Bulgasal Episode 4 Recap: Lee Jin-uk and Kwon Na-ra Team Up?

Bulgasal: Immortal Soul, or 불가살/Bulgasal, is a fantasy-thriller Korean drama created by Jang Young-woo, Kwon So-ra, and Seo Jea-won and stars Lee Jin-uk, Kwon Na-ra, and Lee Joon, alongside other cast members. There are 16 episodes, and Bulgasal episode 4 has a runtime of 79 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600-year-old vendetta.

– Bulgasal episode 4 recap contains major spoilers –

Si-ho and Sang-un run away from Hwal because, you know, he looks at Si-ho funnily. As they reach home, both feel a bit uncomfortable and Si-ho asks her whether Hwal really helped her. The former asks her whether he’s one of the monsters that she keeps talking about but Sang-un says that he isn’t. The sisters then have a disagreement in Bulgasal episode 4 when Sang-un tells her sister that they need to move as soon as possible. We know why Si-ho is so against moving and wants her own identity – she’s pregnant and wants a stable life for her baby.

Meanwhile, Hwal crashes his car after going through the guilt of what he did to Sol back then. Lying in a ditch, he loses consciousness when a man comes to his rescue. When he comes to in the car, it turns out that it’s a woman whom he has known for some time and it’s apparently delivery day, whatever that means. He tells her that he has found Sol, who is now the previous Bulgasal’s sister. This woman is the reincarnation of the shaman from 600 years ago, although she doesn’t remember it.

bulgasal episode 4
Still From Bulgasal episode 4

He tells her to take care of Sol because, unlike last time, he won’t fail to kill Sang-un this time around. While thinking about the conversation that he just had, he hears someone walking around in the house and realises that it is Do-yun. He asks him to leave, but he starts to stall. Hwal is having none of it though and threatens violence if he doesn’t leave soon. However, he asks him to let him stay with him since he has nowhere else to go. Hwal agrees but leaves him in a room hogtied and locked.

Meanwhile, bus monster, beaten and bruised, comes across a new horror waiting for him at home. He asks him to find Sang-un again and asks him not to touch her. At the same time, Sang-un and Si-ho bond over the new member of their family. Plus, Ho-yeol calls Hwal to ask him about his request but finds Do-yun instead who tells him where Hwal’s home is located.

Once Ho-yeol reaches his place, he is shocked to find teenager Do-yun and is even more shocked to find his remaining stuff. As Ha-yeol rushes to Sang-un’s address, Hwal rescues Si-ho from the bus monster. Si-ho has Sol’s mystical abilities and reads Hwal’s past by touching him. Anyway, Hwal gives chase to the monster and this time around beats the shit out of him even more (he throws a bicycle at him, if you’re interested).

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bulgasal episode 4
Still From Bulgasal episode 4

Anyway, Hwal gets to know that the bus monster is colluding with the Black Hole to find Sang-un but before he can kill him in Bulgasal episode 4, he is interrupted by Ha-yeol, who is the human reincarnation of his General Dan. Sang-un, meanwhile, goes to meet her grandmother to ask her how to defeat the Bulgasal and where to find the sword. After her grandmother has a mental breakdown, she finally tells her the (confusing) secret to finding and putting an end to the Bulgasal.

She talks to Si-ho later when the latter finally tells her what she found out when she touched Hwal – that he didn’t seem human. Sang-un asks her to stay in a motel and rushes to her aid when she comes across “Black Hole” who pretty much tries to kidnap her. Sang-un stays one step ahead and runs away from him into the forest and is about to murder her when he is run over by Hwal. Meanwhile, bus monster tells Ha-yeol that Hwal is the Bulgasal.

Anyway, Sang-un confronts Hwal in a tunnel and asks him whether he’s the Bulgasal and why he killed her family. She then stabs him with the sword and Hwal goes back to the night when her family was murdered. Turns out it wasn’t Hwal who killed Sang-un’s family… maybe it was Black Hole? Either way, Sang-un isn’t convinced and continues to blame Hwal for her family’s death.

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bulgasal episode 4
Still From Bulgasal episode 4

On the other hand, in Bulgasal episode 4, bus monster crashed Ha-yeol’s car and goes off to eat Black Hole’s soul to give birth to Ok Eul-tae. He then comes face to face with Hwal and an epic battle ensues, complete with quick cuts and rapid editing. Hwal is no match for the superior Eun-tae though, who annihilates him but not before telling him that he’s going to take Sang-un’s soul. He then stabs him with the sword and leaves him for dead.

Eul-tae finds Sang-un as well and just as he’s about to stab her when she remembers what Sang-yeon had told her 15 years ago – that Hwal is the key to this Bulgasal mess. Just as she remembers this, Hwal takes the sword inside him out which makes Eul-tae weak and he keels over gasping. He tries to kill Sang-un anyway, but that plan is also foiled when Hwal stabs him. Eul-tae runs away and Hwal is able to save Sang-un, who begs him to help her.

Final thoughts: Bulgasal episode 4

bulgasal episode 4
Still From Bulgasal episode 4

Bulgasal episode 4 is a bit interested and also a bit flowery. The episode’s last part was more interesting than it’s starting moments though it’s impossible for shows like these to make sense without tons of exposition and this show has a lot of that. However, the ending action sequences more than make up for the expositional bits and some revelations will make you scratch your head. As a fantasy K-drama, Bulgasal is satisfying, till now at least.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is streaming on Netflix.

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Bulgasal episode 4 recap: New characters are introduced and new relationships are formed in this engaging fourth episode of the fantasy K-drama.

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Bulgasal Episode 4 Recap: Lee Jin-uk and Kwon Na-ra Team Up?Bulgasal episode 4 recap: New characters are introduced and new relationships are formed in this engaging fourth episode of the fantasy K-drama.