Blue Period Episode 5 Review: Just Because I Love It, Doesn’t Mean It’s Fun

If you don’t like the show’s current direction, Blue Period Episode 5 doesn’t try to change your opinion. However, if you like the series as is, this might just have been your favourite episode so far. Let’s check out how it was in this review!

Blue Period Episode 5 Overview

Blue Period Episode 5 Title

Blue Period is a slice of life drama anime brought to our screens by anime studio Seven Arcs, known for its slice of life and comedy shows such as Dog Days and Tonikaku Kawaii. The series is based upon a highly acclaimed manga penned by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. It is one of the most anticipated shows of the Fall 2021 season and an adaptation that has been highly waited upon for four years.

Koji Masunari and Katsuya Asano are directing the show, with Masunari serving as the chief director. He is a veteran of the industry, having been around for more than two decades and directing shows like Kamichu and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Katsuya Asano is known for directing episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains, among other things. You can read our review of the fourth episode here!

– Blue Period Episode 5 Review does not contain spoilers –

Blue Period Episode 5 Review- The Plot

Blue Period Episode 5 Yatora Hashida Ooba

A little more than a week ago, another Crunchyroll series, “Fena: Pirate Princess”, came to an end. It started well before careening down the valley of mediocrity at a frightening pace. You can read the full review here, but I bring that up because Blue Period Episode 5 reminded me of that show for one reason or another. You will find the reasons were mostly not flattering as we go on to discuss it, so I’d like to preface what I say next by saying that this episode was really good.

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But, and there always is a but, the major problem with both Fena and Blue Period is that they both fail to give their most heavy and important moments any time to linger and make their effects felt any deeper than surface level. The plot moves forward so fast that the entirety of what we learned in the previous and current episodes seems like a blur. Nothing sticks with you because the show doesn’t allow them to.

Blue Period Episode 5 Teacher

How are we supposed to know Yatora is improving if the show doesn’t bother to afford him the time to show that he is? Art is supposed to be abstract, but unless the show tells us that Yatora has improved, we don’t know if he has since a non-specialist can’t analyse the paintings for themselves. More often than not, it seems like Blue Period is more built towards people who already know about art. It’s fine if that’s the case, but it sometimes feels like the show alienates people like me who don’t know anything about it.

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Blue Period Episode 5 was about Yatora trying to learn more about bettering his art through introspection and self-criticism. It was a fine direction for the show to go in, and it resulted in a great line towards the end of the episode. You can either go back and read the title of this review, or you can check the episode out and hear for yourself. It’s a line that was very believable in how painful it was to speak and experience. I loved the plot of this episode, despite being flustered by all the art talk.

Blue Period Episode 5 Review- The Characters

Yatora Ryuuji Blue Period Episode 5

The pacing issue that we discussed earlier does the most harm to Yatora and his character compared to everything else about the show. Despite that, he remains a decent character who is able to make you feel the same emotions that he feels. He is inspired by multiple people, most of whom made an appearance in Blue Period Episode 5. Teachers play a huge part in his love and appreciation for the arts, and both of his art teachers are very well written.

Ryuji has their own problems going on in the background of Blue Period Episode 5, which feels like it could explode at any given moment. The showrunners have managed to create a sympathetic and at-risk character in them, and whichever way the show leads them should be very interesting. Yatora’s attachment to Mori is also very sweet, and I would love to see more of both of them in future episodes.

Blue Period Episode 5 Review- Art and Music

The series has a phenomenal soundtrack, which features a ton of variety of music, including jazz and your garden variety inspirational piano. The theme seems to fit most of the show like a glove, as the music paints a different yet related picture of what the show is supposed to be. While it isn’t the best OST this season (That would be Platinum End), it certainly comes close. The opening and ending themes are all lovely as well, as an added bonus. The animation was nothing special in Blue Period Episode 5, except for the same confusing art.


Blue Period Episode 5 was great as the series seems to have steadied the boat that was a little rocky at the start. A sign of even greater things to come, maybe?

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Blue Period Episode 5 was great as the series seems to have steadied the boat that was a little rocky at the start. A sign of even greater things to come, maybe?

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Blue Period Episode 5 was great as the series seems to have steadied the boat that was a little rocky at the start. A sign of even greater things to come, maybe?Blue Period Episode 5 Review: Just Because I Love It, Doesn't Mean It's Fun