Bulgasal Episode 9 Recap: Kim Woo-seok Steals the Show

Bulgasal: Immortal Soul, or 불가살/Bulgasal, is a fantasy-thriller Korean drama created by Jang Young-woo, Kwon So-ra, and Seo Jea-won and stars Lee Jin-uk, Kwon Na-ra, Kim Woo-seok and Lee Joon, alongside other cast members. There are 16 episodes, and Bulgasal episode 9 has a runtime of 67 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600-year-old vendetta.

– Bulgasal episode 9 recap contains major spoilers –

Ah, the pointing fingers start in Bulgasal episode 9. Sang-un tells Hwal that Eul-tae is the one who killed his family and points a finger at Eul-tae saying that she knows his weakness. As Eul-tae tries to choke her, in a bid to make Hwal believe that it’s all a lie and that Sang-un is just making things up. Unfortunately, though, it backfires and Hwal leaves Eul-tae seething on the ground, as Ho-yeol comes to Hwal and Sang-un’s rescue.

However, Eul-tae remembers something about Ho-yeol from 1000 years ago. Apparently, he was Dan Keuk’s son (edit: probably not Dan Keuk’s but the son of Dan Keuk’s previous birth because, you know, Dan Keuk was 600 years ago and this was 1000 years so that would be wild) and killed his half-brother out of jealousy and greed. Bulgasal Sang-un discovered this murder and this is probably how she is connected to him. Either way, Eul-tae has a moment after remembering all this.

bulgasal episode 9

Meanwhile, everyone is facing off against their demons at home. While Ho-yeol remembers the night his sister died and his father was murdered by the Bulgasal because he was a Monster, Hwal comes to terms with Sang-un’s revelation of who killed his family.

Anyway, the next day, Eul-tae asks Do-yun to get Sang-un to him without Hwal’s knowledge. On the other hand, Hwal and Sang-un go to meet Go-bun but the meeting doesn’t go as planned. However, Hwal does tell Sang-un that he believes her because she tells him everything. They enlist  Si-ho to see into her past life in order to prove Sang-un’s innocence. It doesn’t work but he does get to know that Si-ho is pregnant.

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 I like how many complicated feelings Hwal is going through here. First of all, he is unsure about what he wants to do with Sang-un, he needs to defeat Eul-tae, plus he now needs to know what to do with Si-ho and her pregnancy. Obviously, it’s not his business this time around but he can’t help but wonder whether Si-ho will be reunited with A-chan. He wants them to have a good life this time around but then again, what happens if A-chan really is reborn? Does he stay close to Si-ho? Does he keep his distance? Plus, being the only other guy in the house, he also needs to take care of Do-yun. It’s a complicated situation all around.

There’s also a roundtable discussion about life and growing up and what family means. Do-yun gets a bit more screen-time here and his inner dilemma, too, get thrown out in the open. I liked this moment where they discuss what to do with their lives and whether they can stay together and what it means for them to be sharing a house. Either way, Do-yun takes the concept of his new family to heart and tells Eul-tae that he cannot bring Sang-un to him. However, that doesn’t go as planned, of course, in Bulgasal episode 9.

bulgasal episode 9

Do-yun asks Sang-un to go out with him the next day, according to Eul-tae’s wishes. As they discuss what it means for Sang-un to have left without saying a word, Ho-yeol tells Hwal that Do-yun works for Eul-tae. They don’t go to Eul-tae’s in the end but Hwal does find them and is, expectedly pissed with Do-yun. He asks Do-yun to leave and never come again and the way the poor boy tries to apologise to Hwal is heartbreaking. Hwal doesn’t budge though.

How did this boy become so close to our hearts?! More heartbreaking though? Do-yun’s brother isn’t alive. So, you know, what the heck.

Anyway, Do-yun’s revelation brings Hwal’s family to a frenzy and they all decide to leave before Eul-tae gets there. But wait. If you thought this is the end of the twists, it’s not. So, Do-yun was born blind and Eul-tae helped him get surgery. So, you know what that means right? He’s A-chan! The revelation breaks Hwal, who has abandoned his son, again!

Summing up: Bulgasal episode 9

bulgasal episode 9

Yes, we’re back with kickass episodes for Bulgasal! Man, what an emotional ride this has been. And if the teaser is any indication, I sure as heck am not ready for the next episode. Hwal and Do-yun’s connection might be apparent for some, but I definitely did not see it coming. Now that I see that Do-yun might just die thanks to Eul-tae, I don’t think I am ready for it. Although I was of the opinion that his presence is absolutely unnecessary, I guess I have grown to feel some sort of way for him. He ties this family of misfits together and his dilemma in this episode builds his character, along with the backstories that are so relevant!

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is streaming on Netflix.

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Bulgasal episode 9 is all kinds of emotional with a tinge of mystery and shock,


  1. I am glad that I found the recap because I am waiting for the subtitle but can’t find the one with subtitle. So, recap it is. Thanks.

  2. Theres no way Dan Keuk is Eul-Tae’s father. The flash back of him and his father took place 1000 years ago. I think that Dan Keuk is a reincarnation of Eul-Tae’s father, which reincarnated to Dan Keuk and then Detective Kwon. Hwal has been chasing Sang for 600 years. Theres a 400 years time gap, they surely must have died between those times, if not, then Detective Kwon is immortal.

    • oh no, definitely it’s reincarnation. At least I am guessing it is. That part was a bit confusing because both that version and Dan Keuk’s attire is similar and the flashback just came and went. Plus, they said that his son was a really good Monster killer. But best bet, this person existed before Dan Keuk.

      • Yeah they said he was a good warrior, just like hwal, maybe hwal is a reincarnation of eul tae’s brother. He wouldnt know because, hwal was younger in that life and died. Eul Tae mentioned his younger brother hunted in the mountains where bulgasal lived. Maybe the younger brother met bulgasal fell in love. So many things. Love it.

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Bulgasal episode 9 is all kinds of emotional with a tinge of mystery and shock,Bulgasal Episode 9 Recap: Kim Woo-seok Steals the Show