Boli (2021) Review: Chanchal Chowdhury’s Revenge Thriller is Mediocre

Boli is a crime-drama TV series directed by Shankha Dasgupta and stars Chanchal Chowdhury, Sohel Mondol, Sohana Sharmin Saba, Safa Kabir, Ziaul Haque Polash, and Iresh Zaker, alongside other cast members. The series has 7 episodes, each around 15-40 minutes long.

Hoichoi describes the series as:

In the lawless island of Chedadiya, the ruthless Sohrab is in pursuit of absolute power. But Rustom, a stranger who has arrived there by a stroke of luck, seems to be in his way. How will this disastrous conflict culminate, and will Chedadiya ever escape the cycle of violence?

– Boli review does not contain spoilers –

Boli feels like a TV show straight out of the wild West. The background music and everyone’s temperament seems to reflect as much. However, this is a tale straight out of Chedadiya, a small island somewhere remote. There’s a brothel there and two people who are at loggerheads for power.

This is a tale about rivalry and about how horrible people can be. It’s an intense story, and no, there’s no relief or comedy here. The story starts off as Rustom finds his footing and shoots Sohrab’s right-hand man. I must say, Rustom is calm and quiet during these moments, but is a presence that you will take notice of. As the story flows from there, you can’t help but take notice since the story flows well and interestingly. Well, for some time at least.

Boli series isn’t fast-paced. Unlike Hoichoi’s amazing Mandaar, Boli s slower and doesn’t have the character complexities that the other release has. It’s a no-complex show that goes down the Rustom vs Sohrab route from the moment the former acquires consciousness. Some scenes are really stretched out and can get a bit boring. The dialogues drone on and on and after a while, you will be compelled to skip through to get to the crux of the story.

However, the times where Boli packs its punches well, it’s fun and entertaining. Rustom getting beaten up and requiring assistance from everyone around him can be a bit funny sometimes, especially since he’s supposed to stand up against Sohrab and his goons, but you know, it’s fine. Unfortunately, though, these moments are few and far in between.

Additionally, I am continuously shocked as to how little agency women have in these shows. You know, I understand that that’s the truth, but good god, come on. All of these characters, sadly, are just pawns in the game. Ayesha is the only one who still has a backbone and has the authority to stand up to the men around her. But then again, she needs to be saved by Rustom.

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The action sequences, though, are sadly the funniest parts here. Boli series depends a lot on the action sequences – it is a crime series, after all. But these moments don’t seem genuine and the sequences look choreographed and fake. Plus, there are some scenes where the frames are out of focus and people who are talking are out of frame. It’s so weird to watch.

The last sequence is, by far, the worst thing I have seen in Boli. It reminded me of Rajkahini, albeit with less melodrama, but Rustom and Ayesha standing with their backs against each other with two rifles and semi-automatics are hilarious to watch surrounded by the brothel’s women, also with guns. The gunfire looks so bad and whatever entertainment I experienced before this just went out the window from there.

Chanchal Chowdhury is a force to be reckoned with in Boli. I am shocked as to how he continuously makes that extremely annoyed face throughout, but however he does it, it’s amazing. Shohel Mondol and Sohana Saba are great and the latter’s manipulations behind the scene are nothing new, but still good to watch.

Summing up: Boli

Boli’s most interesting and watchable part is Chanchal Chowdhury. The man is great in the series. Apart from that, the story is fine, most of the scenes are too long and go on for no reason. Coming back from Mandaar, the differences are stark. It’s entertaining but loses all of its steam quickly, becoming a mess of a show without much rhyme or reason. Also, just so much dialogue, just so much unnecessary dialogue!

Boli is streaming on Hoichoi.

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Boli starts well but slowly becomes a tale without any real direction. It's mediocre at best and boring at worst.


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