The Best Netflix Sci-fi Series to Binge Today!

Is sci-fi a genre that you want to explore but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; if space, future and craziness are what you crave, then the best Netflix sci-fi series are going to be exactly what you should dive into. Sci-fi is a genre without boundaries – your mind can wander into the unknown and it provides a realm of possibilities. Anything you can think of can happen. Thus, here are the best Netflix sci-fi series to start binging if you’re in the mood for some suspension of disbelief!


Dark Netflix is everyone’s favourite cup of tea when it comes to sci-fi. Consisting of a mind-boggling storyline that branches out everywhere and leaves you reeling, Dark is a series that you need to keep watching and rewatching to figure out what is actually going on. Disappearances and tunnels that lead to the past and future and an insane family tree later, Dark’s 3 season stint made viewers tear up in the end. And, the memes – those were god-like.

Watch Dark here.

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Lost in Space

If it’s not bad enough that you’re a family of space colonists, imagine that you have crash-landed on an unknown planet. Well, sounds absolutely nuts, right? Don’t worry, the fight for survival in this Netflix sci-fi series is crazier!

Watch it here.

Love, Death + Robots

Craving a Netflix sci-fi series that is animated and spans over different genres? Well, Love Death + Robots is your pick then. Can you come up with something crazy for the future? This anthology sci-fi series probably has an episode on it.

Watch it here.

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What would you do if you were one of the last surviving people on Earth? Well, you’d send your consciousness back to the past, of course, so that you can somehow save humanity! Along with trying to save Earth and humanity by taking part in missions, these people from the future also have to take care of 21st-century relationships and that’s no easy feat! A Netflix sci-fi series worth a shot.

Watch it here.


Is alien life something you’re interested in? Do you believe in UFOs and do they fascinate you beyond imagination? Well, space exploration can be difficult, scary and very lonely. That’s what the crew of the Nightflyer discover once they go beyond the solar system – a place so distant from Earth that it is unexplored, until now. However, the horror is just starting.

Watch it here.

Stranger Things

Another gem from the Netflix sci-fi series book, Stranger Things is a popular, and how! The popularity is not unfounded, of course. 90’s references and amazing acting from the kids alone can push this series beyond perfection. But the series goes one step further – it introduces a plot so crazy and twisted that you can’t help but fall in love. One of the best sci-fi series out there, this one is a must-watch, if you haven’t already.

Watch it here.

Into the Night

Ah, this series is so crazy that it astonishes me. What would you do if the sun, our sole protector and literally giver of life, turns into a killing machine one fine day? What if you go out into the sun to feel its warmth and then just… die? Into the Night is a Netflix 2020 sci-fi series that is not only thrilling but also a reminder to not f- with nature. Also, there’s a second season coming and I cannot wait!

Watch it here.

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Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland made me lose my mind. I watched and rewatched the series several times and every time I felt a similar rush as the previous times. I mean, the starting of the series is thrilling and mind-boggling – Arisu and his friends suddenly find the streets of Tokyo empty… and then they are forced to take part in deathmatches to stay alive. The conspiracy, friendships and the determination to stay alive, along with the fun, interesting and horrifying tasks are what makes this series an absolute win.

Watch it here.

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Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Do you have the absolute worst luck in the world? Like, the thing that can just never go wrong, do you feel like you can f- that up? Well, that’s kind of the case with Todd Brotzman. To prove the point, he gets embroiled in a murder and kicked out of his job. Until Dirk Gently comes along and craziness ensues! This 2016 series is a grossly underappreciated Netflix sci-fi series that is an absolute gem and a laughing riot.

Watch it here.

To the Lake

To the Lake / best Netflix sci-fi series

A virus that turns people into zombie-like creatures? Well, where do I sign up?! But seriously, a deadly virus killing the population hits too close to home these days. Add to that government conspiracy, the biting Moscow cold and a treacherous journey to an isolated cabin in order to escape – you have a series that keeps you at the edge of your seat. To the Lake is a Netflix sci-fi series that will totally keep you invested.

Watch it here.

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The Barrier

The Barrier episode 2

I covered The Barrier for 16 weeks straight and I have to say, I have no complaints. Kids being taken hostage from impoverished families to find a cure to a deadly pathogen? Yep, that’s The Barrier Netflix for you. This Netflix 2020 sci-fi series has lots of drama and everything interesting to keep you invested. Oh, and a kickass and scary ending!

Watch it here.

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Black Mirror

A Netflix sci-fi series list would be remiss without Black Mirror. Consisting of mind-boggling episodes that only get weirder, Black Mirror is a series that totally mirrors society in a twisty and scary way. And it’s not just sci-fi, it’s an exploration into the human psyche as well. How twisted can human beings go – that’s the real question in this anthology sci-fi series.

Watch it here.

The best Netflix sci-fi series is something that you need to figure out. Honestly, there’s one for everyone (maybe more), but everyone has an individual choice. However, whatever you may be in the mood for, these Netflix sci-fi series will definitely play with your mind, you just have to let go. Let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite of the lot. Have some to add to the list? Tell us that too!

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