Bullsh*t The Gameshow Review: Lying Through Your Teeth Can Win You 1 Million Dollars

Bullsh*t The Gameshow is the latest addition to Netflix’s game shows, which was released on 27 April 2022. The show is hosted by Howie Mandel, best known as a judge at America’s Got Talent. The show is created by Jonty Nash and Christopher Potts who have shows like Dancing with the Stars & Sugar Rush under their name respectively.

It is a trivia game show but with a little twist. Even if you don’t know the answer to any of the questions, you won’t go empty-handed. How is that possible? We will tell you in a bit. Season 1 of the game show has 10 episodes with a runtime of about 30-40 minutes each.

Netflix’s synopsis of the show reads:

“Contestants strive to correctly answer difficult trivia questions. And when they can’t, they simply move on to plan B: lying through their teeth.”

-Bullsh*t The Gameshow Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-

Quiz Show + Mind Games = Trust Issues + Bag Full of Money

If we add a quiz show with the card game called Cheat, also known as I doubt it or Bullshit (depending upon where you are from), then you get the unique mix match called Bullsh*t The Gameshow. The best part about this show is that you don’t have to be a nerd or know-it-all to win this show. If you can easily persuade people into believing that you are telling the truth then, my friend you have a sure shot chance of winning 1 million dollars.

In every episode, there are 4 contestants in total where one contestant is on the hot seat or the one who answers the questions. The other 3 contestants form a panel where they have to accurately guess if the person telling the answer is saying the truth or purely lying in their faces. If the answering contestant is lying and the other three call them out on their bullshit then the person is immediately eliminated.


But even if 1 person falls for your lies and believes that’s the truth then you can move on to the next question easily. Also, when someone gets eliminated, the contestant on the panel with the highest accuracy in catching the lies moves to the hot seat. So how many questions do you need to answer to win the ultimate prize of $1 Million? The answer is just 10 questions. The topic of the questions ranges from science, general knowledge and mythology to pop culture. What would be the next question is completely unknown & random.

As I said earlier, nobody leaves empty-handed here’s how. The prize money starts from $1000, then $10,000, $25,000 and so on to $1 Million. In addition to this, the contestants get the opportunity to lock the amount twice, which means even if they get called out later in the game, they will still leave with the locked amount for sure. However, if someone locks the amount at $1000 then they can only use the lock feature again after getting through 3 more questions.

This is where the contestant’s strategies will come into play. Will they secure atleast something by locking $1000 or take a risk and lock a bigger amount in the later stage? But the most important part is how well can you con and wrap your lies as true facts. Reminds me of my ex who would be absolutely brilliant at it.

Bullsh*t The Gameshow contestants

Final Thoughts: Play On or Go Home?

Bullsh*t The Gameshow falls in the category of recent Netflix game shows like Is It Cake? which is somewhat similar in the nuance that you have to guess which one is the actual cake. It all depends on the contestant’s abilities to judge and keep all their senses open. Bullsh*t The Gameshow is built on the base of deception. You can lie about who you are and make up any stories about anything, as long as you can get away with it.

Convincing someone that you know the truth is way more important than actually knowing it. While watching the show, as viewers it’s engaging for us as well, in order to correctly guess if someone’s lying or not. Mind games and body language is a big part that we need to keep an eye on. The course of the show depends solely upon the contestants and how they act.

Here’s Howie Mandel’s role is very crucial as there doesn’t seem to be a script but the host Howie has to improvise on his wits according to whatever situation ensues. In some cases, Howie may seem to be influencing contestants’ decisions but that’s a minor thing we can ignore. The show is fun, engaging and a good watch if you like trivia & catching liars.

Bullsh*t The Gameshow is streaming on Netflix.

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Bullsh*t The Gameshow is a mix between a quiz show and a card game of bullshit. Contestants have to fake their way through 10 questions to win 1 Million dollars.


  1. Um. Hmm. So … the object is to fool the other panelists into believing you know the answer when you don’t. Probably. Or maybe the object is just try to fool the other panelists into being wrong about whether you know the answer or not. Maybe. If you don’t know the answer but you guess it right and then you create bullshit … we’re not sure. If you know the answer and you simply get it right and explain why and they don’t think you’re lying either … we don’t quite know. If you know the answer but you intentionally select the wrong answer and then lie to fool the other contestants … is that a thing?. And if any one of the four answers on the board is technically correct because the question is worded terribly … we have no idea. We sat through 20 minutes and decided we’re too old to lose another minute of life figuring out these mysteries. YMMV. Who knows.

  2. Yo they were completely wrong about the bear question. You actually are supposed to shout and wave your arms, per the national park service. Bears aren’t dinosaurs, you don’t stand still.

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Bullsh*t The Gameshow is a mix between a quiz show and a card game of bullshit. Contestants have to fake their way through 10 questions to win 1 Million dollars.Bullsh*t The Gameshow Review: Lying Through Your Teeth Can Win You 1 Million Dollars