Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap: The Trap and Change or Heart

Business Proposal Episode 5 is now out on Netflix. The Korean series features Ahn Hyo-seop as Kang Tae-moo, Kim Se-jeong as Shin Ha-ri, Kim Min-kyu as Cha Sung-hoon, Seol In-ah as Jin Young-seo, Lee Deok-hwa as President Kang Da-goo, Song Won-seok as Lee Min-woo. The new episode is an hour-long. The main synopsis reads, “In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up to a blind date to scare him away. But plans go awry when he turns out to be her CEO — and makes a proposal.”

The synopsis for Business Proposal Episode 5 reads, “As a payback for being fooled, Tae-moo sets a trap for Ha-ri at a company event. But when she drunkenly apologises, he has a change of heart.”

Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap Contains Spoilers

Business Proposal Episode 5 begins where episode 4 ends. Tae-moo calls Shin Ha-ri to confirm if she’s really pretending to be Geum-hui. When Ha-ri picks up the phone, a shocked Tae-moo doesn’t say anything and disconnects the call. Min-woo has dinner with Ha-ri and her family members at her house. Ha-ri’s mother asks him if he can be her son-in-law. Ha-ri’s brother says that that won’t happen as Min-woo gets back with his ex-girlfriend. Her brother also hands her wallet and says it was found outside the door.

Tae-moo goes to the office and looks up Ha-ri’s profile in the office database. He’s furious that she was under his nose, and he couldn’t even figure it out. He starts reminded every time Geum-hui and Ha-ri have acted strangely in front of him. He threw away one of the soft toys Geum-hui gifted him and said, “This is not right”.

The next day, Tae-moo messages Ha-ri to meet near her workplace for lunch. During lunch, Tae-moo starts asking Geum-hui about her work and what its all about. Geum-hui makes up more lies to not get caught. Tae-moo says that he doesn’t know much about her like she knows about him. He asks her the meaning of her name, and when she answers, he thinks it’s a lie. Tae-moo walks out of the restaurant and calls Sung-hoon. Tae-moo asks him to schedule a meeting at 2 with Food Product Development Team. Ha-ri hears it and goes in panic mode. He asks Geum-hui if he wants her to drop her at the office. But she refuses.

Tae-moo is already interacting with the Food Product Development Team at the office. Ha-ri arrives late and tries to hide her face with her hair again. Tae-moo asks Ha-ri to re-do the ravioli. They discuss its budget. She’s too intimidated to discuss anything. Sung-hoon asks Tae-moo why he asked to re-do the ravioli. That’s when he tells his friend/secretary that Shin Ha-ri is Shin Geum-hui. Tae-moo wants to take his time to make Ha-ri realise that she has done a big mistake by playing this game.

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Business Proposal Episode 5 Still 1

As ordered by Tae-moo, Ha-ri works on redoing the ravioli. But Tae-moo rejects every attempt and keeps telling her to keep trying a new recipe again and again. An angry Ha-ri asks him why he isn’t giving her details on how he wants the dish. Tae-moo, who’s a bit nervous, says that he wants her to keep redoing until he likes it. Later, Tae-moo’s grandfather Kang tells him that it was Ha-ri because he fell. Mr Kang is unaware of Ha-ri’s truth about lying to his grandson.

Tae-moo isn’t pleased to see Ha-ri and Min-woo together in the canteen. Ha-ri freaks out when she sees Tae-moo staring at him. Tae-moo’s grandfather asks him about Geum-hui, but he’s distracted because of Ha-ri and Min-woo. Tae-moo tells Geum-hui that she has to attend the Founding Anniversary Ceremony as his grandfather wants to meet them again. Geum-hui says that she can’t attend it, but Tae-moo asks why as it’s Saturday and she doesn’t have much work that day.

Geum-hui makes up why she has to attend a close friend’s wedding that day. Tae-moo asks her to show him the invitation to send them flowers and a congratulatory message as she won’t be able to attend the wedding. Ha-ri again lies that the wedding is next week and says her family is holding ancestral rites on Saturday. “Isn’t that usually done at night?” asks Tae-moo. Ha-ri says another lie that her company is one step away from going bankrupt. So all the employees have to work overtime. Hence, she won’t be able to attend the ceremony.

Tae-moo isn’t happy with her answer and says she will pay the penalty fee. Young-seo gives her some money to pay to Tae-moo. Young-seo says she doesn’t have much money and living on salary isn’t easy. Ha-ri says that she will be in trouble if she attends the ceremony and someone recognises her. Young-seo says how they will be recognised as Geum-hui and Ha-ri are two different people.

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Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap: The Trap and Change or Heart

Tae-moo is at Sung-hoon’s apartment and tells her about the bankruptcy lie Ha-ri told her. He notices a box that has Young-seo’s name on it. Sung-hoon tells him that she’s moved to the house next to his. He takes the box to keep it outside Young-seo’s door. Suddenly, Young-seo arrives there with Ha-ri. Ha-ri immediately runs behind the wall as she sees Sung-hoon. Young-seo asks him what he’s doing out, and he tells her that her packages are getting delivered to him. She tries to hand him fruit, and Sung-hoon reminds her not to cross the line.

Young-seo talks about Ha-ri about Sung-hoon’s behaviour. Tae-moo tells Sung-hoon that he will bring Ha-ri/Geum-hui to the ceremony. Sung-hoon says that he feels bad for Ha-ri. Tae-moo is upset that his friend is taking her side. Sung-hoon says he’s not taking her side, but it was him to suggest his idea despite knowing she was a stand-in for someone else. “You even made it sound like a threat. Also, I’m sure she had to hide that she worked for our company. I think it’s a bit much,” Sung-hoon says.

Tae-moo asks Sung-hoon if he thinks he’s wrong in this matter. Sung-hoon suggests that he should forgive Ha-ri. Tae-moo says that he won’t. He also mentions how Ha-ri got her crush of 7 years to work for their company. Sung-hoon asks why he gets angry in matters when Ha-ri is involved. Tae-moo says that because no one else has made him so angry before. Tae-moo isn’t ready to let go of the lies.

Ha-ri sets up the lamp one of Young-seo’s residents from the sixth floor had gifted her. We’re hinted that the bulb has a camera fitted to it. The next day at work, Ha-ri finds out that one of her research reports has worked, and she is the recipient of the Mega Hit Award. Ha-ri and her colleagues are very happy with the news. Winning this award means receiving it from President Kang at the Founding Anniversary Ceremony. Ha-ri realises that it will be a problem for her considering the dual identity game she’s been playing.

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Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap: The Trap and Change or Heart

Ha-ri is worried about playing the dual identity game of Geum-hui and Ha-ri in one place. She starts thinking of excuses she can give to avoid being caught. Tae-moo sends flowers and invitations to Ha-ri’s family to attend the ceremony. Ha-ri falls asleep while working on her ravioli at the office. She had a nightmare about getting caught. Sung-hoon and Tae-moo arrive and ask her if the ravioli is ready. Ha-ri accidentally burns her hand while opening the vessel lid, which leaves Tae-moo worried. In his office, Tae-moo wonders why he cares about Ha-ri so much.

Sung-hoon and Young-seo end up attending the same restaurant to have dinner. Young-seo says they can’t truly avoid each other as they live in the same neighbourhood. She sits at the same table but says she will stay within her boundary. Ha-ri is having dinner with her colleagues when Mr Ye says he’s jealous of Ha-ri. Ha-ri says he can attend the award ceremony instead of her as she doesn’t want the award. It hurts him more, and they all end up crying dramatically.

A drunk Ha-ri sitting on a garden swing calls Tae-moo and asks him about the penalty fee. She tells him that she can’t attend the ceremony. Ha-ri tells him that she doesn’t have much money to pay him the penalty. Ha-ri suddenly yells at two high schoolers smoking weed. She suddenly falls from the swing leaving Tae-moo worried. Tae-moo drives out to check up on Ha-ri. She asks him how did he know where to find her. Ha-ri is still drunk and asks silly questions to Tae-moo.

Ha-ri asks if this is a dream as he wouldn’t come running to help her. Ha-ri thinks it’s a dream and tells Tae-moo about her real identity. She says sorry to Tae-moo and falls asleep in his arms in a drunken state. Tae-moo goes away, and Ha-ri’s brother takes her home. Tae-moo is wondering why he’s trying to find something real in something fake. The next morning, Tae-moo texts Ha-ri/Geum-hui that he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Ha-ri also doesn’t have to work on the ravioli anymore as the team is going with the original version.

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Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap: The Trap and Change or Heart

Tae-moo tells Sung-hoon that he has decided to forgive Sung-hoon. Sung-hoon asks him why he suddenly planned the business trip. Tae-moo believes that staying away from Ha-ri will be better for him. But Tae-moo can’t keep imagining Ha-ri around him even during the business trip meeting. At the end of the episode, Tae-moo’s grandfather calls Ha-ri/Geum-hui and says he wants to meet her.

Ha-ri calls Tae-moo to inform the same. At the end of the episode, Young-seo accidentally breaks the neighbour’s lamp from upstairs gifted to her. She finds out the camera fitted inside the bulb. We find out that the man has been stalking Young-seo from the beginning. She calls the cops, but the man follows her outside the building. The man grabs the camera bag from Young-seo’s hands and pushes her down. Sung-hoon arrives on time to help her.

The man starts running away, and Sung-hoon runs behind him. However, the man throws away the camera somewhere between the trees. Sung-hoon gets hold of the man and starts hitting him. Tae-moo calls Sung-hoon to inform him that grandfather wants to have dinner with him. Sung-hoon tells him that he’s at the police station. As Tae-moo is on his way, Ha-ri arrives to meet him. Tae-moo addresses her as Shin Ha-ri instead of Geum-hui, which leaves her shocked.

Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap: Final Thoughts

In Business Proposal Episode 5, we saw how Tae-moo is realising that he might have fallen for Ha-ri. Even though he’s denying it, it was cute to see him caring about her. Sung-hoon is also worried for Young-seo and we saw what he did in the end. Will the men accept their feelings and be nice to the ladies? We can’t wait to find out soon.

Business Proposal Episode 6 will be streaming on March 15.

Watch the new episode here.

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Business Proposal Episode 5 Recap: Tae-moo is not happy to know that Ha-ri has been lying to him. Read to know what trap he sets up for her.

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