Best Movies of May 2021: Bo Burnham Inside, Karnan and More!

May was a hit or miss month when it comes to movies. There were plenty of releases and among them not all were good. That being said, there were some that truly touched our hearts and created a space in our lives that can never be forgotten. Thus, if you’re wondering what the best movies of May 2021 were, check out our picks!

Bo Burnham Inside

A surprising addition to the list, we did not expect Bo Burnham Inside to touch our hearts the way which it did. Filmed, written, edited and directed by Bo Burnham at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, this Netflix Special has pin-pointed our feelings for the lockdown and the uncertainty of it all and made for an experience that is truly magical and is one of the best movies of May 2021.

Bo Burnham Inside is streaming on Netflix.

Ghost Lab

Ghost Lab is a movie that really didn’t strike a chord with us at first. It felt like watching something we had already seen plenty of times. However, after a while though, this one takes a turn none of us was ready for and it engages us with odd twists and turns and some good creepy moments. Directed by Paween Purijitpanya, this one is a good May 2021 movie that is a great pick for a silly night with friends.

Ghost Lab is streaming on Netflix.

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Dance of the 41

Talking about social issues and releasing a month before Pride Month, Dance of the 41 is heart-touching as well as breaking, all at the same time. It’s always hard to watch people being shamed, ridiculed and persecuted for just being themselves and this is thus one of the best movies of 2021 because of how well it portrays the topic and brings the narrative to light.

Dance of the 41 is streaming on Netflix.


Milestone is a layered movie about a lot of things but primarily about coming to terms with grief. The movie is paced, acted and directed beautifully and portrays the stories and characters in such a way that it is relatable and heart-breaking. Directed by Ivan Ayr, this May 2021 movie does a lot right and leaves you thinking after.

Milestone is streaming on Netflix.

Cinema Bandi

If you want to feel a lot of hope, then Cinema Bandi is your pick. Talking about various things including society, this May 2021 movie says that anyone can achieve anything if you try hard enough. It bridges the gap between commercial and non-commercial cinema and its simplicity and honesty will bring tears to your eyes.

Cinema Bandi is streaming on Netflix.


This Tamil-language action-drama is both familiar and new. Karnan talks about the oppressor and the oppressed, something that movies have focused on time and time again. However, Dhanush and director Mari Selvaraj’s detailing and portrayal of the characters and the narrative bring it a flavour that touches your heart. One of the best movies of May 2021, Karnan is a must-watch.

Karnan is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Ek Mini Katha

Okay, this isn’t a critically acclaimed choice. In fact, this one can sometimes be quite baffling. However, Ek Mini Katha does shed some light on how men think that their worth lies in their… parts. It has some funny moments and is mostly interesting. Directed by Karthik Rapolu, this Telugu-language movie is an entertaining addition to May 2021 movies.

Ek Mini Katha is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Hands-down our favourite, Recalled has everything – thrill, several great twists and some very emotional moments. Although it can be classified as a thriller, the movie is one of the best May 2021 releases because of how it touched our hearts with its emotional moments.

Watch it here.

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This is our list of must-watch May 2021 movies. Tell us in the comments below whether we missed out on your favourite picks from last month!

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