Best Video Streaming Services to Binge Your Favourite Shows!

The pandemic has changed almost all of our lives. If you’re not someone who was a serial binger before this, then I am sure you feel differently after staying at home for months on end. However, there are some people who haven’t got on the binging bandwagon yet. For all of them, we have a list of the best video streaming services that will help you to binge-watch your favourite shows and not be bored for a minute.

As someone for whom watching stuff is a passion, hobby and a job, I swear by these websites because of their vast catalogue, ease of going through and finding what you’re looking for on the website and their overall look and feel. So, here is a list of the best video streaming services out there to start binge-watching!


best video streaming services / Netflix
Best Video Streaming Services to Binge Your Favourite Shows! 6

A list of the best video streaming services would be remiss without our go-to Netflix. Consisting of a huge collection of movies and TV shows belonging to a wide variety of genres as well as Netflix original content coming out almost every day, Netflix is something that everyone should have. Regardless of whether you are a binger or you sometimes watch shows, Netflix is a must-have streaming service.

Additionally, the website is user-friendly and you’ll get everything very easily. There are various tabs through which the search of movies and shows becomes easy. Moreover, you can get lost in their catalogue – that in itself is an activity! You can also get multi-device support as well and it is compatible on almost every device.

Netflix provides a one-month free trial and you can simultaneously stream on a maximum of four devices (depending on the pack you take). The cheapest option for a subscription is Rs 199 for the mobile version of one of the best video streaming services out there. Check out this page for more information or go to Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video

best video streaming services / Prime
Best Video Streaming Services to Binge Your Favourite Shows! 7

I find Prime Video and Netflix to be in very close competition with each other when it comes to the best video streaming services. However, there’s a twist here. Amazon’s Prime subscription don’t just encompass the video streaming service; you also get Prime Music and their lightning-fast delivery service. These features come together when you get a Prime membership, so you might have to think about what constitutes your must-have streaming service.

That being said, Prime Video has its own list of good content. If you’re from India, Prime Video has one of the biggest libraries of regional content. Apart from that, they also come out with great original content that are mostly very under-looked. Their website is also pretty to navigate and you’ll be able to find everything with relative ease.

To sign up, there are only two options – monthly and yearly. Monthly, Prime takes around Rs 129, while it’s a charge of Rs 999 for a yearly subscription. Go check out more information about the subscriptions here or check out their website here.

You can stream on three devices simultaneously. However, the Prime Video’s interface isn’t as intuitive as that of Netflix. You can, additionally, stream it on almost all devices.

Disney+ Hotstar

best video streaming services / D+H
Best Video Streaming Services to Binge Your Favourite Shows! 8

Okay so, there are two parts of this – Disney+ and Hotstar.

When it comes to Disney+, you get the best selection of children content. That includes all Disney originals, Star Wars, National Geographic, Pixar and Marvel. That’s quite an impressive list, right? Disney+ launched in 2019 and within two years it has amassed a whopping 103.6 million users worldwide making it one of the best video streaming services in the world. That says something about their content and the power of Disney Originals.

On the other hand, there’s Hotstar. Now, you can have Hotstar without buying Disney+. With Hotstar, you can stream live sporting events and if you’re someone who loves to watch sports then this is one of the best video streaming services for you. Other than that, Hotstar, again, has a huge list of regional content including all of Star’s daily soaps.

Hotstar VIP is Rs 399/month using which you can get everything, but all English content will be available in dubbed version. Whereas the Premium subscription has two ways you can subscribe – Rs 299/month or Rs 1499/year. Premium gives you all the benefits of the streaming service. VIP gives you 1 screen to stream on while Premium gives you 2 screens.

The Disney+ Hotstar’s interface is good as well, but it lacks the recommendations and intuitiveness of Netflix.

Disney+ Hotstar is on the more expensive side of this list, but it also provides a lot of benefits and options as well. For a more in-depth look into their plans, check out this link, or go to Disney+ Hotstar.


best video streaming services / Zee5
Best Video Streaming Services to Binge Your Favourite Shows! 9

Zee Network’s OTT service, Zee5 has a plethora of regional shows and movies to binge on. Probably not one of the best video streaming services out there, but the platform boasts of a great collection of shows if you love regional content and thus is a must-have streaming service. You get all of Zee’s daily soaps as well as a huge list of Zee5 original content that they keep adding to almost every day.

You get one year of Zee5 Premium subscription at Rs 1248 for a year and you can stream on 3 screens together. However, there’s an offer right now, and you’ll get it for Rs 500 per year, so if you’re seeing this right now, go rush! You can also check out their website for more information about the premium subscription or go to Zee5.

The interface is simple and doesn’t try to do anything more than it can deliver.


best video streaming services / SonyLIV
Best Video Streaming Services to Binge Your Favourite Shows! 10

Bringing with it all of the shows that are close to our hearts, Sony’s own OTT platform, SonyLIV is also a great service that has a lot of content on the platform. They have original content as well as shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, Indian Idol, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Crime Patrol and more. However, in addition to all of these, they live stream football tournaments like UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Serie A and more and also have Animax on the platform. 90s kids, where you at?

SonyLIV Premium has three plans – Rs 299/month, Rs 699 for 6 months and Rs 999/year. All of them will give you the same benefits, the only difference is based on how many people can concurrently watch on the platform. Check out their website to get a more detailed idea, or go to SonyLIV to check out their shows.

Honourable mentions: Voot, Hoichoi (Bengali content) and ALTBalaji.

Do you like our list of best video streaming services? Tell us in the comments below if you think these are must-have streaming services or if there are some names that we missed.

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