Aziz Ansari Nightclub Comedian Review: A Candid Humourous Conversation

Aziz Ansari Nightclub Comedian is Netflix’s newly released stand up comedy special. The set is directed by Aziz Ansari himself, who also stars in the special. Witty and goofy in the genre, the show is about 29 minutes long and, as rightly the title goes, shot in a nightclub!

– Aziz Ansari Nightclub Comedian review does not contain spoilers –

Opening the special with some groovy and soothing drum and bass music, we see a monochrome segment of young Aziz Ansari travelling and reaching a nightclub to perform his act. When we cut to the present day, we see Ansari performing at the seemingly same nightclub. The club in question is the Comedy Cellar in New York City and was filmed in December 2021.

The set was impromptu as the audience was not aware of the night’s lineup. So after comedian Phil Hanley performs, who was supposed to be the night’s last performer, the host takes over to introduce that it is Aziz Ansari who has dropped by to perform at the set which sends the crowd roaring high.

Ansari starts off with every comedian’s favourite of the season- COVID jokes. From covid passes (or the fake ones) to vaccinations (or anti vaxxers’ testimonies and, well, Aaron Rodgers), the comedian goes all out to be candid with his jokes and expressions. Along with his jokes, the artist also brings into light a forgotten emotion- empathy. He talks about how shaming people isn’t the right choice to make and, how putting oneself in someone else’s shoes can help us grasp their perspectives better. Of course, “Don’t go too hard though!”.

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Aziz Ansari also takes us through a personal incident during the show where he talks about his uncle passing away and the feeling of how it could be preventable. Yet stopping only to let us see how even preventable things get lost in the jungle where information is corrupted when given out.

Aziz Ansari Nightclub Comedian: Final Verdict

Aziz Ansari’s set also included notes on celebrity side-gigs, smartphones in the modern world and so much more. It was fun to watch a short act with so much in one go. There was no drag and, it felt that one perfect show you can stream while eating your dinner or, before going off to bed.

You can watch Aziz Ansari Nightclub Comedian now streaming on Netflix.

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Aziz Ansari Nightclub Comedian is funny, short and something to watch to liven up your day.


  1. Filmed a month ago, already not aging well as truth coming out. Even back then though-he’s comparing a colonoscopy by choice to bring mandated to put chemicals in your body that can’t Be removed with no long term studies.

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Aziz Ansari Nightclub Comedian is funny, short and something to watch to liven up your day.Aziz Ansari Nightclub Comedian Review: A Candid Humourous Conversation