Bruna Louise: Demolition Review: A Relatable and Impressive Comic Act

The comedy of Bruna Louise was a breath of fresh air. It’s one thing to watch a comedian like Louis CK and be left speechless, but it’s another to see a girl give the moon a cookie. The entire act wrapped up in an hour, and it was nothing but pure bliss.

– Bruna Louise: Demolition Review doesn’t contain any spoilers –

Bruna Louise: Demolition is Her Take on Years of Dating Terrible Men

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a good standup comedy show, except maybe an excellent standup comedy show about dating and relationships. By taking us through the dark, twisted parts of her love life, Bruna Loise reveals what happens when the sparks fade or disappear altogether, the rules are forgotten or changed without notice, and games get blended with other games.

Bruna Louise: Demolition

Everyone’s got a story of their most recent “horror” date. One that involves getting ghosted, left in the cold, or having to sit awkwardly on your one-and-only’s toilet. But Bruna Louise took it a step further(or backwards) and turned these traumatic experiences into a standup comedy act.

Some experiences are best left in your memory vault or said to friends in the pub with a pint glass full of cheap whiskey. But comedian Bruna Louise turns fake drama into standup comedy gold. Bruna’s live show called Demolition was terrific from the word go. Her original voice had me in stitches as she tackled some awkward truths about our generation’s dating woes. And her dating special is no different.

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Bruna Louise Takes a Crack At Her Dating Misfortunes in Her Act – Demolition

Punchlines and setups are some of the most important aspects of comedy — I usually can’t stop laughing at every one of them. I enjoy that Bruna’s humour has more to offer than just funny jokes after a good laugh. I’m talking about the kind of jokes that make you rethink your actions and attitudes — and the effect they have on those around you.

Bruna Louise: Demolition

Bruna Louise had been in the dating game for a while and was lucky enough to have had a lot of terrible relationships. She pulled some hilarious jokes from these terrible relationships you’ve ever heard. She made one heck of a standup comedy act. She was the definition of funny-gone-wrong. After spending the time laughing in my seat, I was left wanting five minutes more of her infectious entertainment.

Louise had been in the dating game for a while, trying out various relationships and dating styles until she could find what worked best for her. Throughout her journey, she met a lot of screwed-up (and often neanderthal) guys — and she used those experiences to write her standup comedy act.

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Bruna Louise: Demolition Packs in A Punch With Quirks Aplenty

After years of being in these faulty relationships herself, she knows how to pack her bags, stock up on vodka and write down everything wrong with her partner. Bruna’s jokes and material based on her relationship or partners will give you the best laughs.

Bruna Louise: Demolition

Good standup comedy is hard to come by. Even great comedians are one-hit wonders, and they never seem to make it past the hour mark of their comedy routine. Bruna Louise is anything but a one-hit-wonder. She is developing a community of followers who watch everything she does. Bruna has mastered the art of terrible relationships, turning them into hilarious routines that her audience loves and can relate to.

Sometimes we’re too busy, our eyes are glued to the screen of our computer or phone, and we don’t realize how hard of a time we’re having in the dating game. If you’ve been in a terrible relationship, you might want to hear comedian Bruna Louise’s opinion of what’s wrong with relationships today.

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Stream it or Skip it?

Bruna Louise is here to deliver if you’re in the market for a laugh. In her standup comedy show, Demolition, she covers a wide range of topics with her trademark humour.

Life can be funny when you look at things differently, which is why comedians like Bruna Louise are funny. Comedy helps us deal with the hard things in life; sometimes, it’s the only thing that gets us through those challenging moments with a smile on our faces, so if you have time and want to see something fun, head over to Netflix and enjoy Bruna Louise’s standup comedy show!

Bruna Louise: Demolition is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Bruna Louise: Demolition is everything that is right with stand-up comedy.

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Bruna Louise: Demolition Review: A Relatable and Impressive Comic ActBruna Louise: Demolition is everything that is right with stand-up comedy.