SonyLIV’s #BRO (2021) Review: A Brother-Sister Fairy Tale

#BRO by director New York Film Academy alumnus Karthik Thupurani is an uncommon take on the friendship that blooms between an introverted, distant brother and a bubbly, curious sister. Produced by JJR Entertainments the film stars Naveen Chandra and Avika Gor in the lead roles. The film revolves around the story of Madhav and Subbu, a brother-sister duo who share an inseparable childhood that is eventually severed by the harshness of time and reality. This Telegu film is the remake of the 2014 Marathi film Happy Journey as well as the 2018 Malayalam film Koode. The film is 2 hours 20 minutes long and has subtitles in English with original Telegu audio.

– SonyLIV’s #BRO review contains mild spoilers –

#BRO: Reconciliation & Closure

The opening shot of the film marks the death of one of our main characters, Subbu and a subsequent call that reaches Madhav about the same (where he is located miles away from his family) making the distorted viewers reflect on the cold reception and unaffection layer in the scene. This is followed by a beautiful background score that acts as a storytelling monologue giving us a synopsis of where Madhav’s character stands.

Madhav as a kid welcomes his sister Subhadra aka Subbu (whom he names) in the family and treats him as a princess. The sweet tale is soured when they discover that Subbu is affected by Cystic Fibrosis that puts the family under the umbrella of sadness and pain along with medical bill debts that they cannot meet. This urges the father to send Madhav away to Saudi Arabia as a kid to work and provide for the family and Subbu’s medical costs at the expense of his childhood. A sad young Madhav leaves his family, only to return years after his sister’s death as a cold, angry and distant adult.

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However, what looks like a lonely, depressing journey that will focus on Madhav’s coping and surviving his family turns into a fun, joyful and emotional ride when the spirit of his dead sister finds a way back into his life. Now, only he can see and interact with Subbu’s spirit which put the siblings on a journey they did not have the privilege of experiencing before the mishap. With conflicting approaches to life, the siblings find themselves changed and more understanding and empathetic after they interact and spend time with one another. This unusual but heartwarming relationship also helps the individuals grow closer and reconcile other relationships in their life, especially with their beloved.

The film is wrapped in a picturesque background visually that will stimulate the audience’s aesthetics. The background score is really good and promising. And even though, the actors do their job well, Avika Gor’s constant “Bro” chant gets on your nerves as though the creators are forcefully trying to inscribe the relationship she shares with Naveen Chandra’s character in our minds (and, not a calming way).

#BRO: Final Verdict

#BRO movie is a different style of film for the Telegu OTT space, but given the fact that it is the remake that has happened multiple times over different languages, it loses its charm. Maybe if it was a thriller like Drishyam, the hype would always be alive. However, given the fact that it is a feel-good movie with no actual climax that hooks you to the plot if you have watched the original and other remakes, the film really does not stand out.

#BRO is now streaming exclusively on SonyLIV.

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