Behind the Attraction Review: Magical Access to Walt’s Vision

What if the fascinating thing about the Disney theme park were the people behind it? That’s precisely the idea behind the documentary series Behind the Attraction. This 5-part series, created by Brian Volk-Weiss, reveals some fascinating stories while giving you an inside look at some of the most popular attractions in the Walt Disney World Parks.

– Behind the Attraction review has no spoilers –

Behind the Attraction is Disney Decoded

Behind the Attraction is a documentary series that takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the major attractions at the park. The show takes you on a journey with the creator and the Imagineers. Each episode focuses on one specific attraction where narrator Paget Brewster explores every element of that attraction, from the people that designed it to the story behind it, all the way to when it opened.

This series is fantastic for anyone who loves Disney Parks. You get a chance to get an inside look at some of the unique attractions ever created and find out everything that went into their creation, including the stories and history of the people who worked on them.

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Behind the Attraction Review: Magical Access to Walt's Vision 5

Hidden history, design of current attractions, and looking into the future are precisely what you get from the Disney Parks series. Some you know, some you may have forgotten, but all make for an entertaining watch. The series features top attractions such as Star Tours, It’s a Small World, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and more.

Each episode gives you the chance to visit the attraction in person, take a look at them from behind the scenes, and learn all about them. They are great at providing detailed information on what was required to make that ride. I enjoyed how it included the best moments of stars who rode these attractions. You got some fun stories from each individual interviewed, like Dwayne Johnson and Vanessa Hunt.

How Disneyland came to be a marvellous entertainment venue?

Like Disneyland itself, there’s quite a bit of eye candy for visual learners to partake of in the series. Suppose you’re interested in Disney as a design and architecture nerd and/or have specific thoughts to share about updates the company has made since its founding. In that case, Behind the Attraction docuseries is going to set off your animation alarm bells.

In this series, you’ll meet the designers and Imagineers that helped create the Walt Disney of today. You’ll also hear some great trivia about how attractions were designed, built, and operated, particularly entertaining. It’s one thing to see a finished product, but when you hear comments from someone who worked tirelessly on that project for years, you can better understand what they thought when it was completed.

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You ever wondered how Disney’s Imagineers get their ideas? How do they visualize and develop the ideas to turn a blank piece of paper into these unearthly delights?

Seeing the amount of detail that went into each attraction I had previously just passed by (or, in the case of Star Tours, ran screaming from) is fascinating to me as someone who is both a Disney fanatic and an aficionado of memorabilia: from the oldest items on display in archives to concept art. There hasn’t been a single episode where I didn’t learn something new or hear something interesting about an attraction or Disney parks in general. I highly recommend taking a look if you have any fascination with the behind-the-scenes world of Disney Parks.

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Behind the Attraction-Colourful strokes of Brilliance

I feel like the Behind the Attraction series is in a perfect middle-ground for people who aren’t intimately familiar with how Disney parks are made but don’t have the insider experience that those who worked on the park and attractions have. It’s also great to get that perspective from both the original Imagineers and the current team charged with keeping the original vision alive in this semi-new millennium.

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Behind the Attraction Review: Magical Access to Walt's Vision 7

The very first thing you’ll notice about Behind the Attraction is that it’s well produced. While Disney has never been a stranger to high-end production value, they try a few new things here that work better than ever before. There are some unique sound mixes, new styles of animation and some excellent graphics added to their familiar park footage.

The show covers the parks’ beginnings, the people who created them, and how things evolved over the years. Each episode includes tours of several attractions and rides, showcasing how everything was put together. It’s easy to see that a lot of attention was paid to making things just right, but sometimes there are flaws in the design or engineering efforts that caused problems at one point or another during their history.

Striking the Chord with a Great Balance of Old and New Footage of Disneyland

Behind the Attraction is an excellent series that you can watch on your own time. This isn’t a long multi-volume documentary series where you have to feel obligated to watch for hours at a time. The episodes are bite-sized pieces meant to be watched in short chunks whenever you want, making it easy to pick up and put down over time. The retro footage is incredible and helps bring you back to the heyday of Disney attractions!

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Behind the Attraction Review: Magical Access to Walt's Vision 8

Hearing about the major missteps and snafus that created these attractions is just as fascinating as how they were built. The commentary in this series pulls no punches when it says, “Here’s what went wrong, here’s the significant hiccups that occurred during construction of this attraction”. I found all these stories engaging and informative, especially if you are a Disney nerd or theme park enthusiast.

Stream It or Skip It?

There are a lot of documentaries out there and plenty of films that deal with Disney. But the Behind the Attraction series is different. Every episode focuses on one specific attraction at a Disney Park – rather than the parks themselves. The series takes viewers on an in-depth journey about that specific attraction, which can be anything from dark rides to live shows to the pixie-dusted pavilions of Fantasy Land.

Behind the Attraction is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Behind the Attraction takes viewers on an in-depth journey about that specific attraction, which, in itself, is fascinating.

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