Bingo Hell (2021) Review: Funny Horror Film Entertains

Bingo Hell is a horror movie directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero and starring Adriana Barraza, L. Scott Caldwell, and Joshua Caleb Johnson, alongside other cast members. The movie is 85 minutes long.

Amazon Prime Video describes it as:

A feisty senior citizen fights to protect her beloved neighborhood from an evil force that’s taken over the local bingo hall and is killing the residents in gruesome ways.

– Bingo Hell review does not contain spoilers –

Bingo Hell is the second movie to release on October 1 which is a part of the Welcome to Blumhouse collaboration between Jason Blum and Amazon Studios. The movie begins in the most gnarly way possible and surprisingly, also focuses on the majority trying to take away the homes of the minorities. Gentrification seems to be the topic of the hour for Blumhouse, with Black as Night also following similar steps.

Anyway, the movie is about Lupita and her dilapidated community of Oak Springs. Her relationship with everyone around her is honestly sweet. She’s a bit brash on the outside but it all comes from a place of love. As Eric tells Lupita at one point, as long as she’s around, Oak Springs will never die. Actually, she is Oak Springs! But, when the greedy ones come for the beloved bingo hall, it’s when shit goes down.

Anyway, as people go missing in Oak Springs, it’s up to Lupita to get to the bottom of it. Unlike Black as Night, Bingo Hell has more heart in it. Lupita’s need for structure and normalcy and her drive to keep Oak Springs as-is regardless of whether it harms her or not can make you wonder about some deep things. Plus, Adriana Barraza being absolutely over the top is so great to watch. On the other hand, Richard Brake, too, looks absolutely sinister.

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Bingo Hell’s best thing, in my opinion, is just how over-the-top the movie is. Everything is bright, sparkling and multicoloured. The sparkling jewel-toned colours make everything look so divine, but in the background, there’s horror lurking that can kill you. Fans of body horror are going to enjoy this as well since there’s a lot of blood and gore thanks for the practical effects.

Bingo Hell’s scares aren’t really that in-your-face. The greed and gentrification topics are surely somethings to think about but it does not give you shivers down the spine. The cinematography and score, on top of the crazy plot, add some good brownie points to the movie. Sure, the last part of the film does nothing to keep the movie in your mind, but the rest of the movie is fun enough to be enjoyed.

Adriana Barraza and L. Scott Caldwell are delightful as best friends who are always bickering. They make watching this very weird movie amazing. Although the film is quite confusing and fantastical, it’s just so funny watching them shitting on each other.

Summing up: Bingo Hell

Bingo Hell is a fun and kind-hearted look into old people problems, horrors of greed and the problems of gentrification. It has some great special effects, the cinematography is excellent and the score is good too. Although the story isn’t much, I’d advise those interested to watch it for Barraza and Caldwell – they make this one worth watching.

Bingo Hell is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Bingo Hell is a warm and funny look at oldies, gentrification and the horrors of greed.

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Bingo Hell (2021) Review: Funny Horror Film EntertainsBingo Hell is a warm and funny look at oldies, gentrification and the horrors of greed.