Blue Period Episode 12 Review: A Great Finale To An Underrated Show

The show’s final outing and Yatora’s final challenge are here with Blue Period Episode 12, and it looks like it will be hard to say goodbye. Let’s get right to the review!

Blue Period Episode 12 Overview

Blue Period Episode 12 Title

Blue Period is a slice of life drama anime brought to our screens by anime studio Seven Arcs, known for its slice of life and comedy shows such as Dog Days and Tonikaku Kawaii. The series is based upon a highly acclaimed manga penned by Tsubasa Yamaguchi. It is one of the most anticipated shows of the Fall 2021 season and an adaptation that has been highly waited upon for four years.

Koji Masunari and Katsuya Asano are directing the show, with Masunari serving as the chief director. He is a veteran of the industry, having been around for more than two decades and directing shows like Kamichu and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Katsuya Asano is known for directing episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains, among other things. You can read our review of the eleventh episode here!

– Blue Period Episode 12 Review does not contain spoilers –

Blue Period Episode 12 Review- Plot and Characters

Yatora Yotasuke Kuwana

Getting the ending to anything just right is a gargantuan task. We have seen many a critically acclaimed classic fail to end satisfyingly, resulting in them leaving a bad taste in the mouth of viewers. Whether it be the recent darling Wonder Egg Priority or the first airing of cult classic Neon Genesis Evangelion, much loftier and bigger projects than Blue Period have failed to deliver on the promises of the premise. So, the question arises- was Blue Period‘s ending satisfying and logical enough?

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It sure was. Blue Period ended in a fantastic manner with Blue Period Episode 12, one that concluded the story of this particular season and arc beautifully while still sowing the seeds for a follow-up season if it ever happens. It had everything one could ever ask for in a finale- a satisfying conclusion, the reveal of what happened after the climax, and a taste of things to come. I do not believe a single person could have been less than satisfied by what the show was able to deliver.

Yatora painting

The character arc of Yatora was great. The show progressed with him as we watched him grow and learn throughout his entire journey of self-reflection and discovery. He is a unique protagonist who everyone can relate to despite being smarter, prettier, and more hardworking than 99% of the entire world. His struggles are relatable, and his inner reservations are common, despite Blue Period being the only show ever to portray them in such a manner.

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While one can argue that Blue Period Episode 12 was a little predictable (I disagree, but it is a fair opinion), predictability is more often than not a good thing. It tells you that the show’s portrayal of events and characters has been consistent and that the show doesn’t believe in subverting expectations just for the sake of it. I won’t speak any more on this issue here for the sake of not spoiling anything, so I’ll finish this segment by saying that the ending was satisfying, hopeful, and sweet.

Blue Period Episode 12 Review- Art and Music

Since this is the last time I’ll get to complain about it, the animation of Blue Period has consistently been its weakest quality. The show’s premise and source material deserved much better than the flat animation we got, even if it was able to retain some character and distinguishing qualities of the original. If we ever get a Season 2 (which, to be honest, is unlikely), I hope we get a better quality show.

On the other end of the spectrum, the music of Blue Period Episode 12 was brilliant. Whether it be tense during the exam, jubilant during the graduation, or silent during the results, the show managed to get almost every moment musically right. The way the show concluded with Replica by mol-74 playing over some of the show’s best artworks throughout the season was tremendous, and I really do wish that the show gets to do it all again for another season. While the show wasn’t perfect, it was good enough to take its place in the hearts of many.


Blue Period Episode 12 was a fantastic end to a highly underrated show this season. The episode was engaging, tense, and sweet while delivering an extremely satisfying conclusion to the story.

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Blue Period Episode 12 was a fantastic end to a highly underrated show this season. The episode was engaging, tense, and sweet while delivering an extremely satisfying conclusion to the story.


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