Business Proposal Episode 6 Recap: The Great Impression and The Kiss

Business Proposal Episode 6 is now out on Netflix. The Korean series features Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo, Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri, Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon, Seol In-ah as Jin Young-seo, Lee Deok-hwa as President Kang Da-goo, Song Won-seok as Lee Min-woo. The episode is an hour long.

The main synopsis reads, “In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO — and makes a proposal.”

Business Proposal Episode 6 Recap Contains Spoilrs

In Business Proposal Episode 6, Tae-moo calls Shin Ha-ri her real name. Ha-ri is shocked, but they have to rush to the police station. At the police station, Young-seo and Ha-ri file a complaint against Shin Jeoung-u for recording everything in Young-seo’s house. The cop tells them that Jeoung-u will be only penalised for his action. This upsets the ladies.

Tae-moo takes the matter into his own hands. With Sung-hoon’s help, he finds out everything about Jeong-u. Tae-moo and Sung-hoon later meet Jeong-u and warn him of severe consequences for his actions. When Jeoung-u questions why he’s bothered when it’s not affecting him, Tae-moo says that he messed with someone he shouldn’t have. Later, Tae-moo tells Sung-hoon that he has feelings for Ha-ri and decides to confess the same to her.

Tae-moo asks Ha-ri to meet at a lavish restaurant and hopes to express his feelings. However, Ha-ri believes that Tae-moo will fire her, so she hands her resignation letter. Ha-ri tells him why he shouldn’t fire her as she has been a good employee. Tae-moo’s plans of expressing his feelings to Ha-ri go flop. Sung-hoon says that he has to win Ha-ri with softness and charm.

Young-seo, Ha-ri and others friends are having lunch at Min-woo’s restaurant, where his girlfriend Yoo-ra is also present. Everyone asks Ha-ri to join Min-woo and others for a shoot in Busan. Young-seo says that Ha-ri can’t come as she has a date on the weekend with her rich boyfriend. Min-woo asks Ha-ri if it’s the same guy with whom she went for the concert. Ha-ri, who has no clue how to react, says yes. Min-woo isn’t happy to know that Ha-ri is dating someone.

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Business Proposal Episode 6 Still 1

Tae-moo calls Ha-ri in his cabin and says that she isn’t fired. But he would like to meet her after work. Tae-moo books an entire theatre for Ha-ri and himself. However, Ha-ri’s colleagues arrive at the same cinema hall. Tae-moo has to hide, so he doesn’t get caught with Ha-ri. Yet again, his plan to make Ha-ri feel special goes down the drain.

Tae-moo can’t stop thinking about Ha-ri and stalks her social media. He decides to take Ha-ri on a “business trip” to Sokcho to eat hamburgers at a restaurant she always wanted to go to. The two spend a good time together at the beach and enjoy hamburgers. Tae-moo ties Ha-ri’s shoelace and says that Geum-hui and Ha-ri are the same for him. Ha-ri almost skips her heartbeat by seeing him like this.

After their beach outing, Tae-moo and Ha-ri are in the car on their way to Gangwondo. However, it starts raining, which leaves Tae-moo anxious. Tae-moo gets flashbacks of how his parents had an accident on a rainy day. The flashbacks disturb him, and he gets angry and asks Ha-ri to get out of the car in the middle of nowhere. A scared Ha-ri gets out of the car in the rain and forgets her bag in the car. Her phone battery also dies.

Ha-ri somehow finds her way back to the Gangwondo. She wonders if Tae-moo did all this as an act of revenge because she lied about being Geum-hui. When she goes down to the reception to take her phone, Yoo-ri and her friends meet her there. They tell her that Min-woo’s shooting will now take place there. They ask Ha-ri about her boyfriend with whom she would spend the weekend. Suddenly, Tae-moo arrives and calls Ha-ri, his girlfriend, in front of her friends.

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Business Proposal Episode 6 Recap: The Great Impression and The Kiss

In Business Proposal Episode 6, Young-seo and Sung-hoon also get very close. After the camera incident, Young-seo fears peeing in a public toilet. In today’s episode, Sung-hoon picks her up from the bus stop. However, Young-seo badly wants to pee, but the trauma of getting recorded has affected her mind. But she realises that she can’t hold the pee anymore and gets down from his car in the middle of the road.

When Young-seo enters the public washroom, the doors are locked. Sung-hoon follows her and breaks one of the doors so that she can pee. After this incident, Young-seo feels embarrassed to face Sung-hoon. They both end up having dinner at the same restaurant the next day. A drunk Young-seo walks out of the restaurant, and Sung-hoon follows him. She yells at him for being nice to her when he keeps asking her not to cross the line.

Young-seo says how she’s scared to go to public washrooms because of the recording incident. She also tells Sung-hoon that she fell for him when she was him at the supermarket store. They both share a passionate kiss.

Business Proposal Episode 6 Still 2

Business Proposal Episode 6 Recap: Final thoughts

Today’s episode had lots of adorable moments between Tae-moo and Ha-ri. Tae-moo’s straightforward nature makes it attractive to see how he immediately accepts his feelings for Ha-ri. His gestures towards her were wonderful, and we can’t wait to see how their love story shapes.

Young-seo and Sung-hoon are quite a steamy couple. It’s good to see another couple being direct about how they feel. Today’s episode has got us very excited to see how the love stories of these 4 people get more interesting.

The episode is now streaming on Netflix.

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Business Proposal Episode 6 Recap: Tae-moo accepts that he has feelings for Ha-ri. He now tries to impress her in the best way possible.

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Business Proposal Episode 6 Recap: Tae-moo accepts that he has feelings for Ha-ri. He now tries to impress her in the best way possible.Business Proposal Episode 6 Recap: The Great Impression and The Kiss