Big Shot: Game Show (2021) Review: Creative and Ingenious Format

In another first for Brazilian reality TV, Big Shot: Game Show, or Ideias a Venda, is also airing on the OTT platform Netflix. The series starring Eliana as the presenter is based on the Brazilian version of the UK show Dragon’s Den, which follows aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to Big Shot judges and 100 people in the audience. The show has 6 episodes each around 40-50 minutes long.

Netflix’s Big Shot: Game Show Review does not contain any spoilers

Big Shot: Game Show has surprising twists and turns in the genre

But where the UK version of Big Shot is more about impressing a panel of celebrities, Big Shot in Brazil has a different mission. Instead of simply trying to impress celebrity investors, contestants have to convince an audience at home of their business potential. They have to do it while facing challenges designed to test them in new and exciting ways.

The challenges themselves are unique. In the latest addition to a long-running and ever-growing reality series, entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of celebrity judges.

Big Shot: Game Show (2021) Review: Creative and Ingenious Format

The show’s format is similar to other shows like Shark Tank. Each episode has three contestants pitching their idea to a panel of celebrity investors, who must choose the best one to receive R$200,000 in funding. In addition to the investment, the winner will also have the opportunity to manufacture their idea by the show’s sponsor in partnership with Ideias a Venda.

One of the best aspects of Big Shot: Game Show is its ability to offer a more realistic and educational look at entrepreneurship. By casting everyday people as entrepreneurs and celebrities, these shows can be a valuable tool for inspiring new business ideas, helping viewers understand the challenges faced by real-life entrepreneurs and providing an entertaining vehicle for making that information accessible to a broader audience.

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What is Big Shot: Game Show All About?

Each episode sees three entrepreneurs pitch their idea and attempt to get investors’ attention. The contestants are judged by different criteria — technical know-how (or lack thereof), market potential, creativity and business model —like in Shark Tank and other shows in this genre.

To combat this issue, Big Shot uses a trivia challenge first to get contestants talking with each other before they’re called upon. And while it’s not a game show per se, viewers get excited during the trivia portion when they see what questions are asked and which contestants are answering them!

Big Shot: Game Show (2021) Review: Creative and Ingenious Format

The show takes an innovative approach, incorporating challenges into the proceedings that test both contestants and viewers on different levels.

It also features some celebrity judges who are experts in their fields and know how to put a good face on things. In essence, it’s a competitive business pitch show, where contestants attempt to sell the judges their ideas for starting a business or marketing a product. But there’s much more to the process than just making a passionate pitch and waiting for the judges to decide whether they’re worthy of winning.

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Why is the Big Shot: Game Show Compared to The Shark Tank?

The stakes are high. The winners will get a chance to start their own business, with every penny of their winnings going directly into their pockets. If they fail to impress ratings during the Big Shot series finale, they’ll be out of luck and will have to pour all of their winnings back into their businesses.

These would-be entrepreneurs need to do more than express an idea; they must also think on their feet and adapt accordingly. They must be able to speak persuasively in front of a panel of experts while simultaneously keeping up with the fast-paced challenges that will test them in new ways each week (and maybe even test some of those experts!).

Big Shot: Game Show (2021) Review: Creative and Ingenious Format

The reality show’s format blends the familiar dynamics of a reality show with the rigorous nature of business pitch contests. It’s not hard to see where Big Shot gets its name from – contestants must win over both ordinary viewers and entertainment experts to earn a chance at sizable cash prizes.

The Big Shot: Game Show contestants are cast to provide an exciting mix of personalities. They have to be credible, entertaining, knowledgeable and relatable. At the same time, they have to be aware of how their personalities affect their business pitches — they must present themselves well to win over both judges and the contestants’ communities.

How does Big Shot: Game Show Make it Happen for the Contestants

The Brazilian version of Shark Tank, titled Ideias à Venda in Portuguese, puts a new spin on “big idea” shows and business-oriented reality TV. In the vein of popular shows in this genre, like Shark Tank, entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of celebrity experts and judges in the Big Shot Game Show. But there’s much more to this process than just impressing a panel! To win R$200,000, these would-be business mavens will also have to impress everyday audiences judging their pitches. Along the way, they’ll also have to conquer a series of challenges designed to test them in new and exciting ways.

Big Shot: Game Show (2021) Review: Creative and Ingenious Format

The show is essentially a series of competitions that result in a final winner. Contestants are eliminated every week as they compete in challenges to improve their pitches. The contestants must overcome everything from physical challenges to more traditional business scenarios like presentations and “pitches” to real audiences. The ones who make it through all of these challenges are judged by the panel of celebrity experts, with one person eventually winning the jackpot of R$200,000!

Most importantly, Big Shot: Game Show is a fun and fast-paced show. The competition feels real, the prize is significant, and the contestants demonstrate outstanding talent and resourcefulness.

Big Shot: Game Show serves as a great example of how international versions of reality shows can have their unique spin on concepts that have become familiar to US audiences. And it offers viewers a refreshing look at the creative process behind some of our most popular products today.

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Stream it or Skip It?

This is a game show for entrepreneurs that combines the best of Shark Tank, The Apprentice and American Idol. Unlike most game shows, though, the contestants never know who their judges will be. They could be experts in the field they pitch their ideas to, or they could be completely clueless. It’s up to them to win over the judges and get them excited about their product before moving on to the next round.

Big Shot: Game Show is streaming on Netflix.

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Big Shot: Game Show is fun and fast-paced. The competition is real, the prize is significant, and the contestants demonstrate outstanding talent.

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