Black Crab Review: Noomi Rapace’s Thriller Is Predictable Yet Adventurous

Netflix’s Black Crab (Svart krabba) is the directorial debut of Adam Berg, who co-wrote the screenplay with Pelle Rådström. The Swedish thriller is based on the novel of the same name by Jerker Virdborg. The film stars an ensemble cast that is led by Noomi Rapace as Edh, best known for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film series, along with award-winning Scandinavian actor Jakob Oftebo as Nylund, the rising star Erik Enge as Granvik, the Danish star Dar Salim as Malik, Nordic TV’s popular face Ardalan Esmaili as Karimi, the Swedish beauty Aliette Opheim as Forsberg and, the No Time to Die actor David Dencik as General Raad.

This dystopian action thriller has a runtime that is 1 hour 54 minutes long. The audio and subtitles present in the film are both in Swedish and English.

– Black Crab Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers –

Black Crab: War and Motherhood Intertwine

Black Crab is set somewhere in the near dystopian future and tackles topics that will hit everyone close to home- motherhood and war. The film opens with Noomi Rapace’s Caroline Edh fleeing a disastrous scene with her daughter when her car is ambushed by a group of soldiers. We travel from this flashback to the present time understanding that Edh’s daughter had been kidnapped that day.

In the present timeline, Edh being a speed skater is taken to a military base to go on a mission. A group of six is formed by General Raad who hands over the task and it includes Nylund, Gavnik, Malik, Forsberg, Karimi along with our central character. The mission, of course, turns out to be a do or die situation as the group is asked to deliver two game-changing capsules across the frozen waters separating the archipelago islands.

Reaching this place requires crossing enemy lines, leaving vague footprints of their task and, escaping being smothered to death either by the biting cold or the cold-hearted enemy. Finishing the mission titled ‘Black Crab’ is given the utmost importance here. But, why is this group of six tasked with such heavy-duty? What are those capsules? Who is the enemy? And, what motives lies within the mission takers to take on this dangerous mission, all unfolds as the film progresses with delicious adventures and dangerous turns.

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Black Crab is a suspiciously good thriller. The film isn’t fresh, it is predictable with its twists and turns. However, it still keeps us intrigued and invested with the action, adventure and acting our characters go through. This is a kind of narrative that is hard to sell, where the viewers are determined that they know how this one ends but, they still sit through it because it is just that entertaining.

Noomi Rapace gives yet another solid performance and, it is majorly because of how good she is that you want to sit through and know her ultimate fate in this movie. Her character is well-written, strong and, gladly leads and holds the film together. The other cast members too, from Oftebo to Dar Salim, everyone does their part excellently. So much so that the beauty of having a talented ensemble cast makes the film thrive.

Black Crab: Final Verdict

Black Crab tackles interesting themes in an archaic yet interesting manner. Motherhood and the world in a post-apocalyptic situation form the pillars of the film, making it reminiscent of films like Children of Men, Arrival and others. For viewers who like science fiction and adventure, this is the film that combines both and delivers it with pleasure.

You can watch Black Crab now streaming on Netflix.

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Black Crab is an interesting thriller on motherhood and war.

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Black Crab is an interesting thriller on motherhood and war.Black Crab Review: Noomi Rapace's Thriller Is Predictable Yet Adventurous