back with a kiss for saying mean things about him. Min-woo hears everything and punches Tae-moo. Ha-ri panics and tells Tae-moo to leave, and they’ll meet at work.

Min-woo shows Ha-ri the relationship contract papers he found in her room. Min-woo tells Ha-ri that she should’ve told him about it. Ha-ri asks him why should she tell him about it as it’s none of his business. Ha-ri tells Min-woo that he needs to apologise to Tae-moo. She tells her she can take care of herself, and Tae-moo doesn’t deserve what Min-woo did. He tells Ha-ri that things will never work out between her and Tae-moo.

Tae-moo catches Sung-hoon and Young-seo kissing in the office basement. Tae-moo asks him how it happened. Sung-hoon told him how he fell for her in the first meet itself. He couldn’t tell Tae-moo anything as the situation was messy. Tae-moo is quite upset with everything. Tae-moo’s grandfather tells him to go on a blind date again.

Business Proposal Episode 8 Still 4

Ha-ri and her team are having a fun day out. Ha-ri sprains her hand while playing the game. On the other hand, Tae-moo agrees to go on a blind date with Jim Chae-rim. Ha-ri is thinking about how whoever becomes the MVP will get a chance to go on a one-on-one date with Kang Tae-moo. She gives her best and wins the game. However, Tae-moo doesn’t make it as he is on a blind date with someone.

Ha-ri is shocked to hear that Tae-moo has decided to go on a blind date. She sits at the bus stop and remembers how Tae-moo said if she rejects him, he will ask her again and again. Ha-ri recalls every good moment she spent with Tae-moo. She takes a taxi and calls Tae-moo and tells him how he made her fall for him, and now he’s going on a blind date with another woman. Ha-ri requests him to not go on the blind date.

Tae-moo tells Ha-ri why would he go on a blind date with someone else. He tells Ha-ri that he’s waiting for her outside her house to ask her out again. The two meet on the bridge and kiss again! Well, Ha-ri and Tae-moo are officially a couple now.

Business Proposal Episode 8 Recap: Final Thoughts

The makers played well by keeping the best thing in the end yet filling the entire episode with heartwarming moments. Watching Tae-moo doing his best to make Ha-ri realise her feelings was amazing. I also enjoyed the cute arguments between Young-seo and Sung-hoon yet they’re so hot with their romance. After Tae-moo, it was good to see Ha-ri stand up against Min-woo. Oh, and the climax? One can keep watching it again and again!

Business Proposal Episode 8 is now streaming on Netflix.

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Business Proposal Episode 8 Recap: Tae-moo and Ha-ri spend quality time together.


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