Borgen Power And Glory Season 2: Is It Happening? What Happened In The End?

Borgen Power and Glory, the acclaimed Danish political drama which was released on 2 June 2022 on Netflix, has been getting positive reviews all around. Vanity Fair even called the fourth instalment of the Borgen series the ‘rare necessary TV revival’. Borgen, the Scandinavian noir TV series was first aired in 2010 with its third season ending in 2013. The fourth season, however, was released as a standalone series with the added ‘Power and Glory’ in the original title.

The series is created by Adam Price, starring Sidse Babett Knudsen reprising the role of Birgitte Nyborg alongside Birgitte Hjort Sorensen as Katrine Fønsmark with some new faces like Johanne Louise Schmidt as Signe Kragh and Mikkel Boe Følsgaard as Asger Holm Kirkegaard. It follows the story of Birgitte Nyborg, as she regains power as the Danish foreign minister but soon finds herself in the front of an international crisis when oil is found in Greenland, which has an exorbitant value and superpowers like the USA and China’s interest.

Borgen Power and Glory Ending Explained

As seen in the eight-part series, Birgitte Nyborg has to make a lot of hard decisions with her personal ethics and political ambitions in the balance. She comes across various points where it seems like an end for her career but through her previous political experience as a prime minister and wit, she overcomes all the scandals that might break her. Be it lying through her teeth to keep her position or leaking confidential information to stab her opponents, she sails through them with ease.

Borgen Power and glory Birgitte Nyborg

Until the end when she realises that just to keep her power she had severed her reputation and personal life. Her work had cost her marriage in the previous seasons but now she seems alienated from her own children. Finally, she decides to step back from the position of party leader and the foreign minister as well, which is welcomed by everyone as a new start for her. But is it really?

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We saw Birgitte Nyborg discussing something with Prime Minister Signe Kragh, before stepping down but we don’t know what she has proposed. Until a reporter asks Birgitte if she is aiming for the position of Commissioner in Brussels at the EU Commission now that she is free from all other duties. She doesn’t reply anything but the ambiguous gestures toward Signe Kragh might suggest that is her true plan.

While her family is happy that Birgitte is now going to be away from all the ‘power and glory’ and will have adequate time to find her true self. But her son Magnus catches up with her ulterior plans and confronts her which further confirms her ambitious plans. Will it be welcomed or become a tie-breaker for her family, now that Magnus has become an activist as well?

Borgen Power and Glory, Birgitte Nyborg and Magnus

Is Borgen Power And Glory Season 2 Happening?

Looking at the ending of Borgen Power And Glory, the possibility of season 2 seems to be high. However, nothing as such has been confirmed by its creators or the cast, but it doesn’t seem to be an end for Birgitte Nyborg and her political career. The series ended on the note that there is more to come for Nyborg, with the modern era issues like climate change and the power struggle with super nations being the central plot. These themes can be explored more in the next season if it happens.

There could be a conflict between Nyborg and her son Magnus as he is becoming a part of the political scene as well and could add another layer to the story.

Check out the trailer below

Do you think there should be another season? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Borgen Power And Glory series is streaming on Netflix.

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  1. Yes I really think there should be another season for Borden -power and glory so well written and performed so well too

  2. More, please! I’d love to know more about the internal workings of the EU, with the same characters! Excellent series.

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